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It's a confusing world out there. It's hard to tell if everyone out there is just selling a pipe dream and showing off travel photos, or if this lifestyle really is legitimate. Everyone seems to have ulterior motives and there is so many skeptics and negative information for every piece of actual helpful advice.

There are pros and cons of having too much information, which is why I honestly prefer to just know and share enough to get started and figure it out from there, but for those who want to know all of the potential downsides and the dark side of digital nomad and the hard truths behind taking online courses, finding mentors and learning how to start an online business. Don't read this if you want to keep the perfect dream in your mind, this post is for everyone else with doubts or those who think this entire online business, digital nomad lifestyle is a scam.

Linda Garcia Rubio

 Hey Johnny . It's really confusing on who will truly help you to become a self made business owner. I've read some much on different mentors. I think I'm burned out , thanks for messaging me. Hope to be successful and free to work anywhere in the world like you

What you need to know:

Most people will fail, most people will never succeed, most people won't ever be featured on Entrepreneur or Business Insider. Everyone has an ulterior motive. 

However, plenty of people do succeed. There are tons of digital nomads and online business owners who are far more successful than me.

It's confusing I know. So here is the simple truth. 

1. There is shitty information out there, both paid and free.
2. There are some gurus/mentors who have never done what they preach themselves.
3. People want to make money off of you.

However the following is also true.

4. There is information out there worth 1000x the asking price.
5. There are legit mentors who genuinely want to see you succeed.
6. They deserve to make money from you for sharing that information. 

How to not get ripped off:

The honest difficult truth is don't rip yourself off. Every time I've ever made a bad investment, wasted time or money on something that doesn't work, or otherwise got ripped off, deep down inside I was the one trying to get a one up on the system or take a shortcut.

1. Use some f@#ing common sense.
2. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
3. Everything worth doing takes work.
4. Don't just look for downsides, look for opportunities.
5. Ask people in person, email, private message, tweet at, or call people for opinions.
6. Don't listen to people who have never actually done it themselves.

How to be successful:

I can honestly, 100% say that everything I've ever recommended has genuinely worked for me  as well as enough people I personally know that I feel comfortable recommending it. However, I also know there are plenty of people who can take the best recommendation and either do nothing with it, do it their own way and fail, or otherwise not succeed.

1. Find something the legitimately works and follow it exactly without question.
2. Don't reinvent the wheel, follow what others are doing in your own niche.
3. Don't rip off others. Instead of trying to steal a small portion or someone else's success, dominate your own and have the whole pie.
4. Put in as much time and effort into the system as it takes, then some.
5. Don't take shortcuts, skip steps, or assume you know better. You don't.
6.  Be accountable. It is an ethical imperative to put in the work required to be successful and not give up halfway saying something doesn't work because you didn't follow the instructions. 

My Downfalls

I'm not perfect. Prior to 2008 when I started my digital nomad journey, I was insecure, unhappy, negative and tried way too hard to impress others.

After college, I was lost, I knew I was unhappy at my career, but didn't know what else to do. That's when I got heavy into self-help books and self-development courses. I was insecure with myself, my identity and thought the world was against me. 

I read hundreds of books, attended seminars, joined groups, and even started working under a guy who had a company that taught shy asian men how to man up. It was a dark world with some creeps and shady characters but it also taught me how to genuinely improve myself as a person as well as gave me a way to help others go through the same journey. 

People who are unhappy like to drag others down into their pits of hell, which is why ever since I left Los Angeles and everything it stood for, I've been committed to surrounding myself with positive, self-actualized people who accept and love themselves for who they are. I'm glad to say that since 2013 I have been an extremely happy, self-accepting person who has genuine loving relationships.

1. I've stopped thinking the world is against me, and started looking for the good instead of the bad.
2. I've stopped lying to myself, and have work in the actual work required to be successful.
3. Instead of gaining happiness and acceptance from outside sources, I've found it within myself.
4. I've released the anger of bad relationships and rejections of the past, and allowed myself to find and accept true love.
5. I've stopped trying to win approval or validation from others and know that I'm a good person regardless.

