The Gold Watch Challenge: $30k, Thai Millionaire in the Bank.

A few years ago, I was living in Los Angeles, making $48,000 a year, yet my bank account was never full.  In fact, I was in debt as most Ame...


My new $250 a month Apartment in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

So I'm here in Saigon for a month and moved in a cool little apartment in the heart of the city center. District one of Ho Chi Minh Cit...


Entrepreneurs in Saigon, Co-Working, Networking, Coffee Shop Crushing it.

The only reason I came to Vietnam was for the networking.  I had heard the startup scene and entrepreneur scene in Saigon was blowing up and...


Starting an Online Business if your Wife Wants to Quit Her Job.

Waking up every morning at 6:00 am it was the same routine everyday.  I worked for Honeywell when I first graduated from college I thought w...


Lifestyle in Saigon: $150 Health Clubs and $1.50 PHO

I'm starting to settle into Saigon.  Just moved into a new apartment (more on that later) and am getting used to avoiding giant holes an...


Success in Saigon - Living it up in Vietnam

So I've been settling into Saigon, looking at apartments, checking out co-working cafes and meeting other entrepreneurs.  I was still a ...


Vietnam: eVisa Nightmare, the $50 Taxi Scam, Day 1.

I arrived in Vietnam a few days ago and here are my impressions so far.  They're not good. Day 1: After a long day of flying I was tha...


$1,875.10 in Free Travel. Round trip from San Francisco to Thailand using Reward Point Hacks.

I was doing some online banking and paying off credit cards while on the phone with my friend Chris and said out loud, wow I can't belie...


How to Give Automated Super Customer Service after the Sale - Review

A few weeks ago my buddy Kurt walked up to me and said, bro, you gotta check out AfterShip.  It automatically emails customers when their pa...

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