Sunday Swimming Pools in Chiang Mai

The only thing missing in Chiang Mai is water.  I don't know what it is about laying on a beach next to the ocean  but it's something I feel like I need in my life at least once a month.  The funny thing is, I great up near a beach my entire life and hardly ever went.  Cold ocean beaches in San Francisco however aren't what most people would swim in.  Even in nicer beaches in Southern California the water was always freezing and it was a pain in the butt getting to Venice or Huntington Beach even before paying $20 for parking.

We're to have world class islands a 2 hour direct flight away from Chiang Mai. However a cheaper, and even easier option is spending the weekends at a resort pool instead.  Most nice hotels in Chiang Mai have a pool that are free for guests and more and more apartments are being built with pools as well.

Taken at the Veranda Hotel Pool

Hostels, Hotels and Guest houses with pools:

Most guest houses or hostels with a pool are free to use and don't mind guests.  A couple that come to mind are B.M.P. Residence and Eco Resort Chiang Mai.  There's also one in an alley near Zoe in Yellow Bar, but I can't remember the name.  There are more expensive ones as well like the Top North Hotel, and The Orchid.  I've also been to Green Hill Place.  

Expect to pay between 50 - 300 baht ($2-10US) for a day pass for most pools.  

Other Pools in Chiang Mai:

The Center of the Universe has a huge pool and is huge and always empty.  If you're looking to lap swim, there is a full size olympic pool at the 700 year stadium just outside of town.

The Best Pool in Chiang Mai:

My favorite apartment/condo pool is the one the roof of the Trio which is free if you know someone staying there.  The Eco Resort is also great and it's only 100 baht ($3.33US) for a day pass. For an easy place to go near the city I would go to the Orchid, Lotus, or Green Hill Place.  

But if you're looking for the best places to go and don't mind paying 400 baht ($13.33US) then check out places like Rati Lanna , Duangtawan or the Veranda (700 baht - $2usd) which is 30 minutes up in the mountains.

Taken at the Veranda Hotel Pool in Chiang Mai

Remember, the best part of the digital nomad entrepreneur lifestyle is actually taking the time to enjoy where you are.  So take sundays off, unplug, leave your laptop at home and go for a swim.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Listen to weekly interviews with online business owners who actually travel and enjoy the world.

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  1. Very helpful, Johnny. You're articles have been great intros to some great spots in CM.

    1. Hey Chad, glad you've enjoyed the blog. Have fun in Chiang Mai.


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