Investment Income: The Ultimate Passive Income

As you all know, I love passive income which is why I look forward to writing up my income reports every month on the 1st. Well since it'...


Johnny's Guide to Poland: Warsaw vs. Krakow for Digital Nomads

I'm loving Poland way more than I expected. When I first started making plans to spend my summer in Europe this year, we put Poland on t...


Best Headphones for Traveling Digital Nomads? Bose QC35 vs. Sony 1000XM3 vs. Audio Technica ATH-M50X ReviewAudio

I'm sitting here in a loud cafe in the middle of the busiest street in Warsaw, Poland. They're constructing a festival platform acro...


Johnny's Guide to Berlin, Germany

Hey guys this is 2017 update to my original write up and trip to Europe three summers ago. I've somehow managed to come here every summe...


Johnny's Guide to Porto, Portugal for Digital Nomads

If you like good value you'll love Porto as it's a smaller, cheaper version of Lisbon, Portugal and very similar to Chiang Mai in a ...


June 2016: Passive Income Report - Chiang Mai to Lisbon!

This month's income report is going to be way less than the month before and honestly I should be scared. I sold my main dropshipping st...


Johnny's Guide to Lisbon Portugal for Digital Nomads

Lisbon or Lisboa as the locals like to call it may in fact be the Chiang Mai of Western Europe. The weather is good all year round, the cost...

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