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Everything on this page I personally use and pay for.  I will never recommend anything that I don't think is valuable, the only thing I ask is if you're going to sign up for it anyways, please use my links so I can get credit for referring you. All links on my blog are affiliate links whenever possible.

If you want to learn more about how to start your own blog and make money as an affiliate by earnestly recommending products that genuinely work check out my course Income Boss. Keep this page bookmarked as I continuously update this page whenever I start using something different or better. Results obviously vary but these are the things I personally use.  =)

As people keep asking me what to do about health or travel insurance as a digital nomad, the first recommendation i'll make is for Safety Wing as too many nomads are risking their health and finances by traveling without insurance. 

Below are my personal recommendations.

 Section 1: Business

Save a ton of money starting your own online business by using my exclusive partner links on this page, including 20% off All plans on Shopify, for life which is included in this Discount PDF here. 

Learn: How I learned how to pick niches, find and get approved by suppliers, get visitors and make your first sale with Anton's Course.

Sign up for the eCommerce program and watch the Anton Method training course videos here: It works, and you can get 100% of your money back within 14 days for any reason.  This is the course I took that has helped me build a business that has completely replaced my normal 9-5 income.  It works and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to build an online business even if you have no idea how to make a website, or what eCommerce or dropshipping is.

This is the course that paid me back 200x return on investment.  Highly recommended.

anton method drop ship lifestyle

What other's are saying:


Sign up for Anton's course using my link above and get the  Jump Start Success course for free!

How to get the bonus: 

1. Use this link to sign up for Anton's course. (It'll be the same price as going through Dropship Lifestyle directly and you still qualify for any discounts or sales)

2. Check your email, you'll get access to Anton's main course first, then in a few days access to the forum, then a few days after that access to the Quick Start course in a thank you message with a unique coupon to join the quick start course for free. 

(If you somehow don't get access within a week of signing up, just message myself or Anton the email address you used to sign up and we'll get you access.)

Dropshipping from Aliexpress

Recently a lot of people have started dropshipping from Aliexpress on Shopify as it's very easy to find products, you don't need to get approved by suppliers, and it works worldwide. I still prefer Anton's method of dropshipping if you're American, Canadian, Australian or from most parts of Europe as it's starting a real business that you can sell down the road. But for many dropshipping from Aliexpress through China is a good option to start right away.

If you want to learn how to dropship on Aliexpress, sign up for the free webinar training class presented by Shopify here. 

You'll want to save the following links to use as well:

Dropshipping on eBay

Even though Anton's course is overall a much better business model, especially if you are a citizen of the U.S., Canada, Australia, or most of Europe (especially Sweden, Norway, Holland, etc) for people who are citizens of countries in places Africa (including SA), Central/South America, Asia and India, or if you are just on a budget and want to learn how to start making money online without a big commitment, I would sign up for David Dang Vu's eBay Dropshipping course and follow it exactly as he teaches.

If you want to know more about the process and listen to David talk openly about the pros and cons of dropshipping on eBay, here's a review of his course. But I've met over 20 people in person who are making over $700 a month with his course so I know it works.

Join David Dang Vu's Dropshipping on eBay Course

Shopify for eCommerce:

Create: Sign up for the free trial of Shopify using my link! Shopify has recently ended all coupons and promos so the 20% no longer applies, but go ahead and make your account at if you want to start an online store and they really are the best ecommerce host out there.

Use coupon at

Download the PDF:

Get all of my favorite resources and what I personally use to start and run my dropshipping stores in one easy to follow PDF guide, best of all, it's free!

Download the Dropshipping Discounts PDF 

Virtual Phone Number:

You can start with using Google Voice which is free, or you can try using a Skype number, although the call quality for Skype isn't very good.  But if you're ready to get a toll free number or want to have separate numbers for each of your websites like I do, I would check out $100 Free Credit with Grasshopper which is one of the services I use.

Why I use AWeber for my Email Lists:

I started with Mad Mimi because it was easier to use than Mail Chimp but now pay for AWeber because they have a great autoresponder built in and it's what the pros use.  But either way, you can use either one and simply transfer the contacts when you're ready.

Website Hosting:

For this blog I use Blogger which is Google's free service, it's easy to use, easy to setup and requires no software or updates. The downsides are you don't actually own the website and are at the mercy Google's ever changing terms of service as well as a ton of other downsides.

For Travel Like a Boss Podcast I use Weebly which is a drag and drop website builder just like Squarespace. I've overall been very happy with them but my site is often down, and there are tons of limitations, I'd honestly switch to Wordpress if it wasn't such a hassle to transfer the content.

If you are going to use Wordpress or any other hosting, I would recommend using SiteGround  over the commonly recommended Bluehost. They both are cheap and give you free domain names which are awesome, but Siteground has better customer service as they are smaller, and they have automatic wordpress updates which makes your life a ton easier.