The People Who Fail

For every success, there are five people who go home empty handed. However, I truly believe that everyone has an earnest shot at being successful which is why I still encourage everyone to try. I also believe that anyone who actually makes it as far as traveling to Chiang Mai will go home happier, and be more successful at life in general even if they failed to become a full time digital nomad with a profitable online business.

A lot of people aren't meant to be entrepreneurs and would honestly be happier working for someone else, either remotely or back at home after they run out of money traveling and giving it a shot.

The only people who are mad at the digital nomad scene are the ones that feel stuck. They are the ones who spend more time finding reasons why it won't work than actually trying to make it work. They are the skeptics with pessimistic mindsets and the scarcity mentality where they think that just because someone else is successful that they can't be, or that just because someone is making money teaching others that what they teach can't possibly work.

Other people who fail that aren't bad people, are just the ones that don't pull the trigger or spend way too much time researching without acting.  

My advice:
1. Don't read headlines without reading entire articles and assume you know everything.
2. Don't try to find the cheap or free alternative to something that you know works.
3. Don't listen to people who have never done it themselves.
4. Do talk to people in person or over the phone who are successful and ask them yourself.
5. Do invest in yourself by buying and reading books, attending seminars and taking courses.
6. Do dedicate yourself 100% and follow the systems exactly. 

How to be Happy and Successful

I'm a big fan of the 4 Agreements, a book that my girlfriend and love of my life recommended to me. These simple four agreements have helped me continue to share my story, and help others find success and happiness in this crazy world of online business and being a digital nomad.

If you haven't read the book, you can buy The Four Agreements on Amazon here with my affiliate link. 

1. Know that just because someone is making money recommending something, it doesn't make it any less earnest or the product any less valuable.
2. Know that ulterior motives aren't always a bad thing. 
3. Having the abundance mentality means you know that both parties can benefit and no one has to lose out.

Being Successful with online business:

Even though I earn money promoting products and courses on my blog, it doesn't mean I believe in them any less. If anything, if it wasn't for the fact that I make so much money from my blog, I wouldn't have time to write or share this content.

The reason why I continue to promote Anton's dropshipping course is because by following his footsteps and tutorials I was able to replace my 9-5 income with my own online store. The fact that I also get paid a referral commission whenever someone signs up through my link doesn't change the fact that the course genuinely works and that I earnestly recommend it. If I didn't ever get any credit for recommending the course, I would simply spend more time working on my own stores to earn a living instead of spending time helping others start their own successful stores.

Most Successful People Shut Up

I can personally pull up fifty successful websites that are profitable because of Anton's methods and out of those 50, maybe 1 of them is from someone who openly shares their success online or even with close personal friends. The truth is most people who are making money online, keep their mouths shut about what actually works. 

The only reason why I share as openly as I do as because when I started I wish there was this information out there as there was a very good chance I would have never stumbled upon it and would be back living in LA, working a job I hated, going out to clubs every weekend wasting money and getting drunk, and otherwise unhealthy and unhappy.

The reason why I continue to share what is working is because I'm now making a big part of my monthly income from both my affiliate recommendations as well as my affiliate course called Earnest Affiliate,  where I teach others how to start their own blogs and make money online following my own footsteps and what has worked for me.

It is only because people pay for the course that I am willing to share personal details about my life, my niches, the specific products I promote, the traffic sources and my other trade secrets that make me a success. I am happy to share 85% of what I know for free on my blog and through the podcasts as I know it genuinely helps people get started, but I also know my own worth and how valuable it is. 

Follow my Footsteps

I genuinely want everyone who reads my blog to succeed and know it's 100% possible if you are willing to invest in yourself, put in the time, money and work necessary to be successful. I've shared my journey and footsteps in my two books and if you haven't read them already, I encourage you to as they really are the first step.

How I became a digital nomad. Buy on Amazon or International.
Read the story of how I quit my job and got started. Buy on Amazon or International.

I truly wish everyone both success and happiness. It is 100% possible and obtainable to start your own profitable online business. Ignore the naysayers, especially the ones who have never done it themselves. Just because someone else has given up own their own dreams, don't let them prevent you from starting yours.

Warm Regards,


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