JOB FILLED: The Tropical MBA is Hiring a Community Manager for the DC (Dynamite Circle)

Edit: Deadline Past

These are the guys behind the old Lifestyle Business Podcast which I used to listen to when I first got started in online business. They've rebranded to the Tropical MBA and are some of the original rockstars in the digital nomad scene. Best of all, they run the online community known as the Dynamite Circle which costs $49 a month to be a part of.

The great thing about the DC is anyone who is willing to pay $147 every three months to be part of an online forum is usually doing pretty well in business and wants to network.  The community manager position is actually looking for someone based in North America so if you're not ready to jump to Asia just yet, this is a great position for you.

I've personally met a lot of the members of the DC and met Dan from the podcast when I was in Saigon. They are a great group of guys and a tight knit group of members, almost like a fraternity for online entrepreneurs.

If you're interested in the job, you can check out the info and apply here.

Keep in touch for more location independent job openings.

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  1. hey Johnny! I always enjoy and appreciate your job postings but unfortunately, this one's application deadline was April 18th :(

    1. Oops! Thanks for catching that! My bad! I'll keep you guys updated as soon as I hear about the next opening!


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