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I'm really excited to announce that my online store is now profitable and I've already made back double what I've invested to start it up. I've been making on average of a new sale every day since I last updated. I'm still tweaking the prices, shipping, and website to make it more profitable but now I know it works and it's pretty much running itself, I have time to start up another store.  The best thing about running online businesses is that once you've spent the time setting it up, you're free to replicate it with another product in another niche and potentially double your income.

I'm writing this here instead of emailing my friend who I'm helping start up his store, that way I don't have to write it over and over again for everyone.  I'm also sending this post to my sister so she can do it as well without me having to explain again.  Plus I figure I can just direct this post to anyone else who asks me in the future.

Here I am working out of a coffee shop in San Francisco while writing this post.

So here is the to-do list I'm giving them. I'm posting it here so you guys at home can follow along as well.  Feel free to call me if you have my number or leave a comment here with any questions you might have.  Everything I recommend I believe in, have personally used and have recommended my close friends and family to do it.  Now that I know it works, consider this my official go ahead and start!  Here are two options:

*If you're new to this blog and want to know how I got started, here is the entire 5.5 year journey explained in one blog post. The Johnny FD Journey.

If you already know me, keep reading below for my official GO AHEAD and START!

Having a location independent business has allowed me to travel

Here's what I did:

Step 1

Sign up for the Anton's Drop Shipping Training Course.   It works, and you can get 100% of your money back within 30 days for any reason.  But trust me, as long as you actually follow the steps, it is absolutely worth the money.

It worked for me and the program can explain it a lot better than I can and in more detail.  If you want to start making money online and learn how to build a real business, just do it, you really have nothing to lose.

I went from having $200 in my bank account.

To having over $30k after learning how to build a dropshipping business.

If you're going to do it you have to treat it like a real business.  Invest the same amount of time and mental energy as if you were to open a physical restaurant and you will be successful.  Just follow the instructions step by step and don't try to skip any steps.  As far as web development skill, don't worry about it, you don't need to know how to make a website, it's all templates you can follow.

The only thing I ask is if you're going to sign up for it anyways, please use my link so I can get credit for referring you.

The course I took to learn how to start an online store.

Step 2:  

Write down 10-20 possible product niches that fits Anton's criteria which he explains in the first video.  He teaches you how to determine if they are good, but feel free to email me the list and  I'll take a look as well to make sure they are a good ones.  The biggest hint I can gave you with his part is to go through your old email accounts and find everything you've ever bought online.  The best niches are the things you bought for work or don't even remember buying, but needed at the time.

Just make sure it fits all the niche selection criteria that Anton explains in videos 1 and 2.

Step 3: 

Sign up for the free Shopify Trial and start building the store.  You get 14 days for free and if you use my link you get 20% off by using the discount coupon in this PDF. 

Please use my link for Shopify so I can get credit for referring you.

Step 4: 

Copy and paste Anton's templates for the FAQ, Shipping Policies, Price Match Guarantee, etc onto your new store and rewrite them a bit to make it what you want. You'll want to fully rewrite them after you start making sales, but you can start with just using the templates. 

Step 5: 

Think of and buy a domain through Shopify.  It's easier to keep everything together, and it's only $10 including free hosted email.  It's easier than trying to go through another registration company such as NameCheap which is who I use.

Step 6: 

Pay $5 for a professionally designed Logo through  Search for "logo" then sort by highest rating and look for someone who can deliver in less than 5 days.

Step 7: 

Add some test products to the store, get approved as an authorized dealer. (follow the steps in Anton's videos) - Also look in the forums in the member's area on his site for my post called "Step by Step - My Progress So Far."  I wrote down in detail exactly what I did to start up my store.  

Step 8: 

Sign up for $75 in Free Amazon credits and start sending traffic to your site.  Then sign up for the $75 in Free Google Product ads and do the same.

*Update: Amazon no longer supports paid ads, Google Ads still work awesome but there is no more $75 free trial. Bing Ads are currently giving $100 in free credit to start with!

Step 9: 

Sign up for a better rewards credit card because you're going to be getting a ton of rewards miles on your card once orders start coming in.  I signed up for CapitalOne's Venture card which gives me double miles.  Barclay's Arrival Card is the new best option.  But you can also just get 1.5% cash back with CapitalOne's Quicksilver card if you just want the cash.

Step 10: 

Start making sales and tweak your prices, and stuff along the way. Don't worry about everything being perfect the first month, the cool thing about this process is you learn from it and then on the next store  it'll be easy to replicate.  Let me know how it goes.