Web Hosting

Here are my thoughts on SiteGround:

Why I recommend SiteGround over Bluehost

This is the service I use to hire my Virtual Assistants:

Ever since reading the 4-hour Workweek I've wanted to hire a VA, but never really had a reason to. Now that I've actually running real businesses online and can afford to pay someone to do data entry, accounting, fulfill orders, and send out shipping tracking info, I used to hire an English speaking VA.

Update: I no longer recomend, they used to be great, but as of 2017 their service and the quality of their VAs suck. I'll update this spot as soon as I find something better. Let me know in the comments if you know of one you've personally tried. 

I chose to hire a Filipino assistant verses one from another country because of their high levels of education, English comprehension and low pay.

This is the VPN I use when Traveling:

I tried the free ones but they all suck.  Just sign up for the lowest priced option of Witopia and use it to make your computer think you are back in the US so you can use Netflix, do your niche selection research, make sure your ads are running correctly, and secure your connection if you're on public shared wifi.  

Use this link to save 15% on any VPN 

This is the company I used to form my LLC:

You can start your dropshipping business or any online business by using your own social security number or getting an EIN as a sole proprietorship but eventually you'll want to start an LLC to protect your assets, especially when you start making a lot of money.

It's also good for people who are not US Citizens but want to sell in America and for people like me in California who don't want to have to charge California customers sales tax. Choose either Wyoming or Delaware and get a Tax Exemption Certificate if you're dropshipping. I chose WY. coupon discount

Optimize and setup your store for more customers and more sales:

The video course on how to optimize your eCommerce store to make more sales, step by step tutorials.

Increase your customer trust:

Increase your conversion rates with added trust, includes a 60 day double your money back guarantee if your sales don't increase after installing.

Free Trial of Trust Guard

See what your customers see:

Figure out what the heck your customers are doing when they come to your site, what they are looking at, and why they aren't buying. Sign up for inspectlet for free and start seeing how your visitors interact on your website!

Retarget Customers for Pennies:

Instead of waiting for customers to click your expensive google ads again, why not retarget only people who have visited your site wherever they go?  This is great for facebook and web retargeting and is the company that I personally use.

Get a free trial and $100 in free credit to get started

Barclay Arrival Rewards Card:

I used to use the Capital One Venture Card which has a similar rewards structure, purchase eraser for travel and actually has better customer service and online bill pay interface than Barclay.  However, Barclay currently gives 10% extra when you redeem so it's a no brainer as that'll save me hundreds of dollars more a year on airfare and travel.

Update: It looks like Barclay changed their card recently to Arrival+ instead of just Arrival.  The only difference so far is the added security chip feature, but if you sign up make sure you get the following 
  • 40,000 Bonus miles if spending $3k in the first 3 months
  • 2x Reward Miles
  • 10% Back on Redemption Miles
  • $89 Annual Fee Waived the First Year.

Section 2: Motivation

Listen to weekly interviews with entrepreneurs who I've personally met while traveling.  

travel like a boss

Read the book that started it all for me.  Tim Ferris made the digital nomad movement snowball and thousands of unhappy workers quit their jobs to move aboard and start a location independent life.

4 hour workweek

Read my book living the 4-hour workweek in Thailand.  This is the story of how I quit my job, figured out how to live cheaply and pursue my passions and discover new hobbies while living the good life on the cheap.

In the second book find out how fast life can change if you follow the simple 7 steps to setting goals and getting everything you've ever wanted out of life.

12 weeks in thailand

Life changes quick by Johnny FD

Book a hotel room and plan ahead.  I've been using Agoda to book all my hotels and have found that they constantly have the best rates and lowest prices.  I've even used Agoda to book hotels in the lobby on my laptop as the Agoda rate was often cheaper than the walk in rate.

Section 3: Diet and Health

I really believe that getting my diet and health in order has given me the energy, strength and mental clarity to keep motivated, explore the world and spend hours in front of the laptop to work on my online businesses.  The  easiest book to follow is Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint which is a good intro to the Paleo lifestyle and diet.

If you just want a summary of Mark's 21 day diet, you can find it here but I highly recommend just paying the $12 for the book as it explains the diet in more detail and whenever you actually buy something, you are taking the first step in commitment.  

It took me almost two years after reading about the Paleo diet to actually apply it correctly.  The version of paleo that finally worked for me is by Dave Asprey and is called the Bulletproof diet.  The reason why I recommend the bulletproof diet is because it's the "ideal" diet that I strive for, even though most of the time, it just involves having Bulletproof coffee and adding grass-fed butter and other healthy fats into my diet to keep myself sane while dieting.

bulletproof diet book

To truly know 100% how your new high fat diet is working for you and to conquer any fears you have about your cholesterol, I recommend getting blood tests before you get on the diet so you know your baseline, and then every 6 months afterwards so you can track your results. 

