Things to Do in Chiang Mai: 30 Must Do's from a Local

Chiang Mai is my favorite city in Thailand and maybe even the entire world. This post is written for friends who are coming to or living in ...


2020 Travel Plans and 2019 Recap: 11 Countries Traveled!

This is my updated 2020 Travel Plans and Recap of 2019 where I traveled to 11 countries! Every year we make a bunch of plans, but we hardly ...


Carry On Only Travel for Digital Nomads - Packing Lists, Backpack and Luggage

I've been training and living out of my suitcase full time since 2008 and my biggest regret was that I didn't start traveling carry ...


Chiang Mai Expenses, Costs of Living and Income Report (Dec 2019)

Here's my monthly update on what I spent, my costs of living, as well as other fun things that I include in my month end income and goal...

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2020 Travel Plans and 2019 Recap: 11 Countries Traveled!

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