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It's my last week in Los Angeles, and i'm sitting at a Panera Bread Restaurant with two friends, armed with our laptops, free wi-fi ...


How to get a 200% Raise: Why I'm Starting a 2nd Store with my friend Adam

When I worked a normal corporate job, getting a 10% annual raise was awesome yet hard to come by.  Usually you had to work towards a promoti...


Buy Your Way to Happiness - My favorite, Can't Live Without Things

My life is a strange mixture of having as few things possible, traveling light , while buying things that I know will make my life easier an...


Working out of Coffee Shops vs. Going to the Office - How Free Wi-Fi has changed the way we work.

I'm sitting at a Coffee Bean in the Airport right now happily working away on their free wifi, and actually being quite productive and g...

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Want to start an online business?
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