Working out of Coffee Shops vs. Going to the Office - How Free Wi-Fi has changed the way we work.

I'm sitting at a Coffee Bean in the Airport right now happily working away on their free wifi, and actually being quite productive and getting things done.  So far this morning I've fulfilled a few orders, emailed everyone who left abandoned shopping carts and didn't complete their purchase and helped my friend Adam set up his store for better conversions over the phone.

I'm doing all this with a smile on my face.  Why you may ask?  Freedom. That's why.

Instead of being tied down to a normal 9-5 job, having a boss that will yell at me if I come into work late or having meetings to attend to, I'm hanging out at the airport on my way to my friend William's wedding in New York.  I'm going there a few days early as I'm in the wedding party and want to do some bachelor party stuff along with the rehearsals.

I didn't have to take time off of work, call or sick or ask anyone for a day off.  I'm now my own boss, but more importantly I'm still able to work where ever I am.

Being in my early thirties now, it seems like all of my friends are getting married.  I attended my friend Steve and Ashley's wedding in Laguna Beach over labor day and now William and Winnie in NY this week.  Instead of worrying about not being able to make it to one or the other, I just go.  Same with just packing up and going to Thailand for a few months, or to Budapest which I'm planning for next summer.   For those who think I'm lucky to have this type of lifestyle, it wasn't by accident.  It's called Lifestyle Design for a reason.  You can design the lifestyle you want and dream of.

Some people ask what the difference is working at an office and paying to work out of a shared office space or hunting around for free wifi at a coffee shop.  The difference is that freedom I mentioned earlier.  If you have something better to do, you can do it.  But for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy working and look forward to opening my excel spreadsheets.  Because for the first time, all of the effort i'm putting in and the money I'm making is going to me, building my business and to my future and not to my boss or to some big company.

It's not easy to make the jump, and it's not as stable as getting a monthly paycheck.  But to me, I couldn't ever go back to working for someone else.

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor day weekend.  I took some time off to hang out with my cousins and visit my old roommates in San Diego.  But the great thing was that even though I didn't bring my laptop or do any actual work over the weekend, I still made a bunch of sales!  

All of the time and effort I spent the first two months setting up the website now automates traffic and sales and only requires me to spend a few minutes a day to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Time to hop on the plane!  Hope everyone had a great week.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Nice work Johnny, good to see your crushing it mate.

  2. What do you sell? I could learn from your successes
    :) Angela Johnson-Rhodes

  3. Website incorrect. I sell real estate. I want to learn your blogging habits. My Website is.

    1. Hey Angela, I sell a lot of niche furniture items like this one:


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