Here's a screenshot of my sales so far from just a few weeks ago!

I don't know if this system will make you "rich" but it's working for me and it feels awesome to have started my own business, especially one that I can manage from anywhere.  The most exciting thing about it is the potential I see for it and other stores I can start up.  I'm really excited to have met Anton, followed his system, made money from it, and now being able to share it with my family and friends.


I was a bit worried that I didn't make any sales over the weekend, but as soon as I finished writing this blog post, BAM! Two more sales came in.

Looking back at these, it's funny how excited I got for making just a few sales.

Update: It's been 2 months and here is my latest screen shot.

Update: I've been traveling for the past two weeks and haven't even picked up a phone call,
yet it's still making sales and my average for the month is skyrocketing.

Here's a video review of Anton's Course.

1 Year Update: 

It's been a year since I first started Anton's drop shipping course and things have changed, mostly in a good way.  Here is my updated review of his course.

Let me know how it goes for you, if you're serious about starting your own business and quitting your job, let me know and I'm happy to help.

Listen to the interview with Anton Kraly:

Episode 10:

Video Review:  Here is the full 8 month review I posted of Anton's Course:


Update:  It's been about 8 months since I started recommending Antons' course to my friends, family and blog readers.  For a while I was a bit worried that even though I was extremely successful with it, I thought maybe it wasn't for everyone.  Then in the past few months I started getting messages like this one regularly.

Edit: It's April 2nd, 2015 which is almost two years since I first took Anton's course. I'm very happy to say that the hard work I put in during those first two months it took me to start my first dropshipping store has been profitable month after month since and has completely replaced my 9-5 income for almost two years now.

Best of all, I started another store with Larissa just a few months ago and it's already replaced her salary as a teacher and is continuing to grow.  This store we built in only 30 days. Take a look at last month's income report for exact numbers.  Investing my time and money in Anton's Dropshipping Course has been the single best investment I've ever made in myself.  

Read the entire story on how quick my life changed after starting my dropshipping store.

2016 Update: The course at  has been consistantly working for almost 3 years now and has made me over $100,000 in profit.

If you're a citizen of USA, Canada, Australia/NZ, UK, Scandinavia, or Holland, I've now met tons of people who have done it successfully as well so no more excuses, make it happen.

If you're not from one of the above countries, I would suggest you start with David Vu's ebay course as it's more international friendly to start.

Warm Regards and keep in touch,

Join my friends and family list and get my free get started guide:

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  1. $4800 is your profit? or just sales?

    1. Hey Anonymous, $4,800 per two weeks is the Gross Sales. The markup on drop ship items usually range from 20%-30%

  2. Hi Johnny, I have a 25 niche list
    and I'd LOVE to hear your opinion, but I don't have you email.

    Please send me your email address to

    Thanks dude, you're a big inspiration :)

  3. Hi Johnny,

    I’ve learned so much from your valuable thread on Anton's forum. Thank you very much. I’m glad to see you finally achieved big success in the IM niche after long time of struggling. I am just similar to you. I am eager for freedom and after so many failures in this niche, I still don’t want to give up. And now I start to see the dawn of success because of Anton’s course and your success story. I feel confident I will succeed this time if I do this business.

    I have read your whole thread very carefully. You said you had your adwords account unlocked. How did you do that? I know if I want to get this work I must use Google ads. But unfortunately my adwords account was suspended for the same reason as your account-affiliate marketing. I want to get my adwords account unlocked too. Please help.

    1. Hey Bruce, glad to have you part of the journey. Here are my tips.

      #1 - Never sell or promote anything your Grandma wouldn't approve of.

      #2 - If you get on the bad side of the Google Gods, you have to do exactly what they say no matter how ridiculous it sounds. One they have it in their system, nothing you can do aside from completely changing your identity or using someone else's account can fix it. Just ask them politely what violations you've made and do whatever it takes to fix it. For me I had to buy a domain that I never even owned, and set up a website on it with a privacy policy and disclaimer. It was a pain in the butt, but it was worth it at the end.

      Good luck in your journey.

      P.S. MeandMyBoss - I emailed you directly, good luck with your niches!

  4. Hi Johnny, I met your friend Kurt here in Medellin last month, and he introduced me to your site, and suggested the idea of drop shipping.

    In terms of getting a credit card, that's used for buying the product only after an order has been placed through your site, right? And then I'm guessing you could pay off your credit card as you go, so you're not accumulating a huge balance over time?

    How much research did you do on your product before deciding to sell it? Do your customers expect you to be an expert on it? What kinds of questions are they asking you when they call?

