Underwater Entrepreneur: Diving with Giant Oceanic Manta Rays and Sharks

I just got back after a two weeks vacation down to the islands.  I spent the first week with my girlfriend and the second with my cousin who...


Fitness Score: 100

As many of you know, my health and fitness has been a top priority this past year.  I started following a bulletproof/paleo diet and have be...


Chiang Mai Burning Season: 5 Tips to Deal with the Smoke

As some of you may know every year around this time (March 10th - April 10th approximately) the clear skies of Chiang Mai suddenly turn into...


Deep-water Soloing in Thailand: Taking the Leap of Faith, Literally.

I've never heard of deep-water soloing before, and if you showed me photos of what it involved, I would have said that's crazy.  But...


Tonsai to Railay Beach: Things to Do, Relax and Sunbathe.

Instead of doing back to back day trips, we decided to take it easy and give our burnt out forearms a day to rest.  The walk from Tonsai to ...


Rockclimbing Railay in Krabi, Thailand

As much as I love Chiang Mai, it was time for a vacation.  March 9th - April 9th is the burning season in Chiang Mai when the farmers set fi...


Saigon vs. Chiang Mai. The best city of location independent Entrepreneurs.

I used to think Chiang Mai, Thailand was the best and only place in the world for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to l...


Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo.

I don't like talking about my diet, as it's a sensitive subject, similar to discussing religion.  However, I've learned a lot ov...


How to Make $100 Online Today and Become an Entrepreneur.

I stumbled upon an article from Career Hack that I'll link in the resources section below, that showed a simple step on how to make $100...

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