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It's my last week in Los Angeles, and i'm sitting at a Panera Bread Restaurant with two friends, armed with our laptops, free wi-fi and unlimited refills on iced tea and coffee.  I've been helping out my friends with their E-Commerce stores and one of my friends joked that I'm building an army.  It strangely reminds me of the guys from Fight Club, but with websites instead of actual fighting.

Adam still hates his job and wants to quit as soon as he can replace his 9-5 income.  So far he's made 6 sales a week on his first niche, and we've just finished getting approved and added products from three manufactures.  I'm taking a look at his accounting this week and he's hoping to quit his job as soon as he hits his stage one goal which is 1 product per day.

I'm also helping out my friend Jason with his store and it's now finally up and running with the test products.  I've contacted a manufacture on his behalf and hopefully we'll be authorized to sell their products by the end of the week.  

My goal is to have all of my friends be able to have the free time and freedom to work from wherever they want and visit me wherever I am in the world.  My friend Chris who is also working on his own store has a goal to go Scuba Diving for his birthday next year and wants me to come along.  I said sure!  For those who don't know, I used to work at a few dive resorts all across the world and love scuba diving.  But a year ago I decided not to dive anymore professional as it was killing my passion for it.  Instead I want to make enough money so I can go diving as a guest of the resort instead of as an employee.  

Some people think that if find a job that you are passionate about you'll always love it.  But in my experience it makes you hate both your and your passion, work is work.  Instead, most people would be happier doing a job that requires as little time, frustration, and stress as possible while providing enough money for them to do what they truly want to do.

Wish us luck and let me know what your dream job would be,

Johnny FD

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  1. I think my dream job would be something that allows me the free time to travel, study BJJ and spend time with my family and friends. Kudos to you for achieving it! Are you headed back to Thailand after LA?

    1. Hey Kev, you and my buddy Chris have the same dreams. Hopefully he gets on top of his store asap so he can do BJJ Full Time. He's currently a purple belt with competition experience.

      I have one more week in LA and San Francisco spending time with friends and family and heading back to Thailand on October 8th before it starts getting cold!

  2. You guys can do it! I golf (my passion haha) 3 or more times a week, maybe work 6-10 hours. :) It wasn't an 'easy' road to get here, but is a reality nowadays with E-commerce. Keep on, keepin' on my friends! Cheers from Texas! -Chip


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