Trump, Politics, Fishing and Podcasting: Focusing on the Things You Can Change

One of the best things about being location independent is staying away from media, politics and even the entire election. While everyone else was freaking out about the election this year, I was fishing with David Vu and enjoying life as a digital nomad here in Thailand. Sure what happens in America affects us all to a point or another but in reality, just like how Brexit won't actually affect anyone for years to come if ever, being from the U.S. but living abroad also takes us away from the madness. My facebook wall and twitter feed is both flooded with comments about racism, riots, how Trump willing is causing the world to end.

When you see things from a 10,000 mile away view point, it's like being able to see through the forest and it allows you to see what really matters. The fact is, there is very little we can change when it comes to politics or the government whether we like it or not. However, there is a ton of change we can make within ourselves, and if we ever do want to influence others, the country, or the world, we need to start with making us the best versions of us we can. In this post I'm showing you what we can change, and what life was like here in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the chaos back home.

Things You Can Change

I'm a firm believer that if we become the best versions of ourselves and focus on being healthy, happy, successful and wealthy, everything else comes easy.

When you're rich, it doesn't matter if someone calls you a derogatory term as chances are, you're way better off than they are.

When you're in the best shape of your life, you become universally attractive, and race is no longer an issue. 

When you are genuinely happy, content and know yourself, it doesn't matter if others try to put you down because you are already lifted so high, no one can drag you down. 

Here are things that everyone can change, regardless of your situation. 

Escaping the Media

One of the best decisions I've made after reading Tim Ferriss' 4-hour workweek back in 2008 is going on a media detox and eliminating all media consumption from my diet. I don't read or watch the news, follow politics, listen to the radio or watch TV.

In the past week that everyone else has been freaking out and stressing about the election, I've been working on my online businesses so I can have the financial freedom to overcome any thing that may come up, and exercising to try to get back in shape after a crazy year of traveling and over eating and drinking beer in Europe.

Here's us at the waterpark here in Chiang Mai:

Then on actual election day itself, here I am with David Vu fishing for giant Mekong catfish here in Thailand:

Moving Forward

It's very easy to get caught up in causes, movements, or other things that don't really matter. Whenever you argue with your friends on facebook or via twitter, unless you want to make a lifelong career out of it, you're wasting your time.

It's funny how crazy people get online when it comes to politics, or other sensitive subjects but when you sit down with them in person over dinner, people become so much more rational, especially when you are a good listener and take their points into consideration. 

If anyone wants their own platform to openly discuss things that matter to you, and you want to make a real difference, my suggestion is to start your own youtube channel or podcast. I'm very sure that within the next few years big news outlets like Fox, NBC, and even CNN are going to lose their audience and places that have unfiltered, long form content like podcasts are going to be where most people get their information.

Here's a video I recorded with David talking about how to rents out apartments to list on Airbnb, but if you listen to it or any other my other podcasts, you'll see that because it's my show, and it's long form, it allows me to talk about whatever I want. 

In Conclusion

It's been a crazy week for a lot of people, and who knows what will happen, but the only thing I'm sure of is the fact that by constantly trying to become the best version of myself, and living life on my terms, I have the freedom and flexibility to roll with the punches no matter what happens, good or bad.

Regardless if dislike Donald Trump as a person or his personality, I'm glad that this election finally shook up the political system and is going to force change. Over 46% of Americans didn't vote this year including myself and I have a feeling that most of them felt the same way as I did, that both candidates sucked and that the entire political system is broken. Even though I don't like Hillary either, it's stupid that she lost the election despite winning the popular vote. I really hope that this election brings about things like abolishing the electoral college, getting rid of lobbyists, and corruption in washington.

Either way, unless you are focusing 99% of your time on bettering yourself and taking control of your own situation, you shouldn't even be worried about anything else. Go out and crush it!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Very well put, Johnny. After election day I found myself getting way too upset just scrolling through Facebook, so I logged out and am doing a FB detox. I am re-reading 4-hour workweek, as well, and just read the media detox part a few days ago, so it's all very timely. Glad that you have provided this insight on focusing on your best self rather than things we can't change.

    ~Whitney @

    1. Hey Whitney, I'm glad you're on the right path!

  2. Hey Johnny great post! Hope to see you again in CM someday!

  3. two thumbs up! Hope to meet you someday.

  4. Amazing post brother i love so much fishing on air is perfect ideas. Good bike.


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