Dropshipping Partnership Week 1 Updates! Introductions, Automation and Niche Selection.

Hey everyone! There's so much to tell! First the dropshipping partnership I started has officially began. Honestly I was surprised that everyone chosen actually made it all the way out to Chiang Mai. If you read the post last month, the two requirements for participating in the dropshipping partner program was that they had to physically move to Chiang Mai so we can mastermind in person, and they had to already have a successful dropshipping store on their own.

Everyone in this photo has been selected as part of this year's partnership program and I have a feeling we're all going to be a bit wealthier by the end of it! The goal is to start a new store as partners during the next 2-3 months and sell the stores after 12 months of profitability. We officially ended our first week and here is everything we did so you can follow along!

Day 1: Introductions

Turns out there are actually 11 of us even though I originally wanted the partnership to be between 5-10 people max. Part of it is the fact that I didn't actually think everyone selected would actually pack their bags and move to Chiang Mai but I was wrong, everyone here is a superstar! What's really cool is the fact that we have people from America, Europe and Austrlia taking part.

Everyone went around and shared their progress, strengths and weaknesses. Some are just making a few sales here and there, but some are already making $5,000+ a month in profit. The coolest thing is being in a room with 11 people that already have successful stores. It's a completely different vibe when everyone in the room already knows the system works and we can just jump straight into it rather than explain and assure our time and money is being used wisely. 

Our first meeting of the partnership!

Day 2: Automation

Before we began setting up our new store, I wanted to take a day to to free up time with our current stores so we'd all have the time and energy to build the second store together. We went around and each shared ways we've automated, outsourced or eliminated store related tasks like fulfilling orders, customer service, or answering emails and questions about shipping times, inventory etc.

Some of the big take aways included:

Outsourcing your customer service calls to Conversational 

Making logos and design changes as well as other web stuff on Fiverr

Scheduling reminders for order confirmations and shipping with Boomerang

Having automatic shipping updates sent with Aftership

Creating SOPs (standard operating procedures) to give to VAs using Google Sheets

Using apps within Shopify to automatically upsell and fulfill orders.

If you want to know everything that I personally use to build and run my dropshipping stores, including discounts to things like Shopify, Apps, and tools, download my Discount PDF

Building dropshipping stores is very serious business.

Day 3: Implementation

Instead of just talking about things we can do to automate our stores, I made it everyone's homework to actually do it. On day 3 we went around and shared what we've actually done in terms of putting things into action since we started meeting. I'm a firm believer that simply learning without taking action only helps you grow by 20% and if you want to get 100% of the results, you need to actually implement.  To be honest, ideas are cheap. I used to think a good idea only came around once in a blue moon, but that my mindset is shifted, I firmly believe there are millions of great ideas out in the world, what's missing is the time or energy to actually implement each one.

I also believe that getting something started isn't nearly as hard as you might make it out to be. Even for this partnership, it was a quick decision to do it and as far as planning goes, it's a day at a time depending on what we need to do next to get to our final goal. Here's my talk from the 2015 Nomad Summit on implementation. You can also watch last year's on on finding the MVP (minimum viable product).

Day 4: Niche Selection 

The goal for next week is for everyone to have selected and finalized a niche so today we went over how I do my niche research. Since everyone here is part of Anton's course (expect for the one guy that worked for a huge ecommerce company) we decided to follow his criteria for niche selection. The only exception we made was we're focusing on the higher end of expensive products since we're all experienced and have the budget to spend the adspend required for $600-1,000 products. 

It's crazy to think that when we all first started it felt like it was impossible to think of even one niche and somehow now that we've had the veil pulled over our eyes and can see abundantly, we somehow came up with 5,247 possible niches as a group. When I asked if anyone needed help with niche selection, no one raised their hand, as each had at least 3-5 solid ones they wanted to pursue. The only thing left was to research our competition and if we had a good chance to get approved by suppliers and it was a go. I told everyone to take the weekend off and meet back up on Tuesday with the research in hand. So only thing left to do this weekend is go on a trip outside of the city and relax!

Weekend trip on our rented motorbikes out of the city.

Day 5: Cliff Jumping 

I joked that it was part of the dropshipping partner initiation that we all had to jump off a cliff, but some of the members took me up on it literally! Check back in a few days as I'm going to embed my buddy David Vu's drone footage which i'm sure is going to be even more awesome but here's a video of what we did this weekend.

I hope everyone's enjoying following along the journey as much we I've enjoyed sharing it. To be honest, it was a scary thing inviting 10 people to come move to Chiang Mai and start a business together. I didn't even have anyone sign anything yet so this could have been a complete waste of my time. But I have faith in good people and that successful people can success as being abundant.

I firmly believe that every single person in this partnership is going to be successful and we're all going to have another stream of semi-passive income as well as an asset to sell for 27x profits by this time next year. If you are already part of Anton's dropshipping course you can follow along on your own while using us as a guide of what to do week by week. If you haven't signed up yet, unfortunately as of tonight Anton is closing memberships to new signups until the end of the year. He's adding new modules and refreshing the course just like he did last year, which was supposed to take 2 weeks but ended up taking 2 months. So if you're somehow reading this before midnight November 7th, get in while you can. If it's past that time, take this as a sign to get yourself prepared for the next round whenever that may be.

I wish everyone the best of luck with your journey and hope everyone is crushing it!

Update: Read all about Week 2 of the Dropship Partnership here.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Nice - I am have to come over to Thailand.

  2. It's been a great experience so far! Looking forward to building a store with you and the crew.

  3. Sounds like an awesome group/time. Super excited to come out in February and hopefulyy get to meet some of you!

  4. "I'm a firm believer that simply learning without taking action only helps you grow by 20% and if you want to get 100% of the results, you need to actually implement"
    ---true words I recently discovered and this sums it up perfectly, I was one that would immerse myself in material but always wondered why I was not successful. Information gathering is not enough, Knowledge Is Power But Action is King. Thanks Johnny

    1. I'm happy you are starting to implement everything you've learned! Let me know how it goes, but I have a feeling you're going to crush it!

  5. I am looking to learn more about this issue. Thank you for sharing. I will follow this site regularly.


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