Starting an Online Business if your Wife Wants to Quit Her Job.

Waking up every morning at 6:00 am it was the same routine everyday.  I worked for Honeywell when I first graduated from college I thought was a great company to have a career with.  I would iron my shirt, put on my tie and dread going out into the cold just to drive through traffic to a job I hated.  At the time I didn't actually hate my job, I was just content and complacent, which now looking back, was much worse.

When you really hate your job and are in a desperate situation to quit, that's when it becomes easy to try something new.  But as long as the steady paycheck keeps coming in, and you know you have stability in your career, you get comfortable and stuck.  Even a tiny glimpse of a promotion in the far future is enough for you to justify staying.

If only I could only get laid off.  Then I would be free.

Those were my exact thoughts.  But it never happened.  Even with me being less and less productive at work, surfing the internet more and taking longer and longer breaks, I never got fired.  

My entire life was "just okay." 
I was stuck at a job that was "just okay."
Any future plans weren't anything to get too excited about.
Actual ambitions were pretty much nonexistent.  
I was overweight, unhappy and depressed.
It was negatively affecting my relationship.
The idea of starting my own business was a fairy tale dream.
Vacations were too few and far between. 
I took it out on myself and everyone around me.  
I wasn't the man I've always wished I could be.
I knew wasn't fulfilling my potential as a future father, husband, or Man. 

Then suddenly, everything changed.  

My life, the life of my future children and wife is completely different.  Different for the better.

Jennifer and Steve's story inspired me as I hope it inspired you. For those who don't know, they now own an online store selling wedding linens.  Neither of them knew anything about ecommerce or online business, but when Jennifer became pregnant, she knew that she would eventually have to quit her day job.  They also knew that they would need to make enough money to support the growing family but also they wanted to have free time to spend at home.

Starting an online business would be perfect for that.  Making enough online income to pay for expensive child needs, while working from home.  

My thoughts on

Replacing my 9-5 income.

It took almost two months to set up.  But then again, I was doing it on my own.  The great news is now that it's up and running, I can work from home or work for a few hours a day while taking a vacation and the business still runs itself.  

Here is a screen shot of one of my eCommerce stores.

Today: My online business has replaced my normal 9-5 income.

Having the Wife run the business:

The best thing about learning how to set up an online business is once you do it, you can let someone else manage it while you start another one.  If my future wife ever wanted to quit her job and manage my online stores, she could almost instantly.  But even better than that, she would quickly have the knowledge and the skills to start her own.  Jennifer decided on selling Wedding Linens.  But your wife could start a business in whatever product niche she had interest in.

Handkerchiefs and Linens for Special Occasions

How to get started:

There are a bunch of different ways where you or your wife can learn how to start an online business. I'm going to share with you the way I did it as it was easy to follow, easy to set up and most of it because it worked.  

Step 1: Sign up for the same course I used to learn how to pick a profitable niche product to sell, setup your store using templates, and make your first sale: 

Step 2: Sign up for the software I use to make my website, add products and take payments online.

Step 3: Have a designer make your store logo for only $5.

Step 4: Get approved with suppliers by following the steps in Anton's course.

Step 5: Make your first sale, quit your job, tell your wife to quit her job and start working on your new business full time.  Work from home, work while traveling and seeing the world, or simply work little as possible so you have as much time to spend with your kids as possible.

Spending time with my niece.

I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck.  Growing up in a big city with my parents working full time, I felt like I didn't have a real childhood.  With my new online business, I know that it'll be different when it's time for me to have kids.

Even right now having more free time lets me spend it with my niblings whenever I'm home to visit my sister.  Whatever your reason to gain freedom, start your online business today and keep in touch.

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Warm Regards,

Johnny - keep in touch - Listen for inspiration.

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Want to start an online business?
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