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As many of you know, my health and fitness has been a top priority this past year.  I started following a bulletproof/paleo diet and have been following a crossfit style workout 3 times a week for the past year. During my time in Saigon, I stepped onto some weird machine at the gym that sends a electric signal through your body and analyze your health and fitness.

I doubt these machines are very accurate but it was a pleasant surprise to see the personal trainer's facial reaction when he read the score: 100.  He later said he's never seen that before and usually out of shape people range in the low 40's and in shape people have been 90 at the highest.

I had no idea how to read the print out or what the other numbers on the test meant so I brought it to my favorite doctors Dr. Shannon Weeks and Dr. Alexis Shields to explain it to me.

If you haven't already, I sat down with Dr. Shields a few months ago and got a complete blood test. You can see the results at episode 18 of the travel like a boss podcast.

I know this random machine at the gym isn't super accurate, but it is nice to know that I am on the right path.  For my entire life I have had been misguided by friends, family and even doctors on what the optimum diet and exercise program should be and have struggled with being overweight, and unhealthy all of my adult life.  Now that I've finally found something that works, I've stopped listening to random out of shape people that try to tell me different.

There is so much misinformation out there, my advice is to find something that you know works, only listen to people in better shape than you, and to stay consistent once you do find it.

Recommended Resources:

Dr. Alexis Shields:
Dr. Shannon Weeks:
Crossfit: Just google your city and "crossfit" and take the intro course.
*be careful with crossfit, focus on your form and technique the first 6 months and not heavy weights.

Setting Goals:

I highly recommend you write down 1 month, 3 month and 1 year goals.  It takes around 3-5 months to form habits, but once you do, trust me it becomes such an easy part of your life and it is well worth it.

I hope everyone well in your journey to ideal health and fitness:

Kind Regards,


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