    Congrats on your recent success!

    1. Hey Dave, what's up man. Living the good life out in Medellin I see! I might have to come out the next few years, it's on the list.

      You're correct about the credit card. The customer buys the product and pays through Shopify payments. The purchase price (let's say $100) is transfered to your bank account within 7 days. Your supplier bills you for dealer price (let's say $60+$15 shipping assuming it's on their account) generally when the order is ready to ship out. You generally have 30 days to pay off your credit card, so you have plenty of time to get that money cleared in your bank account before you need to pay it off. I pay it off weekly, just in case, as I'm pushing close to $30K in sales per month and don't want to carry that balance. So at the end of the month using the example above, if you started with $0 in your bank, you'll now have $100 in your account but to pay off a balance of $75 on your credit card. Leaving you with a profit of $25.

      Niche Selection - I spent two weeks of thinking I found the perfect niche everyday at 4pm, which for whatever reason was my prime time for ideas. I'm glad I had two friends to bounce the niche ideas off of, one of which was Kurt. I needed to be competent in my niche, luckily I had some experience in it. It helps to know, but you can get away with learning it as you grow.

      Customer Calls - Most calls have to do with shipping lead times. The few product related ones are generally, what's the best entry level model of xyz product. Other calls are for large bulk orders that I get once or twice a month.

      Thanks for the congrats, I hope you do well on yours.

  5. Great information there bro!

    I'll purchase off your link soon and hit you up with a few questions.


  6. Hey Anthony, glad you're enjoying the info. Yeah definitely use my links for both Anton's course and Shopify so I can get credit. When you sign up there is a private forum that you get access to on Anton's site in which I have a thread with all of my progress from when I first started the store, step by step everything I did. You can check that out and ask me any questions on that thread as well.

  7. Hey Johnny FD! I've been checkin out your Chaing Mai apartment vids on youtube and stumbled onto this website, very cool stuff. I plan on retiring to Thailand within the next year, but now you've got me thinking perhaps I could add to my retirement income! I'm not sure I have the motivation or the skill/talent to do what you're talking about, but I will continue to investigate. I'm a big fan of your vids, so I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. When I get to Chaing Mai I'll look you up and buy you a beer,'ll be rich, I'll have you buy me a beer! Haha. Peace.

  8. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for the great blog, and congrats on your success.

    I wanted to share with you this link from Andrew Youderian from eCommerce Fuel (

    Point 1 (You Need to Make Money Fast) is striking me hard, and it's really discouraging:
    "If you need to make money quickly, starting an eCommerce business is a really bad idea. Building an online store is an involved process that takes months to research and launch, and usually YEARS to build into a significant and sustainable income. If you need extra cash to pay this month’s rent or just don’t have enough to make ends meet, your best bet is to increase your income through a traditional job for the short term."

    This is in contrast with your experience, so what do you have to say about this?

    1. Hey Frederick, I would say that with the drop ship model that Anton teaches it was the fastest way I personally knew to start making money online, but also has a market cap per niche. For the long run you'll start importing or manufacturing inventory but I would recommend not getting a normal job as it's easy to get stuck in it.

      I would personally recommend selling all of your stuff, and living as cheap as possible in a place like Chiang Mai while bootstrapping your business for the first 2-4 months. The other way to make money during this process is through freelancing.

      I would never recommend anyone trying to be an entrepreneur go out and apply for another traditional job as short term usually means getting comfortable and stuck long term.

  9. Did a bit of research on some other sellers and one gave me your link here to go through your affiliate link (told him I would buy through his for his info).

    I like the idea of it and seems simple enough. Been to Thailand many times myself. You must not be a drinker...I blow through money like crazy over there in the clubs. I gotta live big though ;) - GJ on your biz, PP

  10. Goodday mate,
    thanks for the great site you've got yourself. It's hot!

    1 quick question all the way from Penang! :)
    Besides the cost of taking Anton's drop-shipping online course, could you please elaborate what the rough expenses were during the set-up stage, and post-setup (marketing) for 1 month, were?

    Peace out, and HNY!

    1. Hi Nasry, here is the total cost breakdown of month 1:

      Anton's Course $300
      Shopify Free Trial: $0 + $29.99 a month after that.
      Google Product Ads: $100 (I got a sale before I spent the first $100)
      Amazon Product Ads: $0 (Use the free $75 credit above)
      Domain name: $10 (through shopify)
      Logo through Fiverr: $5
      Phone Number: Free through google voice

      Aside from that there weren't any expenses aside from my time. Hope this answered your questions.

