Investment Income: The Ultimate Passive Income

As you all know, I love passive income which is why I look forward to writing up my income reports every month on the 1st. Well since it's still a few days away I thought I'd prepare by figuring out how much passive income I've made from all of my various investments that I've made over this past year especially after I started investing the $60,000 that I made from selling my main dropshipping store. I now no longer have the $2,000-$3,000 a month that store would bring in, so I'm hoping to make it up with other forms of passive income including investments.

Of all of the businesses that I own having my money earn me money is definitely the most hands off and truly passive so I'm excited really start focusing on investing more while using those earnings to reinvest. In this post i'm going to share screenshots of all of my various investments, show you which ones are making money, losing money, and what you can do as an entrepreneur once you start having excess cash from running your online businesses.


The one investment i'm most excited about is setting up my PeerStreet account as it's real estate backed bridge or hard money loans that payout 8% or more. So far I've funded my account with $10,000 but only one loan has gone through as it was just a few days ago.

Keep an eye out on future updates as I'm going to be adding a lot more money into my PeerStreet account as I really love the short 11 month paybacks and the 8% returns that are backed by the person's house as collateral in case they end up defaulting. If you want to know more about PeerStreet listen to Invest Like a Boss episode 13 for Sam and I talking about why we're both investing into the platform. If you want to sign up for PeerStreet (you have to select that you make over $200k a year or have more than $1M in assets or you'll be rejected) you can use my invite link to get an extra 1% on your first investment with them.  I used Sam's when I signed up so I'm actually getting 9% APR on the Dana Point house.

Income Earned: $0 (new)

My PeerStreet Investment: July

Lending Club

I first opened my lending club account in 2014 when I first started hearing about Peer to Peer Lending and was interested in it. Since then other platforms like PeerStreet started popping up making Lending Club less attractive as their default rates are high and there is no way to collect on charged off/defaulted loans as it's not backed by property.

Listen to the Lending Club vs. PeerStreet episode for why I'm not adding more money into Lending Club even though it's been a positive return these past few years with an average of 6.49% returns even after the charge offs.

Income Earned: $37.66 (June 2016)

My Lending Club Statement for June


ETFs and index funds are probably my favorite investment vehicle even though it isn't super exciting to talk about as I mainly just buy and hold. As you can see the market goes up and down and some months my portfolio is worth a lot less than the next. The trick is to buy more when the stock market is low and not to sell unless it is high. 99% of my investments are with Vanguard's VTI index fund which tracks the entire stock market and is a super low fee fund.

Also what I really like about VTI is the fact that I get dividend payments as well as potential and historical growth of the fund itself. Getting an extra 1.84% in dividends is pretty cool. 

You can hear me explain more about VTI and index fund investing with Vanguard in episode 2 of the invest like a boss podcast

Income Earned: $3,188.10 (this month)

My Vanguard Profilo: VTI


I initially signed up for Wealthfront because of their cool dashboards and ease of use compared to Vanguard. I figured that their automatic depositing was far easier to setup and forget about than having to manually log into Vanguard every month and purchase $3k shares of VTI as it'll take the emotional away from investing.

In Episode 09 of Invest Like a Boss I explain why I'm no longer putting more money into Wealthfront even though I love their platform and think it's a great idea for 98% of people out there. As explained to me by my investment advisors, guests of the show and friends, if I continue to invest in Wealthfront I may end up with $3M when I retire which would be awesome, but by going direct with VTI that same amount could be $7M as it's investing in risker ventures than what Wealthfront allows you to do even at the highest risk tolerance level.

Income Earned: $112 (estimated)

Art of FX

I never had any interest in ForEx trading and honestly still don't. But after hanging out with Brian Jimerson of Art of FX for a day I realized how hard working he is and that I'm investing more in him than anything. The $10k I put into an account with them is definitely the riskiest investment I've made out of my portfolio but it's money that I'm gambling with anyways.

If you want to know more about Forex trading or Brian Jimerson, listen to Episode 03 of the Invest Like a Boss Podcast where we drink a bottle of Jonnie Walker and talk about how quickly you can make or lose $1 million dollars.

Total Income: $641.36 (month)

Charles Schwab

This is where I started investing in individual stocks and started buying shares of VTI before I realized I could save the $8 trade fee by buying it directly from instead. It's hard for me to calculate how much I'm making from my stocks here as I'm not adding any more money into the accounts but the reason why I'm glad I can share this is even though I made a ton of money with Facebook stocks, it was completely by accident and I know I just got lucky.

