The One Month Update: $18.1k in Revenue

31 Days ago, I was sitting in a shared office space using a borrowed laptop with $30 in my bank account.  I had spent the previous 7 weeks building my online store and getting discouraged over and over.  I was envious of my friends for having the "perfect" niche and regretted choosing mine.  Mine didn't have enough suppliers, was hard to get approved with and the margins weren't amazing.  

I had a lot of ups and downs, but kept my head up with the help and encouragement of my friends and kept pushing through.  I wrote a thread in the private forums on Anton's site entitled "Step by Step: My Progress So Far" which was more of a journal to help myself keep track of what I've done and what I should be doing next.  It ended up saving my fragile mind by reminding me how far I've come and not to give up.  

Office of the day - Starbucks Downtown LA
Today signifies an important milestone.  It's been exactly one month since I made my first sale online and has been the start to an entirely new outlook on life.  I'm still not rich by any means, and I've been reinvesting most of my profit into growing the business and saving up the rest for a rainy day, but I have a feeling that there will be plenty of sunshine from here on out.  The only major purchase I made was buying the new Macbook Air which has made me much more productive especially while traveling, but even then, I didn't purchase it until I sold my old laptop and made enough money to justify the expense.  A big thanks to my good friend Nic for introducing me to the stress free world of using a Mac and his generosity as a whole.

Here are my stats for the first month of sales.  It's a lot better than initially expected but I'm still hoping that it is just a start and will continue to grow!

The best news is since being back in the U.S. and seeing my friends, they have noticed how much happier and stress free I am.  I've shown them my site and back end accounting and now everyone is wanting to do the same.  My goal is for all of my friends to start their own businesses and be able to have the free time to travel with me wherever we want in the world and hang out.  How cool would that be?

So far on board we have:

Jason - My college roommate that I'm currently staying with here in LA.  
Elaine - My longest running female friend that I met over ten years ago.
Ben Finnagan - Now living back in Santa Cruz, met each other at Phuket Top Team in Thailand while training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Adam - My friend in LA who hates his pushy sales job, that he happens to be very good at, but wishes he didn't have to hard sell people into buying new roofs.  

A couple other friends that have been toying with the idea but haven't jumped in feet first yet but I have a feeling they'll come on board soon. Shout out to Megan in Koh Tao and Medium Chris if you're reading this!  I had coffee with Adam the other day and he's already been approved with his first drop ship supplier and has his site 100% up and live.  Jason is ready to start contacting suppliers today and I'll keep you guys updated with everyone else's progress as well. 

A peek at Ben's progress he posted in the member forums.

A big congrats to everyone for their progress so far.  For people asking me how difficult it is to start and how much technical knowledge you need here is my honest answer, which corresponds with Anton's post above.  

The first 4-8 weeks you'll be working without seeing any returns, you have to want it bad enough to really dedicate your time and be able to follow directions without becoming discouraged.  As far as technical knowledge is concerned I would say for most things it is very easy to medium difficultly. You don't need to know how to make a website or program but any technical skill helps.  If you already know how to use spreadsheets such as excel or if you are the type that can and is willing to learn how to by googling answers and watching video tutorials you'll be fine.  For 99% of the things I couldn't figure out on my own, I just google it.  

If you want to jump on board, here's the info to get started.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Yeah buddy! You're doing great and really running with this business model. Big things to come.


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