Johnny's Guide to Camping in Chiang Mai Thailand

One thing I've missed most about living in the U.S. is camping. To me it's the perfect way to get out of the city, put away the lapt...


Review of Utila Dive Center's IDC and Legal Threats!

Almost six years ago I decided to become a scuba diving instructor, it was my dream, my passion and my livelihood. If you've been follow...


Dropshipping: Calling Suppliers, Getting Approved! (Week 3 Dropship Partnership)

Starting the dropshipping partnership in November was a bit of a gamble as I knew we would have to deal with the holidays coming up which is...


Compassion, Empathy, Entitlement, and Success.

I'm updating and republishing this article because of the comments I've been getting while sharing and agreeing with Jack Ma's ...


Dropshipping: Niche Selection, Domain Name Selection (Week 2 of the Dropship Partnership)

My biggest fear for this dropshipping partnership was trying to figure out ten separate niche ideas for each of the partners. It's hard ...


Trump, Politics, Fishing and Podcasting: Focusing on the Things You Can Change

One of the best things about being location independent is staying away from media, politics and even the entire election. While everyone el...


Dropshipping Partnership Week 1 Updates! Introductions, Automation and Niche Selection.

Hey everyone! There's so much to tell! First the dropshipping partnership I started has officially began. Honestly I was surprised that...


October 2016: Passive Income Report while Traveling Las Vegas, Hawaii and Thailand

Being back in Chiang Mai feels awesome! I've had a great few weeks being back in the U.S. especially since I got to visit friends in LA,...

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