This is my Final Post about Russia and Ukraine.

 I've said this before, but I'll say it again for those who still don't understand...

Before February 24th, 2022 I liked Russia and Russians, I liked Russian food, language, culture, movies, music, etc. 

There was no reason legitimate for Russia to actually invade Ukraine and there was a lot for Putin to lose if he attempted. 

For those who don't live in Ukraine and don't understand the complicated history, please don't parrot Russian talking points or excuses on why they invaded, it's all bullshit. The truth is, Russia only invaded because they thought it would be easy and that no one would stop them. 

Russia got away with it in Georgia, and in Crimea, and thought they could do it again. The problem with imperialism in 2022 is that it triggers other countries to think they can do the same. If Russia took Ukraine without repercussions, China would had invaded Taiwan next, and so on. 

It gets a lot more complicated than that, and I honestly don't have the energy to argue or explain to everyone every little "but what about Iraq, NATO, Donbas, Biolabs, Birds, UFOs, Obama" bs. Russian excuse, it's all misinformation. 

The truth is, the only thing that matters is action, and as much as we hate to admit that we still live in this type of world, strength matters. Russia didn't invade Finland even though they were looking to join NATO, but they used that as an excuse on why they invaded Ukraine. 

Everything that has happened since 2014 and 2022 is a result of Russian aggression. Russia started this war and they can end it today if they wanted to. They can leave Ukraine anytime they want. Putin has chosen to stay because he still has majority Russian support.

There hasn't been a single significant protest (100,000+ people) by Russians in or outside of Russia. If even 10% of people in Moscow got together and protested, that would be 1 Million of them in the Red Square, ending this war. 

If 10% of Russians aboard protested, that would be 100,000 of them. 

The truth is, most of them believe the Russian propaganda on why they needed to invade Ukraine. And it's sad that even with all of the information out there such as Timothy Snyder's free Yale course about Ukraine, or Jake Broe's YouTube channel, that people still parrot the bullshit Russian propaganda about why Russia is somehow the good guy for invading Ukraine. 

It saddens me how little empathy people have for Ukrainians who have lost so much during this past year. 

Yes, I understand others in the world have suffered as well, but saying "What about..." isn't helpful, it's dodging the topic and making their suffering seem less important while in reality most other problems in the world are small compared to the problems that Russia caused and can stop tomorrow. 

We can't prevent earthquakes and other natural disasters, and accidents happen, it sucks when it does, but there's nothing anyone but God can do to stop it. 

But we can stop Putin from playing God and invading their neighbors, and rocking the entire balance of power and peace we have in the world. 

Remember this. Russia started this war and is the only one who can end it. Everything else is a byproduct of Russian invading Ukraine. 

I won't waste what's left of my mental and emotional strength explaining this anymore or arguing with people on details, history, misinformation or what ifs. 

I have empathy for many people in this world, including the Russian citizens who want nothing to do with this war, but that amount is nothing compared to the Ukrainians who I've personally met who have had their homes destroyed, and the lives of their friends, neighbors and families taken from them because of this invasion. 

It is not a special operation, it's not even a war, it's an invasion. 

Slava Ukraine.

-Johnny FD

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  1. I know Johnny is a retard when watching the video of his conversation about politics with the Bald, who is far more knowledgeable and reasonable.
    Check the agenda of NED (National Endowment of Democracy) to know more about American imperialism and regime change in the name of "democracy", any nuclear armed country will retaliate in this situation unfortunately including the US I mean take a look at Cuba and imagine Russian or Chinese sending ships to patrol the Mexican gulf in case the US may invade Mexico.
    Sales must be good for American military industrial complex and they want to see Slavic killing Slavic and Chinese killing Chinese while they make big profits in the proxy war and maintain the "rule-based international order".

    1. Deflection, name-calling, obfuscation, etc, etc, etc… yawn. Russia invaded Ukraine. Stop defending it.

  2. You're the man, Johnny. Although it makes me sad to see how many people are brainwashed there, it's still not an excuse to consume only state media in 2023. Fuck them tankiez

  3. Hi Johnny,

    Well said.

    Time is better spent on the things of your interest.


  4. I have another definition. It is an ATROCITY.

    Bombing civilians, the maternity hospital, the drama theater (where CHILDREN appeared in huge letters in the front and back), the horrendous acts committed in Bucha, Irpin, Izyum (in addition to Mariupol) and so many other cities, the missiles and drones aimed directly at schools, shopping centers, residential buildings, hospitals, ALL civilian targets, using winter and cold as a weapon by bombing power plants and the energy grid, attempting to freeze Ukraine into surrender; torture, rape, random acts of violence and murder, all to "liberate" Ukraine?? Really????

    Vlad just hates Ukraine simply for existing.


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