    2. thanks mate.
      would you consider keyword research software and co-working space usage part of the start-up expenses?

      how much do people usually re-invest into a drop-shipping online store from profits...?

    3. Hey Nasry, I never used any keyword research software. But I would a VPN like Witopia which is $5 a month that allows you to see ads and research competition as if you were in the U.S.

      I reinvest $0 of my profits back into my dropshipping store. The only investment is my time as there is no inventory. You can however get into importing products at a higher margin later on after you know what sells though.

  11. Hey Johnny FD,

    Good to see you are achieving your dreams.

    I refer to your comment above in response to Dave's;
    If you run the financial side of the online store through your credit card, why would you need a Fed. Tax ID in the US? Let's say you run it through your credit card from you bank in Chiang Mai, would that make any difference?

    I look forward to hearing from you, and all the best it seems you will enter the millionaire club very soon.


    1. Hey Andrei, thanks for the good wishes and kind words. I have a U.S. bank account so I don't know how it would work in other countries but I think what most people do is they get an US Fed Tax ID which is easy by setting up an LLC in the U.S. and getting a bank account and credit cards through the business. There is a thread about it on Anton's member forums but it does not apply to me. Hopefully I'll see you in the millionaires club as well, for now I'm aiming for the next step which is the business class section, but I do have big dreams and plans for the future, and it is bright. Best of luck to everyone in their own paths.

  12. Hi Johnny, I enjoy your blog and YT channel. Thanks for sharing.
    So I bought your book as an ebook, then signed up for Anton's course, then I made my list of stuff for business but I'm not sure they will do good or not.
    Would you send me your PM address so I can send the list to you to ask your advice ?
    Mine is issaofyamassita at yahoo dot com

    Thanks !

    1. Hey Isao, I'm glad you enjoy my blog and youtube videos. I just sent you an email. Always happy to help.

  13. hey Johnny,

    nice blog you have here! like reading your stuff!
    keep it up and make your dreams come true ;-)
    i spend much time in sea my self, vietnam, nha-trang

    hen gap lai ( see you again )

    1. Hey what's up David, I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Enjoy your time out in the sea, I just arrived in Vietnam myself to hang out for a bit.

  14. Hi Johnny,
    Im a fellow Asian American (born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii)living in Thailand for five years now. My wife is a Thai teacher at a primary school while Im a teacher at a high school here in Isaan. I have two kids. I learned about dropshipping from stumbling on this site when I visited your other site. Im really anxious to get started in dropshipping thanks to you and your success. I wanted to ask you, every year I go back to Hawaii to visit the family and to renew my visa. I know you mentioned (somewhere I forgot what post) that you need to get an US fed tax ID (is this the excise tax license?), should I wait till I go to Hawaii to obtain it or is there a way to obtain it online? I was looking for a way to make money so I can live here with my family and NOT have to teach. Thanks to you, I now have hope. Great job on your blogs and your business.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    1. Hey what's up Jon, glad you found the site. You can get your EIN online for free here:

      There's no need to wait until you get back to Hawaii to get started. I got everything online when I was in Chiang Mai. Enjoy both your time in Thailand and back in Oahu.

    2. Thanks for the info and fast reply Johnny. Ill get started next month when the school year ends and I can concentrate 100% on it. Thanks again for your help.

    3. Hi Johnny, what is the LInk to obtain Reseller Certificate for California? Thank you

    4. Hey Lois, it's here:

      But ask me inside the private member's forums of Anton's course ( for more details about it, collecting sales tax, etc.

  15. Hey Johnny,

    Hope all is well. Thanks for all of the information on the blog. In you personal opinion would you advise someone that is first starting out to create their online business first and then take Antons Drop Ship Lifestyle course or take the course before starting the business?

    If possible, could you DM at pcharshafian at I'd love to pick your brain a little bit more.

    Thanks Again,
    Pete C.

    1. Hey Pete, glad you are enjoying the info on the blog. My first real online business was what I made using Anton's course. Prior to that I had a couple of blogs and a guide book but nothing serious. is designed for beginners to walk you though exactly how to set up and start out so I would recommend you start straight with that. Good luck bud.

    2. Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for getting back to me. Would it be possible if I sent you a short list of niches that I thought and get your feedback on it?


