Buying a Lamborghini! How to Afford It.

I've always wanted to own supercar. Even before thinking about a Lamborghini, I dreamed about owning a red Ferrari. Growing up it symbolized success, achievement and worth to me. It wasn't until I met my mentor JP almost ten years ago that I actually got to drive one. His was black, but it still stirred the drive in my soul the same.

Just this year alone I've been to 14 countries and have traveled across both Europe and Asia, but being back in Los Angeles and going on weekend trips to Vegas made me start thinking, "hey maybe it wouldn't' be such a bad idea to live back in California, I've worked hard, maybe it's time to buy my dream car now that I can finally afford to own one. Being a business owner, I could even write it off especially since I could make a ton of Tai Lopez style Youtube videos with it. Keep reading for the full story.

Supercar Insider Info

One of the benefits that owning a supercar gives you that no one talks about is the fact that when you network with other supercar owners, you're automatically in the club. A big secret is the fact that the reason why guys like Ferrari Collector David Lee buy so many super cars is the fact that the benefits from owning one often outweigh the costs. I'm sure he also loves driving them around LA, but the fact is, when you own a luxury watch business like he does, it pays to hang out and network with millionaires who like expensive things. The next time someone thinks about buying a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet they'll go to someone they know.

Also, the reason why guys like David and my friend JP have been buying so many super cars is the fact that the only way to buy the limited edition models like the LaFerrari is to work your way up the list by buying every model from entry level up. But here's the secret, once you get the privilege to buy 1 of the 499 limited edition models, not only do you get into a super exclusive club, you can also sell the car for over a million dollars in profit, essentially making every Ferrari you owned prior to that free.  So if I was going to move back to the U.S. and had the long term foresight to invest my way up, this is a way to do it. The rich aren't stupid, even though sometimes it may seem like they are just throwing money away.

But why me? Aren't I happy with being location independent?

Cash Money Goals

Regardless of if you want to have enough money to buy a Lamborghini, Ferrari or a McLaren, the first thing is making enough money to afford it which is what I've been focusing on these past three years. Honestly if it wasn't for the fact that I've been bootstrapping and keeping my expenses super low by living in places like Thailand, I never would have saved up enough cash in the bank to afford any of these cars.

It's been a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but I'm really happy to be able to say that I now have over $300,000 in cash just sitting in liquidity to be be able to afford the car of my dreams. So which one did I buy? Did I stick to my original dream car or did I jump ship and go for the more powerful beast?

Watch this video below before you continue reading.

About Tai Lopez

If you haven't heard of Tai Lopez, he's a guy on Youtube who got famous after posting videos showing off his Lamborghinis, Ferraris and his Mansion while talking about how he got all of it simply by reading books. The reason why I decided to make this video is because I realized how many people aren't experienced enough in reading people and knowing what truly works to figure it out for themselves. Honestly, I have no idea if Tai Lopez is a scammer or not, or if he got his initial start and fame by renting Lamborghinis and Mansions and giving bad advice on Youtube. Personally after listening to his interview on School of Greatness: Tai Lopez I don't think the cars were rented, but I do think he is very aware on how to manipulate others for self gain.

I know how easy it is for someone looking for mentorship to fall for shiny objects and shitty advice from someone who looks rich. Normally I just ignore bad advice and move on, but recently I found out that Tai Lopez has been taking out preroll youtube ads on my videos which has been forcing my subscribers to watch his videos before getting to mine. My biggest concern is either that people would either think I'm somehow associated with him and his shitty advice, or they'll get sidetracked chasing the shiny object which is why I made this video.

Plus it was also a heck of a lot of fun driving Lamborghinis all day. Watch this video below to find out how it only costs $299 to rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini!

How to be Successful

The truth is, most business advice works to some extent as a lot of it is rehashed and regurgitated anyways. The reason to listen to one person over another would be the following criteria when looking for a mentor:

  1. Have they done it themselves before? 
  2. Does their personality fit well with mine? 
  3. Do they give clear and straightforward instructions?
  4. Have others found success following their advice? 

Once you find that guy, read his or her books, take their course, whatever it takes, but don't take Tai Lopez's advice and read 1 book a day, 7 books a week, 30 books a month, 365 books a year, as knowledge without action is useless. Whether you take Anton's Dropshipping course, David Vu's eBay Course, a course on Amazon FBA or my Earnest Affiliate course, make sure you actually follow through and make your business profitable before you move onto the next program, book or system.

Every week I interview someone on the Travel Like a Boss podcast that has been successful with some type of location independent, online business and since I only interview people who I have vetted, I know whatever system they are following genuinely works. Knowing that, it's sometimes tough not chasing the next shiny object, but the reason why I am successful is because I stay on track and stay in my lane. 

Success is being rich enough to buy a Ferrari, but being smart enough to invest that money instead.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the video, feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. The headline had me a bit worried, until I watched the video ha ha. Must of been a blast ripping around the track.

    1. Man it was so freaking fun driving that beast on a race track!

  2. The title of the youtube video was really troll :)

    So it was rental? Cool. Takeaway... Go read 1 thing and follow through ftw!

    Will do!


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