How Much Money I Make from Dropshipping

I've been making a lot less money dropshipping lately and a lot more money teaching, blogging, podcasting and working on my other projects. So when someone asked the other day why that is, I realized that I needed to explain myself and why my journey is shifting. Straight away even before we dive into the numbers, I'm going to tell you the hard truth, we make the most amount of money from whatever we focus on the most. I haven't been focused on my dropshipping stores this year and in this post I'll explain why.

I had my virtual assistant go over my accounting for the past year to tally up exactly how money I earned from running my actual dropshipping stores, versus how much money I made with my courses, as an affiliate and with my other projects. In the past 12 months I've made a total of $90,419.77 in profit from running my actual dropshipping stores. Here's how I did it, how much I earned from teaching it and why my focus has shifted to that instead. 

How Did I do That?

The grand total was the amount of take home profit from both of my stores combined for the past twelve months plus the amount I took home from the sale of my main store which ended up being around $57,500 after the transaction charges. That means that I earned $32,919.77 in take home profit from running my actual stores this year. Last year in 2015 that number was more than double as I was earning income from both stores and actively managing them and growing them. Honestly, if I focused on nothing but growing my dropshipping stores, I could have easily doubled my dropshipping income for this year as well but it just wasn't my focus.

Aside from the first couple of months of the year, immidently after selling my store, I took off to Europe and hardly logged into my stores at all for the rest of the year. If you know anyone else that can make $32,919.77 working less than 4 hours a week with something they set up over Christmas break two years ago, let me know, I'd love to learn from them. Especially if it has the upside of being able to sell that business off for almost $60,000 down the road.

How Much I Made from Teaching?

The question shouldn't be how much I made from teaching or sharing how I created my dropshipping stores, but how much money have my students made because I did. In life, those with scarcity mentalities assume that just because someone is making money doing something, that it can't be coming from their heart and it has to be a scam. But those with an abundance mentality know that in the ideal world both sides can benefit and it can be a win/win for everyone involved. I wish I could have a hard number on exactly how big of an impact I've made from openly sharing and teaching what's worked for me with dropshipping, but the fact is, I don't hear from 98% of the people I reach.

What I do know is that my best friend is now living in Chiang Mai with me because I showed him Anton's method of starting a dropshipping store and the fact that I get emails like this all of the time on top of the random people who come up to me once a year at the Dropshipping Retreat and even sometimes on the street and at airports telling me how successful they've become after following my recommendations. So the fact that I've made an additional $90,000+ teaching and sharing the courses, tools, software and techniques of what I've learned shouldn't be the focus. But often I get guys like this comment in various forums, reddit and facebook groups:

Replying to Haters

Normally I just ignore people who write negative comments as most of them are either trolls or just misinformed and looking for excuses on why something doesn't work. I never reply to them as it gives them a soapbox to stand on and scream frantically more. But my biggest fear is that people who genuinely want to find a way to make money online by starting a business will get scared off or start having doubt if it really works or not because of idiots like this that have no idea what they're talking about. The other reason why I don't reply to these comments and correct their mistakes is because they don't actually want to know the answer, they just want ammunition to hate more.

But since normal people are reading this and are curious, here's why these guys have no idea what they're talking about. The first point that I don't make "jackshit" from my core business model of dropshipping must not consider making $90,419.77 a significant amount of money. Secondly, I don't make $18,000+ a month from promoting Anton's course as an affiliate. Honestly I wish I did as it's genuinely a really amazing course and by people signing up for it because of me it's a win/win/win since the student gets to learn a proven way to build a successful dropshipping store, I get credit for referring them, and Anton the course creator makes money for taking the time to teach people what he spent years figuring out on his own. The truth is my affiliate commissions come from around ten different sources are include web hosting, books, travel gear, Muay Thai gear, software products, a bunch of different courses that I've recommended ranging from Amazon FBA courses, Kindle Publishing, Ebay Arbitrage, Podcast Production, etc.

As for the other guy claiming my screenshots are photoshopped or doctored, he's an idiot.

Who I've Helped

I know that there will always be naysayers, people who hate everything and even a few people who may have actually tried it and failed. But instead of focusing my energy on them, I focus on the ones that really gave it 100% effort and made it happen. I focus on messages like this that I got a few months ago: 

"I know in your blog you talk about being 30 broke and not sure what to do well trying be me 36, broke, living at home with the parents, bankrupt from gambling and now trying to get out of Australia for a fresh start in life, the only thing that keeps me positive and saving money is knowing I need the money to leave (a goal). 

Majority of people would see this is a failure I see it as a positive as things happen for a reason maybe I wasn't meant to buy a house, get married and have kids by this point in my life like we are all told to! as if I did I wouldn't have the ability to pack up and leave Australia, I see it as a calling to get out and explore the world and change my life. " Brent T.

These are guys that I really feel like need a chance and alternative option to jobs that are normally available. I answered his email, gave him a bit of guidance, pointed him towards Anton's course and this is the email I got a few days ago:

Final Thoughts

The reason why I focus more of my energy and time on my podcasts, blogs, and in person events is because that's what I enjoy doing and what I'm good at. A lot of people assume I'm the "king of dropshipping" just because I talk about it openly, but I've never once tried to claim that title nor do I actually want it. Just a quick scroll through the private member forums or group for Anton's course shows that there are plenty of people doing just as well as I am, they just don't talk about it openly.

