Johnny's Guide to Hawaii!

The first time I went to Hawaii was when I was just five years old and the only thing I remember was getting a flower lei around my neck as ...


Buying a Lamborghini! How to Afford It.

I've always wanted to own supercar. Even before thinking about a Lamborghini, I dreamed about owning a red Ferrari. Growing up it symbol...


Career Choices: $297,490 a year Salary?

I missed my flight to Hawaii and checked into the closest hotel to the LA airport. It wasn't intentional and kind of just bad luck. In r...


Business Class Review: Flying Thai Airways

A few weeks ago I flew from Rome, Italy to Bangkok then to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here's my review of the business class flight with Thai...


Affiliate Link Secrets: How I Made $14,500 Overnight, the Good, Bad, and Ugly

I'm going to share a bit secret with all of you, I potentially just made over $14,500 with a single blog post. I'm going to share wi...

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