Shopify Discount Coupon

I've personally used Shopify for all of my stores for over a year now so it was an easy decision when Shopify reached out to me on twit...


How to make $100,000 Tax Free with the Foreign Earned Income Expemption

This was my first year making enough money online to worry about paying taxes.  I know I should have just been happy to have this high value...


Ziplining in Chiang Mai with DragonFlight

I had an incredible time ziplining in the Chiang Mai jungle last week.  I've done it once before years ago, but had more fun time time a...


Done with work by 11am. + Income Report of the Day

I just added two of my favorite productivity apps to my recommended resources page, one of which is the Chrome Extension Momentum which is b...


Take the Gold Watch Challenge.

It's the middle of the year and it's the perfect time to start a new challenge.  My goal this year is to get as many people the #Gol...


Thailand Lifts Curfew: Entrepreneurs Immediately Less Productive.

To be honest, I have completely forgotten that there was a curfew in Thailand until it was lifted last night.  I've been in bed by 10:30...


Made $1,272 on FB Stocks Today. Here's the plan.

I promised everyone that I'd keep you updated on my facebook stock journey so here's the update.  I first bought 145 shares of FB a...


Michelin Star Dining in Chiang Mai - Great Deals on Great Food

Chiang Mai has fantastic food and incredible prices.  You can easily find tasty Thai food for 30-50 baht ($1-2US).  I love Thai food and ea...


Isaac's Journal - A Family Man's Progress into Drop Shipping (Anton's Forums)

In Anton's private member forums there are are some incredible stories that don't get to get shared with others.  But after followin...


Barefoot Sandals: Luna Mono vs. Xero shoes Sensori

This is my 1 month review after wearing both the Luna Monos and Xero Shoes Sensoris.  For those who aren't familiar, these are the two b...

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