    3. Hey Peter, yeah no worries, I'm happy to give you my thoughts. You can message me at

  16. Johnny,
    I was about to sign up but your buddy increased the price from 97 a month for 3 months to 197 for 3 months. And from 247 one time payment to 497. Do you have a link to go to the old prices or can you hook up a pua brother

    1. Hey I just spoke to Anton and asked why the prices went up and it's because he is making it more personal instead of just some training videos. He wants less members to sign up so he can spend more time with each one. Answer questions and making sure that everyone who signs up successfully launches their stores and makes money. I think his goal is for everyone who signs up to make their first sale within 60 days so that course will pay for itself.

      He's even thinking about raising the price more and having it be $97 a month as a reoccurring membership as people who are starting to make money from the course are happy to keep paying. So even though $500 may seem like a lot, it's cheaper than paying $97 a month every month for 12 months which is might be soon.

      Personally I'm glad he raised the price as first it'll give everyone more value with the new Q&A sections, additional content but mostly because the people who shell out $500 will actually take it seriously and put in the work to do the course and launch their store instead of just half assing it. My suggestion is that if you are serious about building a business, just sign up for it whatever it costs, and mark your calendar for 60 days. Work your ass off the first two months and make your money back or just ask for a refund if you end up not following through with it. Good luck with the course and your business.

  17. It's kind of hard when you only have $200 in the bank account just like you when you started. But oh well, thanks man

    1. I am in the same boat! A sinking boat at that... I really want to try it but I just don't have the cash.... $300 is hard but not nearly as hard as $591 or 497. Johnny, I heard you on The Journey Podcast and I like the vibe and the things you are doing. Thanks for the info.... All the best!

    2. Hey guys, I was in the same position as you both last April, 2013. I wouldn't recommend you put everything on your credit card and go for broke as it won't work for everyone. The reason why it worked for me was because I was living as cheap as possible, and focusing on the business 10 hours a day for almost two months. If I were in your shoes, I would cut out all expenses ASAP, work freelance to save up some money and have it as a 3 or 6 month plan.

      Hopefully by this time next year, you will have success in your own financial lives, but you have to work for it and want it bad enough.

  18. Hi Johnny

    Came across your site while looking for ways to work from home - have 3 kids and I am from New Zealand - yes, the little country at the bottom of the world!

    You know of any one who has done this when they are not US citizens or have an US address? Would potential customers be put off by an overseas address or contact in the 'about us' section? or will manufacturers be willing to set you up an account for an overseas buyer?

    I'm playing to sign up to Anton's course through your link before he puts the price up even more :)


    1. Hi Christina,

      Thanks for reading all the way from NZ. I'm a huge fan of New Zealand's Anchor Butter and have it daily.

      Dropshipping and eCommerce is a great way to work from home, especially because you can do it when the kids are asleep or out of the house. As for non-us citizens there are pros and cons.

      To do business in the US you'll have to get an LLC, which a lot of American's do anyways but we have the option to start under our personal name. Suppliers and customers never even need to know you're not in the U.S. as I started my business while in Thailand.

      As for success, I know a few people outside of the US, namely Canada, the UK and one in Australia who have done well with dropshipping and ecommerce but two of them have opted to use what they initially learned from Anton's course to start importing instead (there is a new importing section in anton's course included as well). They did it so they could have cheaper shipping and higher margins.

      But to get started I would definitely recommend Anton's course and after watching all of the videos decide if you want to enter the US market, or do something locally. As for non-US citizens doing dropshipping in the US, it is 100% possible as I know a guy from the middle east who was able to set it all up and make sales, which seems like the hardest place in the world to get started from. Good luck with it all and let me know how it goes! I'm happy to help.

  19. Hi Johnny

    Nice to know that you have our awesome butter over there...funny thing is that it's probably cheaper over there than the ridiculously high prices we pay here - even if the cows are not that far out from our city!

    Just to let you know that I've signed up to Anton's class through your link. Wow! There is so much info and the's amazing how supportive and helpful everyone is on that site. So many inspiring stories and I'm contemplating starting up my own thread to charter my steps (so saids the busy Mum of 3 who's typing this at 12.30am!)

    Anyway, I'm up to Module 2 and seem to be a bit stuck since my niches didn't turn out so good. But I'm definitely going to soldier on and work on it.



    1. Hey Christina, it's crazy that exported products are often cheaper than local. It's the same as cars being cheaper in the US than in the countries it is produced such as Germany or Korea. As for Anchor Butter it is 109 thb for a stick which is $3.90 NZD at the most expensive stores here and $3.10 NZD at the supermarket. Out of curiousity how much is it there? Either way, it's worth paying for the quality, I'll never use anything else besides butter from grass-fed cows.

