June 2016: Passive Income Report - Chiang Mai to Lisbon!

This month's income report is going to be way less than the month before and honestly I should be scared. I sold my main dropshipping store which was one of my primary sources of income for the past three years and even though it was great to have a large one time payout of almost $60, was a one time payout and now I'm missing a major stream of income which usually brought in between $2,000-$3,000 a month.

On top of that, I've been traveling in Lisbon, Portugal for the past two weeks and have hardly worked at all. I traded in my routine of waking up early to crush it at the coworking space, to waking up at noon, going on tours of the city, hanging out at the beach and drinking sangrias in the afternoon. This is the first month that I know for sure my income will be significantly less than it was last month, but let's see how the hard work the first two weeks I put in and the passive income streams I've built in previous months has paid off. The goal is always to earn more money than I spend, and this month I've spent a lot. Here is this month's income and expenses report living as a digital nomad in Lisbon.

Income from Books

So much has happened since I wrote my two books that I'm really considering writing a third especially since now I have time on planes and trains while traveling in Europe. If you haven't yet read my first two, 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap and my second book Life Changes Quick, get on it so find out the full story on how to go from hating your job to living cheaply to balling out.

The great thing about books is that the income is truly passive once published.

Sales from Kindle: $166 +/-
Sales from PDF: $85.89
Sales from Paperback: $11.13
Hosting Fee for PDF: -$5

Total Profit from Book Sales: $257.13 +/-

*increase from $251.91 last month


New reviews for this month for 12 Weeks in Thailand and Life Changes Quick

Income from Udemy

Even though a lot of online instructors are starting to shy away from Udemy with their new pricing changes, I actually decided to spend the time to create and launch a new course on their platform just this month.  Knowing that I would lose around $2,000 a month from running my dropshipping store, I wanted to create another source of passive income to hopefully recoup some of that lost income.

Since a lot of people have been wanting to know how I make over $100,000 a year with my online businesses when most people are only making $2,000-$3,000 a month, I figured I would create a course showing all of the methods or formulas I use to do so. I named the new course Dropship Lab: Six Figure Formula and it's now live on Udemy and selling really well. 

Total Profit from Udemy: $1,611.47

*increase from $437.65 last month

New student review of Dropship Lab: Six Figure Formula

Income from Dropshipping

This month is going to be significantly less as it's the first time in three years I'm missing my primary dropshipping store as I sold it last month for $60,000. You can read about the sale of the store here if you haven't already. 

The good news is I still have the store that Larissa and I started together a year and a half ago and it's still her full time income. We really have to thank Anton and his dropshipping course for giving both of us the knowledge, tools and guidance to make it all possible. 

Total Revenue: $17,439.00
Total Gross Profit: $3,490.78
Advertising Fees: $1,182.09
Shopify Fee: $59.25
Customer Service: $150
Spiffs Paid to VA: 127.00

Total Net Profit: $1,972.44
*50/50 split with Larissa
*decrease from $59,507.73 last month 

dropshipping income

Get links and discounts to everything dropshipping related in this PDF

Income from Investments

This is a new category that I'm excited to add to my passive income streams. Even though I'm no longer getting $2,000+/- a month from running my main dropshipping store, I've invested the profits I've made from running the store for the past three years along with the $60,000 I made from selling the store and am now making passive income from that. Nothing is more passive than having your money work for you and I'm so fortunate that I had a reliable source of income that allowed me to invest in the first place. 

Because I know how important it is to educate yourself on finance and investing, I co-foudned a brand new podcast called: Invest Like a Boss which has officially launched!  If you haven't heard it yet, make sure you find it on iTunes or your phone's favorite podcast app. It's all about exploring modern ways of investing using our own money, and best of all, my co-host is multi-millionaire Sam Marks who is super into finding new ways to invest the money he earned from selling his company for $100 million dollars a few years ago.

If you haven't already, take a listen to Episode 02 of the Invest Like a Boss podcast as a explain in detail exactly what I invest in. If you want to see more screen shots of all of my various accounts including Lending Club, Wealthfront and more, subscribe to the email list at and get insider access to both mine as well as Sam's dashboards. 

Profit from Investing: $393.46

*this is dividends paid from my Vanguard account not including market gains/losses

My personal vanguard account dashboard

Income from Youtube 

Another great source of passive income is through monetizing my youtube channel with ads. It gives me incentive to spend the time it takes to create content as i know that my viewers will appercaite the videos and overtime the video will kind of pay for itself.

Even though it's not a big stream of income, making an extra $80 bucks a month adds up especially for doing something I enjoy doing anyways.

Profit from Youtube: $89.99 +/-
*increase from $79.84 last month

Income from Affiliates

I think of it as such a blessing that there is a way to make great income simply by being a good person and going out of your way to tell people what has personally worked for you and what you earnest recommend. Getting financially rewarded through affiliate income to interview experts, share stories, create tutorials, guides and other useless information is not only helpful to the people getting started and needing the info, but also such a nice way to make a living.

It's still crazy to me how much affiliate income I make each and every month by following super simple strategies and by recommending only what genuinely works. Just an hour ago, I had a reader of mine reach out to me asking if I had affiliate links to some of the programs he wanted to sign up for as he wanted to make sure I got the credit for referring him. It's such a nice feeling knowing that when you are genuine and really want to help others succeed, they often want to reward you for your efforts as well. Inside my course Earnest Affiliate I show my students how you can setup a blog, youtube channel, website, podcast or really any online channel and start getting paid affiliate commissions by simply recommending what genuinely works.  