This is the reason why I primarily invest in things like index funds, and am excited to start investing in real estate backed loans through PeerStreet.

Total Income: ?

Final Thoughts

The reason why I wanted to show everyone where I'm currently putting my money and how I'm trying to grow it through passive income investments. It's actually a bit difficult to calculate exactly how much I'm earning from each source on a monthly basis so instead I'm most likely just going to calculate my investments on a quarterly or even yearly basis instead.

If you haven't already, download the Invest Like a Boss Podcast on your phone's podcast app today and follow along with this journey as well. If you don't have any money to invest yourself, don't' worry, I didn't either just af ew year ago. Read my book Life Changes Quick to see how I went from having $200 in my bank account to making my first $30,000 online.

No matter where you are financially it's always a good idea to put your money to work and have it create a new stream of passive income for you.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Thanx for sharing, making me more determined to succeed the more I see your new success.

    Your new pod cast is really interesting and helps with things that maybe I had questions about.

    1. Hey Michael, really glad you enjoyed the write up! Glad you are digging the new Invest Like a Boss Podcast as well!

  2. Thanks for doing these. I only knew about the Vanguard funds as by this point they are kind of a cliche but not the rest. Definitely looking forward to seeing how all the rest of these do for you as time goes on :)

    1. Hey Munly I'm happy to be able to share. Vanguard funds are awesome which is why I invest so heavily in them. But I'm also really excited about these new funds as well.

  3. Cool stuff Johnny. Been into Vanguard for awhile myself. No point in paying high expense ratios anywhere else! Keep up the good work. Moving some investments into drop shipping and pushing in that direction. Thanks for your site and input!

    1. Nice Dave! Good step investing in Vanguard!

  4. Hey Johnny, very inspiring!! I have started investing my money too in order to have it grow through passive income, one quick question regarding art of fx. Do you use their EA? Or do you join the trading room and manually copy the trades made?

    1. Hey Kevin, I'm just letting Brian from Art of FX trade on my behalf and only log in once every few months to see how my returns are going. =)

    2. I already warned you about Art of FX Johnny. It is a scam and I am afraid to say you will almost certainly never see that money again.

    3. Hey David, thanks for your concern but I'll trust my judge of character. But even though I'm willing to risk my own money with them, I'm not telling anyone else to do the same as it's super high risk/high possible reward.

    4. Hi guys this is Brian from Art of FX. We don't offer the EA-based copier anymore due to the unreliable nature of client-side signal software, and all client accounts are managed via our broker's MAM which moves the execution and allocation responsibilities to their datacenters. Imagine the difference being hosting your 5k query/sec app on your home laptop instead of a dedicated rack with multiple redundancies, where a 2 second delay or loss in signal could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

      We built our trading room as more of a community for us to connect with other traders socially and professional rather than for attracting clients, as you can imagine how lonely sitting in a home office for up to 20 hours a day can be. Our actual account management business which is 99% of our company is quite separated from the website, so while we talk about and share good trade setups with each other all day long, we obviously don't stream our confidential client terminal with the world in a free-to-access forum. Less than 5% of our actual trading clients came to us from the website, so you please take that as it is, and I hope to see you in there if you're interested in retail trading. It's always great to meet new traders and see new perspectives on the market.

      @David Miguel, I'm sorry but have we crossed paths in the past? Your comments seem to be very directed, I'm a bit confused as I don't recall falling foul of any clients or colleagues in my career. If you'd like to talk you can find my email on the website. This is new ground for us in terms of someone attacking our company, so I'm going to offer Johnny a chance to withdraw his money (including all profits) right now if he chooses, despite being under contract.

  5. I am also very interested in Art of FX, but he does not show his fxbook account anymore, which is super suspicous

  6. Hi Johnny, I wondered whether you are still invested with ArtofFX? I'm looking to make the minimum deposit and allow Brian and Teng to trade on my behalf. Would appreciate any updated comments or concerns/recommendations that you may have at this time. Warmest regards, Steve.

    1. Yup i'm still invested with ArtofFX. I've never made a withdrawal. They answer questions in the Boss Lounge regularly as well:

  7. Hi Johnny, I wondered whether you are still invested with ArtofFX? I'm looking to make the minimum deposit and allow Brian and Teng to trade on my behalf. Would appreciate any updated comments or concerns/recommendations that you may have at this time. Warmest regards, Steve.


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