Nov 2020: Expenses and Income (Youtube, Dropshipping, Sponsorships)

It's an exciting month as this was the first month of getting paid sponsorships on my Youtube channel. First was Rosetta Stone who reach...


Digital Nomad Tech: 2021 Macbook Air and iPhone 12 Pro Max + Best Headphones

As a digital nomad, someone who works online using tech, a good laptop and phone is pretty much my entire office, production studio and ever...


October 2020: Income, Expenses and Travel Report! (Youtube Earnings, Dropshipping Revenue, and Expenses)

Happy November everyone! I really can't believe it's winter already and that 2020 is almost over. It really felt like this year was ...


Sept - Oct 2020: Youtube Income, Dropshipping, Costs of Living Expenses, and Travel - Sri Lanka

Happy October everyone! I can't believe that this year has almost ended and it's almost the end of 2020. If you've noticed, I...


6 Months in Sri Lanka: Travel, Surf, and Working as a Digital Nomad

I came to Sri Lanka for my first time last year in 2019 for just a month and felt like I had seen it all. I went to the main popular beaches...


August 2020: Expenses & Income Report (Youtube Revenue, Traveling in Sri Lanka)

 This was an awesome month! It's seriously overwhelming at times how amazing it is being "stuck" here in Sri Lanka during this...


July 2020: Income, Expenses, Travel Recap! (Youtube Income + Dropshipping)

This has strangely been one of the best months of my life. Maybe it's going from full lockdown and stay at home quarantine to having fre...

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