Income from Affiliate Commissions: $14,110.94
*decrease from $19,146.86 last month

A few examples of my affiliate income sources

Sign up for my affiliate course if you want to see more

Income from Courses

Aside from the courses I have on Udemy, I also have two self hosted courses that I also make income from. What excites me most is seeing how many of my Earnest Affiliate students are starting to earn hundreds of dollars a month themselves by following my methods. 

Income from Optimize Like a Boss: $109.33
Income from Earnest Affiliate: $1,182.00

Sam Cart Fees: $66.00
Credit Cart Fees: $94.40

Profit from Courses: $1,257.05
*decrease from $2,991.60 last month

Trevor is a member of Optimize Like a Boss and

Total Passive Income for June 2016

It still blows my mind that even though I spent the past two weeks staying in a hostel exploring Lisbon I still somehow earned $19,299.02 in passive income. Knowing that most travelers are scouring to save a couple bucks and often working for less than $500 a month cleaning toilets and beds in hostels, it makes me thankful for the time I spent building my passive income up so I can now relax and travel while still earning over $200,000 a year.

The funny thing is, if you take a look at my travel expenses below, aside from flying business class and occasionally eating at a fancy restaurant, I don't actually spend that much money for no reason which is what allows me to save up and use that money to buy investments like the ones I talk about on the new podcast. The trick to wealth is making more money than you spend, and buying assets instead of liabilities which is exactly what I'm doing. 

Business Expenses: 

Anthony's Expenses: $600

Coworking for Anthony: $100

Coworking Membership for me: $50

Web hosting with SiteGround: $14.95

Email Marketing with Aweber: $50

Email Optins with OptinMonster: $16.59

Email Accounts with GoogleApps: $8

Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones Bose QC35: $390

Total: $1,346

KLM Business class flight from Bangkok to Portugal

Living / Travel Expenses: 

Rent in Chiang Mai: $342 a month

Utilities: $30 a month

House Cleaner: $30

Internet/Phone: $16.85 a month

Food/Drinks: $1,000 +/-

Other/Misc: $270 +/-

Business Class Flight to Lisbon (1-way): $1,981.50 

Hostel (Dorm 11 nights): $220

Hostel (Private room 4 nights): $200
Tours and Tips: $150

Total: $4,243

Other Expenses:

Donation to Muay Thai Isaan (monthly recurring for children)

Donation to Warm Heart Worldwide (monthly towards Biochar Project)

Monthly Check to Parents ($1,000)

Wrap Up:

I really worked my ass off for the first two weeks of the month while in Chiang Mai before coming on my trip. But as soon as I landed, I decided that it was time for me to properly have a vacation and not do anything for the next couple of weeks or even months to be honest. 

Even though managing my dropshipping store took less than an hour or two a day on average, it was still a huge responsibility as it's a real business with real customers, suppliers, packages being sent and everything else that comes with running a store whether it be online or made from bricks. It's hard to think back to just a few years ago when I was working in dive shops, or fighting muay thai for just a few hundred dollars a month, barely enough to get by on the tightest budget. Now I get to take a real vacation, check my email whenever I get around to it instead of first thing in the morning, and still earn way more than I'm spending. This truly is the life and I couldn't have designed it any better. If you want to know what I've been up to these past two weeks, check out my guide to Lisbon, Portugal on my blog or watch this in depth explainer video for more details:

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Johny, you were with Larissa 9 months ago? I don't think that make you an uncle friend!

    1. Haha the baby isn't mine, and we were separated before that happened.

  2. wow Johnny glad to hear you are still killing it! You were always an inspiration man thank you!

  3. Just amazed to see how you are consistently bringing in huge amounts of passive income.

    Keep on inspiring! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Inspiring. Keep it up and maybe see you in Chiang Mai later this year! Hello from Rome!


    1. Happy to share! See you out in Chiang Mai i'll be back in November! and actually i'll be in Rome on Sept 15th!

  5. Just found out about your blog from the YouTube and I am really amazed by the kind of money one can make and still have all the fun. Thanks a lot for sharing your journey.

    1. Hey K2, glad you are following the journey! It's been a blast and i'm happy to be able to share it!

  6. Hey, I just have question. You earned so much in affiliate, so that means when someone buy something through your recommendation, that's when you earn your pie right? At over $10K/month that's very amazing, wonder how you got all those people to buy it through you...

    Thanks for sharing, and keep update!

    1. Yup, they say the best way to make a million dollars it to help a million people. If you have 10,000 readers and they each buy one book using your amazon affiliate link for an example, you've just earned $10,000.

  7. Great job on the income! I hope Portugal was nice!

  8. Hi Johnny,I just invested 3k to peer street with your link and 4k to fundrise.I am interested to invest some to vanguard,I am wondering are you buying VTSAX?I am totally new to investment,and still applying my vanguard account.Thank you.

    1. Hi, congrats on starting your investment journey. I invest mainly in VTI, they all have small differences. Join the Boss Lounge and ask there as people there will give much more in depth answers:


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