      Glad you signed up for Anton's course and thanks for using my link! I'm glad that you like the info and the forum in it and how supporitive and helpful everyone is. It really is the best way to get started in dropshipping and ecommerce which is why I recomend it so much. It's like our own little online biz family there. I'll keep an eye out for your thread as well. As for the niche ideas, be thankful that you found out from the course that your niches didn't turn out to be good rather than have spent months on your own chasing your tail trying to go after it. Best of luck!

  20. Hi Johny and Christina! I also live in NZ and quit my IT office job 5 months ago, moved out of Auckland to house sit/live rent free, and going to Vietnam and Thailand for 5 months in August to keep the living costs low and finally travel, while working on my own business.
    Now the fun part. I quit the job without a plan, so have 600 bucks on my account, but selling a bit of my original oil paintings online. I've bought art sales course 2 months ago and it did help a lot (if only my mentor wouldnt disappear after first 10 phone lessons...). But anyways, I wouldn even start selling my paintings if I wouldnt buy that online course. That is why I will sign up for Antons Method without hesitation and (important!) do follow everything step by step putting the crazy amount of work at the start.
    My family cant believe I quit my job, and my parents are still angry 5 months later and push me to find a job every time I talk to them. But there is no way back for me. I so enjoy not being an office slave and not having a boss :)
    I hope in the next 5 months there will somewhat steady income that will pay for my trip and life in Vietnam at least))
    The problem I'm having is also with deciding on the niche. I saw other guys selling boat motors etc. But as a 24 yr old artist girl I only shop for clothing, art supplies, and pay for marketing, oh and now online courses) So would be nice to have a store selling products I'm interested in...
    Johny is it possible to send you my niches for review please? :) Have you only marketed your store with paid ads or also have a blog for content marketing?
    Also about doing business in US from overseas. I have a company incorporated in NZ, but I do sell paintings to US all the time, and I dont have to pay sales tax for sales overseas...As my customers are 90% from US, I have New York based phone number connected to my NZ cellphone. I dont really get why I need to have US company to sell to US. Could you please clarify this?

    P.S. NZ is actually quite expensive, its true about product prices. In Russia NZ apples are cheaper than in NZ supermarkets :) I love this country anyway, its so beautiful!
    Thanks again Johny. I hope we will meet sometime in SE Asia. And with you Christina while were in NZ:) The best of luck to you guys!

    1. Hi Ekaterina, a big congrats on making the move out of NZ and starting your travel on the cheap by house sitting and living rent free. That sounds like a great way to keep costs down while you are working on your business. I'm glad that the Art Sales course worked for you. Out of curiousity what was it called? And I agree, if the system works and it pays for itself in your first couple of sales anyways, it's a no brainer to follow a system rather than to try to do it on your own. Feel free to message me a list of your niche ideas and I'm happy to help. I would suggest you watch videos 1 and 2 in Anton's course before writing out niche ideas though as he gives guidelines on what niches work and which you should avoid. Send me a message at and i'm happy to help!

    2. Thank you Johny:) I'm still in NZ, house sitting here. I'd be in big trouble if I had to pay local rent, its as high as in US.
      The course is called "Art Sales" and is taught by one of my favorite artist's son. They have been selling paintings for more than 15 years now. Very nice people as well, just a pleasure to deal with. They have just set up online academy called After the first couple of calls I have realized that I knew nothing about art sales and that my original plan was very far from reality. So I did all step by step. The amount of work that has to be done is crazy. I spend as much time marketing my works as painting them. Can't wait to continue the course and see the results after the final 50'th call! :)


  21. Hi Johnny, one question: for me as expat to start an 'online' business from Thailand (basically it is a blog which sell ads), do I need work permit?

    1. Hey Karina,

      99.9% of online entrepreneurs don't have work permits or business visas. You can be here on a Tourist visa. The government is only strict on those working in Thailand, earning Thai money, and potentially doing jobs that local Thai citizen's can do, such as teach English, be a tour guide, work in the scuba diving industry.

      By running a website and bringing in western dollars, we're only helping the Thai economy by bringing in and spending money, not taking any away, which is why no one cares if you're here working on your online business without a permit.

  22. Hey Johnny, just wondering if the offer to email you my list of niche ideas is still open? If so, shoot me an email and I will send you my list. Thanks for introducing me to dropshipping, and thanks for all the free content you provide.

    1. Hey no worries, always happy to help. Go ahead and send me your ideas over email and I'm happy to take a look at them.

  23. Hi Johnny:

    "...but feel free to email me the list and I'll take a look as well to make sure they are a good ones."

