What having less than $200 in your bank does for your motivation. How I bootstrapped my new business in Thailand.

A few days ago I was paying off all of my credit cards for the month and checking my bank account statements and a very funny paradigm shift...


Announcing the Travel Like a BOSS Podcast - Interviews with entrepreneurs who Travel like a Boss, by being their own Boss.

What's up everyone!  I'm extremely excited to announce the new Travel Like a Boss Podcast!  If you enjoy hearing interviews with suc...


The Journey Podcast - Guest Johnny FD, How it all began.

For those who really want to know me and hear the story about how I decided to quit my job and move to Thailand back in 2008, this is the st...


Check out my new "apartment" - Living in a hotel for $400 a month.

Some may think I'm crazy for living in a hotel room instead of just renting an apartment.  I say to those nay.  From a cost point of vi...


Packing for Thailand 2013 - A Full List and Video of What I Packed for Thailand

One of my favorite videos way back before I left for my first trip to Thailand was Tim Ferris' packing video where he showed us what goe...


Weight Loss Butter Diet - Eat Fat, Lose Fat, Get less fat!

It's my second day back in Thailand and I wanted to make myself some coffee in my hotel room, but I was missing a vital component to any...


How to Spend $500 a Day in Thailand - My first 24 hours here.

During my previous trips to Thailand I've tried to be smart about my budget.  Getting good deals and living as cheap as possible was exc...


Do you hate crappy low flow, cold water showers?

A few days ago I crashed at my friend Simon's apartment with another friend in San Jose, CA and heard a buddy of mine complain about how...


Another $20K+ Month! Yippeee!

It's my second official month since I started making sales on my online store and I'm really happy to announce that I had another $...

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