Live Updates: Immigration Crackdown in Chaing Mai, Thailand

I'm sitting here at PunSpace the coworking space in Chiang Mai, and about an hour ago 20 armed uniformed police and immigration official...


Leave a Review of Life Changes Quick!

What's up guys!  Sales of the new book, Life Changes Quick have been FANTASTIC .  Thank you guys so much for your support!  I also want...


Udemy Course: Small Talk COUPON CODE

Hey guys I wanted to give you guys a coupon code for our new Udemy course: Small Talk ( Coupon code: FD1 gives you ...


Weekend Trip to "The Nest" at Chiang Dao.

Just north of Chiang Mai is the little mountain town of Chiang Dao .  It has all of the benefits of Pai but is half the distance and the per...


If You Can't Afford to Buy an iPhone 6 off contract, You Can't Afford to buy an iPhone 6

If you can't afford to pay $1,119 for an iPhone 6 right now, you can't afford to pay for it over 24 months.  Here's a breakdown...


Just bought an iPhone 6 - Here's Why.

For most people, buying a new iPhone isn't that big of a deal.  But to me, it's huge.  This is the first smartphone I've ever bo...


Tour of PunSpace Co-working in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hey guys, a lot of you have asked for a video tour of the legendary PunSpace here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  For those who don't know, th...


Announcing my NEW BOOK: Life Changes Quick: The Guide to Getting stupid Rich, in the Best Shape of your Life and Falling in Love.

First I want to thank everyone who has helped in so many ways and made both this book, and this year possible. If it wasn't for you guys...


Johnny's August 2014 Income Report + Action Items for September 2014

I wasn't planning on ever writing an income report again as it took a ton of time last month, plus I wasn't even sure if anyone go...

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