    I've tried searching all over this site, but where can you be reached via e-mail.

    1. The easiest way to message me is FB message at also there's an email link on the upper right of

  24. hi johnny
    i have been following your lifestyle developments for a while now and its great to see someone achieving what they want from life, i have also always had a passion of traveling and i hope i can be at the same position as you one day.
    once again very informative post and thoroughly loved reading through it
    ive recently set up a blog and hope to follow in your foot steps

  25. Hi Johnny, I just wanted to write that I have joined through your link! Module 1 was great and certainly taught me a few things right off the bat. My question to you is- Would you divulge to me which site is one of your businesses? Unless you're not keen to via your website. Just thought i'd be cheeky and ask ;-)

    1. Hey Casey, glad you joined the course and already learned a lot from Module 1! I show some of my demo stores in the backend of OLAB but that's about it =)

  26. Hey Johnny . . . once you have your store up and running, how do you handle customer service issues and questions (without hiring a rep to do it for you)? I have a full time job, so I won't be able to deal with customers during the day. Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Nelson, when I started out, I'd just let all calls go to voicemail and return them whenever I had time. As for emails, I'd answer them in off hours and no one has ever seemed to question it. A lot of course members do the same until they are making enough from their stores to hire a VA to run customer support.

      Since it usually takes me less than an hour a day and I enjoy being a part of the business, I handle all emails myself till this day, but during my time. As for phone calls, I've hired someone for $150 a month to answer all of my calls.

  27. Hey Johnny! This is such a great post, Thank You!

    1. Hey Melissa, really glad you enjoyed the post!

  28. Hello Johnny,
    I am a follow member of dropship. I had a few questions if you can answer.

    - After creating your master list, what traits should I look for within those niches that meet the criteria explained in the videos? And to narrow it down to a more specific list as a first store.

    - If a niche meets most of the criteria but does not have a company as a competitor and has only brands, how would you explore this venture?

    - Aside from going straight into the business, do I have to set up a business license? Or, am I able to just create the site and go straight into contacting suppliers? (Note: In the video it explains that some suppliers ask for an EIN)


    1. Hey Tony, do me a favor and copy and paste this question into my thread in Anton's private member forums at and I'm happy to answer them there. That way other members can chime in as well.

  29. hey jonny..i want to start the program and my drop shipping business...but now i dont have money nor a job or a good credit to get a credit card....what would you recommend? also...what kind of products do you sell in your drop shipping web page? do you have a link? thanks for your help

  30. hey johnny...i want to start my online business but i don t have a job money or good credit to get a credit card...what would you suggest? also....what kind of products do you sell in your drop shipping web page? do you have a link? have somebody sold 30k monthly like you do? thanks for your help

    1. Hey Nico. Get your credit and basics sorted out before you start a business. Start by freelancing or get a sales job:

      And yes, I'm in a private section of Anton's course with 30 other people who are making the same or more.

  31. Hey johnny, do you have another link for the $75 in Free Google Product ads.

    Its not working on this page.


    1. Hey Curious. I just updated the post. Google no longer gives any free ad credit when you start =( But the ads still convert great.

  32. Hey Johhny great work here, i read the article on Business Insider and it got my attention. Do you think your business model will work for someone living on Mexico? I understand its an international world business but i would like to target mainly this market as it is on the rise. Appreciate your comments.

    1. I haven't met anyone who has done it in Mexico yet, but I do know a guy that lives in Niagara who makes enough to support his whole family with dropshipping, but he sells in the US market. His interview is here:

      With Mexico, I think of it as the wild west, kind of like the US market 15 years ago. It'll be a lot harder to start, harder to navigate, etc. But ad prices will be super cheap, and it'll be like starting in the US before Amazon became popular.

      Personally, I wouldn't take the risk but I'm sure there will be someone who will become very rich from it. I would advise doing something like David Vu's course if you're not going to sell in the US, Canada, Europe or Austrlia at least for now. His course is:

      Best of luck!

  33. Hey there. No questions or anything yet. Just reading through your site for the first time. Thanks for mentioning my name in the podcast today (EP 108) for my Itunes review. That was pretty cool of you. I sure wasn't expecting it, hah!

    -Ian Hamilton

    1. Hey Ian, thank YOU for taking the time to leave a review of the podcast on the iTunes store! I know how clunky the iTunes app is to navigate so I super super appercaite it!

