How to Crush it with Kindle - Selling eBooks on Amazon

Even though I make a decent amount of money from my kindle books on Amazon, I never recommended it as a way for digital nomads to make money...


How I Invest my Money: 6 Steps You Can Take to Become a Millionaire

I'm writing this post today not because I'm an expert, but am pretty sure that what I'm doing with my money will make you 99% be...


How I Started Making Money with Udemy Courses

The first time I made a course on Udemy, it was a complete gamble as I had never met anyone who was successful with it and no one that I kne...


From Dropshipping to Building an Amazon FBA Empire

I've been wanting to get into Amazon FBA for months now but haven't had the dedication or focus required to get started. All around ...


What I Learned About Making Money from Making it Rain

If I started this article telling you that it's somehow a good idea to withdraw a stack of dollar bills in cash and throw it up in the a...


Dropshipping to Ebay: A Review of David Dang Vu's Course.

I've never been a fan of dropshipping on ebay or amazon as it always sounded like a stupid idea to buy items at full retail price or spe...


Who was Johnny FD? Jen? Johnny Wolf? Halo?

There's a lot you don't know about me, and there's still a lot I still don't know about myself. Here are all of the various ...


5 Steps to Start a Profitable Blog or Website!

Everyone should have a website. Everyone should have some type of a blog. If not for everyone else's benefit, then do it for yourself an...


My 100% Honest and Genuine Advice for Aspiring Online Business Owners and Digital Nomads

It's a confusing world out there. It's hard to tell if everyone out there is just selling a pipe dream and showing off travel photos...


Getting Featured on (My Best Advice for Entreprenuers)

Another crazy morning. I woke up and saw that had also wrote an article about mr quiting my 9-5 and moving to Thailand. My ...


How I got Featured on Business Insider (

I woke up this morning with my twitter notifications flooded with over fifty mentions, ten new book sales, and a sense that something defini...


26 Reasons I'm not Moving Back to the U.S. and Why I'm Staying in Chiang Mai

I've always told myself, and everyone else that this crazy around the world trip that has me living in Chiang Mai Thailand will come to ...


July 2015 Income Report: Chiang Mai and Macau

This wasn't a good month for productivity. Blame it on being overworked the past few months and needing a bit of a break, or blame it o...

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