How I started Tiffany Lamp Collection (one of my Drop Shipping stores)

I normally don't share my stores, and in this post I explain why, as well as give you everything you need to know for you to get started...


Trip Report: Going through Thai Immigration with a Tourist Visa (Post Aug 12th)

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend by coming back to Thailand early for her birthday.  But the August 12th Thai Visa changes had me a bit pa...


Johnny's Guide to VIENNA, Austria

I had no idea what to expect in Vienna.  It wasn't even on the plan to go there.  It was kind of just along the way from Berlin to Pragu...


5 Steps to Balancing Travel and Work

If you check my facebook and blog it looks like I've just been traveling for these past few weeks and not working at all, but in reality...


Johnny's Guide to PRAGUE, Czech Republic

I've traveled a lot and seen a lot of beautiful places but Prague blows every place else out of the water. The best way to describe Prag...

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Want to start an online business?
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