  34. Hey Johnny, thanks for all you do for us noobs! I came across your name and podcast from Sean Lee's video's I watched. I listened to one podcast and was hooked! I decided to start with your 1st podcast and I'm up to 54 so far (10 hour drives a couple times a month help). I've been working out various plans for online stuff, but your story has helped shape some of my ideas onto differnet paths and I feel good about the plans I have now. I've dropped a couple previous ideas and will be working on a Blog/Affiliate/Dropship plan now.

    money & time is rough (bought a house 1 year ago, 3 kids, job eats all my time), so I'll do what I can as I fit it in. First few steps are under way. I finally convinced myself to just suck it up and pay for Anton's classes, but then I realized I was working on the old info since I'm a couple years behind on the podcasts. I still had the $500 pricing in my head. I know he's added a lot, but $1500 is not something I an handle at the moment.
    And that sucks...I wish money was not an issue for me right now, I'm sure it's all worth it. And the app he built for Shopify really hooked me, too. That looks so helpful.

    Anyway, that's just my situation at the moment, I did not mean to complain or anything. I really love what you and what Anton do. I wish I was 20 years younger (I'm 41), I'd be on a flight tomorrow to meet you.
    And I totally love your podcast, your really genuine and helpful. I gave you a review in itunes, too. It'll probably take me a few more months to get caught up to your current stuff and I should at least be blogging by then. maybe I can get the dropshipping going at that point, too. I'm going to slowly convince my wife that it'll make more sense to just sell the house and move to Thailand...might be a hard sell.
    hmmm...I'm supposed to be working for the Man now...I better get back to that. Have a great day, I know you will! And Thanks!
    - Louis

    1. Hey Louis, great to hear from you. Wow that's incredible you listened to 54 episodes already! Much better use of your time than listening to pop radio on the road and commercials through!

      Best of luck with your journey! Thanks for the itunes review it helps a ton!

  35. Hi Johnny, I recently stumbled across your blog and I just want to say Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. What got me hooked to your content is not just the amount of success you had in business or how much money you are making, but rather the lifestyle you have. I know for a fact that there are people that makes alot of money in their 9-5 job but living a really miserable life from paycheck to paycheck. They would always buy shit they don't need to feel "Rich".

    I am currently starting on a kindle publishing business in pursue for the lifestyle that you have shown. I want to ask if you have any advices for an more introvert person like myself. Do I really need to be always networking with people as an entrepreneur.

    -Jacky Ye

    1. Hey Jacky really happy to share! Best of luck with your kindle business, if you haven't already, listen to:

      As for networking, I would suggest joining a coworking space or going to nomad meetups or conferences. =)

  36. Hi Johnny,
    I'm just wondering which type of Anton's course did you took? Is it the Basic One, the Premium or the one with the coaching? The reason I ask is b'coz I'm planning to take the basic one, the one with the coaching is way out of my reach at the moment. What can be the success rate should I take only the basic course which is still $1000.
    Hope to hear your advice and of course I am planning to use your link so you can be credited with the purchase. Thanks man

    All the best,

    1. Hey Romi, I took the basic one which is currently priced at $1,000. Obviously the high ones give you more options but even with just the basic I was able to build my business which I later sold for $60,000. So as long as you do what he says, put in the work, there's no reason why you can't be successful yourself.

  37. Hey Johnny!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share all of this information with us. I've perused all the content on your site thus far (paying special attention to your monthly reports), and love your meticulous approach. A few questions, if I may:

    1) How do you structure your dropshipping businesses? Do you set up LLCs for each, or something other?

    2) I'm a US citizen, but will be starting this project on a Tourist visa in Chiang Mai--following in your footsteps a bit. :) Is it feasible to set everything up remotely?

    3) What if I have terrible credit, and can't get a credit card? I can get a secured card, but it would require a lump sum investment for the credit line. Thoughts?

    Thanks so much for your time!


    1. Hey Nathan, really glad you've been able to follow along in the journey. I just started each dropshipping store as a sole proprietorship as Anton taught in his course. I started my stores while in Chiang Mai and traveling so it's 100% possible. As for credit. Worry about that once you start getting orders.

      Best of luck and hope to see you inside the forums where can get access all of the info inside

  38. hey johnny, its really inspiring reading your blog and watching your youtube videos! seeing that your drop shipping customers are in the states which you are a citizen.

    taking that into consideration, just wondering if it would be difficult to replicate the same platform if one is from asia instead.

    1. Hey Andrew, not sure how it would work in Asia, the concepts are the same but I don't know about their business structures, tax laws, etc. But I can 100% say that the first person to figure it out and do it will have no competition and have the chance to make a lot of money. It was the same in Australia or the UK 2 years ago. Now a lot of people are successful.


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