Tour of PunSpace Co-working in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hey guys, a lot of you have asked for a video tour of the legendary PunSpace here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  For those who don't know, this is my favorite coworking spot and also where I got started with my first dropshipping store last year.

It's in the perfect location near all of the coffee shops and restaurants, and has glass windows overlooking a garden.  I've talked about PunSpace in my podcast and now that it has become the mecca for entrepreneurs I figured it was time to film a video tour.


PunSpace is located in the city of Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand.  Not as crazy as Bangkok, but still very liveable, Chiang Mai is the location independent entrepreneur's perfect place to get work down, bootstrap a new business, and meet other digital nomads.
The neighborhood PunSpace is located is called the Nimmanhemin district which is equivalent to SOMA in San Francisco or the East Village in New York.  Within walking distance of 1 square km you have 50 coffee shops, 50+ restaurants, live music, bars, shopping, gyms, and a brand new movie theater.
For more info on PunSpace go to their website here:

A day pass is 200 baht ($6.25US) and a monthly unlimited pass that is good 24 hours a day is 3,499 baht ($110US).  Private offices, and monitor rental are also available and the cost includes coffee, tea and water.  Best of all you can use the kitchen to make your own Bulletproof coffee whenever you wish.

The Dropshipping Army is taking over PunSpace:

One of the reasons why I decided to make this video tour today is because there are so many cool people working here right now.  A bunch of listeners of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, readers of my blog, and members of Anton's drop shipping course are all here putting in the work, and building successful businesses.  
If you want to learn how to build your own dropshipping store and join the entrepreneurial army, check out the same course that we all took at 

Read more about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle:

If you want to know more about life out in Chiang Mai, and the freedom of starting a location independent business read my new book:
A big thank you to PunSpace and all of the people here that have helped me throughout the year to go from broke to living a great life and now being able to help others.
Want more?

Listen to Episode 42 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast: The Entrepreneur Army in Chiang Mai, Drop Shipping, Online Business, and a Follow up with Digital Nomad Michael Coghlan.

Best wishes from "the Pun",
Johnny FD

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  1. Hey Johnny! I saw you today at Punspace, I wanted to come up and say hello. However, you looked liked you were busy working away, and I don't typically bother people when they are at their computer. Hopefully, next time I stop in I will see you and say hello! :)

  2. Hey Nina, glad you made it out to Chiang Mai. Feel free to come up and say hi anytime, I always have a minute for a quick hello.

  3. Great post! Punspace Nimman is really fun but has become a bit crowded these days. I prefer CAMP for uploading YouTube videos and having a nice view while I work (in their patio area outside) and Punspace tae phae gate thanks to their bigger floor plan. Also, an honorably mention to the coffee shop around the corner from Punspace called T@31. The owner, Tick, makes banana espresso, which is delicious and healthy. They have an adorable dog named lucky. Chiang Mai is like a college campus for digital nomads, but so much better. It's the perfect base for all your travels around Southeast Asia. You can come out here in the fall with a 6 month multiple entry tourist visa, build an online business, travel once or twice a month, and be living the life of your dreams connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs and traveling the most tropical places in the world. Thanks for the great write up and awesome video. I hope more digital nomads come out here to enjoy the great Thai culture, food, low prices, and digital nomad Meetups.


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