My strengths as an ESTJ Personality type are creating, organizing and getting people together not doing it myself. My only goal was to make enough money from my dropshipping stores to save up $30,000 in the bank, then move onto something I enjoy doing more. Since I've way surpassed that, don't expect me to grind away until 2am calling suppliers or uploading products anymore. I've done it myself, made a ton of money doing it, proven that it works, and now I've moved onto following my passions. The reason why I still tell people to start with dropshipping and not to jump straight into anything else is because it's way easier to start by selling physical products than digital ones and the lessons you're learn from it will help you in any business you get into later on.

Dropshipping Sales are paid via Shopify/Stripe/Paypal

This is the reason why I recomend Anton's course to those starting out, I know it works, and without it, I'd have $90,000 less in my bank account, and more importantly, have never of had the capital, confidence or skill set to be able to do everything else I do today. I wish you all the best of luck. Please bookmark and link this post to anyone who you see online talking trash, saying dropshipping is a scam, or otherwise hating on the business model.

The worst thing we can do is stay silent and let the trolls scare others into not taking action, just because they themselves are content with being broke, unhappy and assuming nothing works as it's easier to make themselves feel better about their own crappy lives. Don't be one of them, and don't let them hold you or anyone else back in life. Become the hero of your own life!

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you." - Marianne Williamson

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. John Scales is the biggest hater man. Don't even worry.

    1. Johnny awesome post! I recently have been following you and love your style, approach and transparency. I have been researching DS vs FBA and seem to be at a cross roads with which way to go. With DS you need to drive your own traffic correct? With FBA you are already in an open market of purchase minded customers correct? Is it a fair assumption that FBA would be a shorter path to profits or am I missing something? Thanks and keep up the great work!

      Matt B

  2. I don't know how you came across that quote by Marianna Williamson, but it is EPIC and incredibly relevant! Also, I think mindset plays a huge role in all of this, and in success with our individual endeavors. For me, your blogs and podcasts provided me with a different perspective. They helped me develop a mindset that allowed me to discover and pursue my true values, which turns out to be much more than just money. I imagine trolls might think they're looking at some kind of get rich quick scheme and not doing the research. Everyone who follows you, or is part of something like DSL knows what the true value is because we're actually putting in the hard work and research.

    What haters are seeing is the perspective of people who are just absolutely crushing it in life!

    1. Hey Jason, I randomly came across it almost 10 years ago and it's resonated with me ever since. It's actually tattooed across my left forearm. Thanks for the comment and being part of the journey Jason!

  3. I've been following your blog ever since I heard about dropshipping. You're an inspiration to me. Nevermind those whiners, all they could do is complain about their life situation and actually not putting any hard work at all to elevate it. That's what they're good at. More blessing and successful years to you Johnny.

    1. Hey thanks for the thoughts Sui, I hope your year is going well!

  4. Hey Johnny,

    Im incredibly glad to have come across some of your posts. I have been working towards quitting my job that pays about 70k a year, and through drop shipping, I now will be focusing on creating a life for myself that doesnt require me working 50+ hours a week. It's gonna be 15 hour days starting today with Anton's Method to get my dropshipping store up and profitable. I want to click on the link for antons course that will also give me access to your optimizing course for free. Also do you recommend just going with the premium option instead of the done for you method? I feel it may be best to learn the ropes rather than pay to have everything set up for me. Thanks man!!!

    1. Hey Alex, I've been meaning to make a post on the options, but yes it's way better to do it yourself and learn the ropes if you're willing to watch tutorials on how to do things like resize images, copy and paste tiny bits of code here and there, simple things but require patience.

      The done for you is good for people who don't want to learn the basics of web design at all. Either way, best of luck with your journey, here's my link to get access to the Jump Start course when you sign up:

      See you in the member forums!

  5. Hi Johnny,
    I'm a huge fan of your blog/podcast and all that you put out. To be honest, I was also wondering the same thing as Jon regarding Dropshipping. Thanks for clarifying!

    1. Hey Roots, I'm glad to have taken the time to write this then! It's really for people like you who just genuinely want to know!

  6. YO Johnny!

    Found you on YT when I was doing some research on living in Thailand. I have set a plan in place to be in Thailand with my family by 2018. Travelling, hustling online and relaxing.

    What a coincidence that I am also an aspiring digital entrepreneur! I have experience in both affiliate and client SEO and Kindle.

    I am shifting away from Client SEO and moving towards Affiliate as it appears to be more passive.

    I have been interested in DS and Ecom for a while now and while I was searching through Udemy's courses I seen a drop shipping course and considered purchasing..

    It wasn't until I seen your mugshot (no disrespect lol) that I thought, "hey I recognize that bald head!"...

    So I checked out DSL and came to your site, which I checked out once previously after watching you in Thailand.

    I have just finished reading through your Store in 30 days challenge to get a solid overview of what's inside DSL, or at least the process...

    I am confident in technical design, SEO etc.. The only part of the puzzle I believe i'm lacking experience in is the finding suppliers part..

    I'm wondering if you have your own course on DS?

    Anyway, you're awesome man and I'll be watching your site closely for updates.

    I'm gutted i wouldn't make the cut for being part of your store building group as I am not a member of DSL and I don't have an established DS site.

    1. Hey Beau, that's awesome you've been following along the journey for so long and you want to move out to Thailand with the family. I don't have my own dropshipping course but recomend Anton's ( as it's the best course I've seen out there and is how I learned everything I know.

    2. Thanks for the reply..

      Sweet as, I will hustle my way towards the 2.5k required to grab the course :)


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