Happy Thanksgiving and Update #3 of the New Store 30 Day Challenge!

Hey everyone, super happy Thanksgiving to you all, even the non americans. This year I have so much to be thankful for, and a bit part is fr...


New Store Update #2 - WHEWW! First Week Finished.

We're exhausted.  Waking up at 6:30am everyday to work on our new store together, Larissa and powered through our first week of our #30D...


New Store Update #1 - Picking a Niche and Creating a Demo Store

It's our third day into our 30 day new store challenge and wheew, it feels like we've done a ton already. We actually started thinki...


New Store Challenge: Johnny & Larissa's 30 Day Challenge

Today begins our 30 Day Challenge to start a new dropshipping store, and get it up and running within a month. It's Monday November 17th...


Job Opening: Paid internship in Chiang Mai. Free Flight and PunSpace membership included.

JOB HAS BEEN TAKEN! Keep in touch for more location independant job openings! Okay here's the deal.  A successful entrepreneur couple ...


October 2014 Income Report: Location Independant Entrepreneur

This month has been a little wild, literally.  I spent half of it in Borneo with Larissa, mostly without internet access or electricity, b...

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