I use Dr. Alexis Shields both when I'm in the U.S. as well as traveling internationally as she can order you blood tests from anywhere in the world, and if you're in the U.S. her cash discount through LabCorp is actually less expensive than what you would pay through your co-pay even with insurance.  Best of all, she will Skype with you and go over your results, talk about your diet, lifestyle, exercise habits, and really go into detail for up to an hour over Skype instead of the quick 10 minutes you normally get with a doctor.  

Schedule at:

As for fitness, what has worked best for me is finding a good Crossfit gym with coaches that focus on mobility, functional movement and proper form and technique rather than weight and hitting new numbers and records.  Go for an intro course and do the fundamentals classes before committing.  

Aside from CrossFit, the best workout anyone can do is to a program such as Stronglifts 5x5 which is a full body compound exercise program consisting of Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Overhead Press and Barbell Rows.  Don't know how to do those correctly?   Hire a personal trainer and have them watch you for the first few weeks to make sure you are doing your form correctly.  

I highly recommend the Stronglifts 5x5 program for people looking to build a base of strength.

Download the Stronglifts App for free in the App Store.

I know this is a bit random, but I've been wearing Luna sandals for over four years now and can't live without them. They're a bit pricy but trust me, they're worth it. If you travel you need a pair of good sandals. These are super lightweight, supportive and are way better for your health than flip flops plus you can hike and run in them.

Edit: As of 2017 Luna has discounted making sandals with elastic backs which makes me no longer able to recommend them as the new 2.0 versions aren't as comfortable, minimal or easy to put on or take off. =(

Discounted. =(

Section 4: Productivity

My favorite app which is actually a Chrome extension for the google Chrome browser is called Momentum.  It replaces the blank new tab page, with the background of the day, an inspirational quote, your todo list, and a focus of the day which you can fill out.  It's beautiful, and it's free.

My other favorite app are simple timers that I have set to pop up and lock my screen every half an hour so I am forced to take a 1 minute break.  During that minute I stand up, walk outside to get some air, do some pushups and/or air squats, get some water,  stretch,  and refocus.  The best thing is even though it seems like it is a bother, it increases my productivity.  I never would have finished writing either of my books it wasn't for these apps, best of all, they are free.

Time Out Free for Mac

For PC and Windows

Section 5: Keep in touch

You can find me on at:

Best of luck to everyone, I've given you the tools above that worked for me, now its your turn to take the reins and go after your dream.

Johnny FD

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  1. You do a great job Johnny. I look forward to each travel like a boss podcast. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hey John, glad you have been enjoying the Travel Like a Boss Podcast and the blog! Keep an eye out on this page as I'll keep adding things that I've used with good success to it.

  2. Thanks Johnny for taking the time to tell us what works for you. It means a lot for you to do this to help others become successful like you. I'm always interested in what you do because you have been influential in my life. Thank you,

  3. Johnny, what are your favorite iPhone apps?

    1. I keep my iPhone pretty simple and clean. The main apps I use are:

      Google Maps
      Tabata Timer (looking for a good one still)
      Heads Up (Ellen's Game)
      Mushroom Wars (Another game)
      Unspeakable (Taboo for iPhone)

      And that's it aside from the standard facebook, twitter, instagram =)

    2. Are you using the same apps for your iPhone 6?

    3. Hey for my iPhone 6 I started using iMove to make videos on my phone.

      Added Seven as a quick tabata style workout while traveling.
      36 questions have been fun
      Buffer app
      Mp3 BooksLite to listen to audiobooks and keep my place
      The Moron Test for when i'm bored and want to zone out

      That's it =)

  4. Which timer do you use?

    1. I use the Time Out one for mac, listed above.

  5. Hi Johnny - Thanks for all your down to earth advice and tips, etc for all of us contemplating taking that next step. BTW - I clicked on the link above for the 4 hour workweek book/amazon and it returned an "error 404_ not found".

    Thanks - and let me know if you get this updated.
    Regards/ Bryan

    1. Hey Bryan, glad you have been enjoying the blog and the advice, I definitely try to keep it down to earth. Thanks for letting me know about the broken 4hww link, I updated it!

  6. I'm currently living in the States. Any recommendations for cheap internet and mobile service?

    1. Good for you buddy. I use AT&T GoPlans for my mobile while traveling.

    2. Do you use prepaid service?

    3. Yup. AT&T GoPhone is prepaid.

  7. You gave tips on how to build business (Anton's course) and exercising (personal trainer, crossfit class). Are there any for learning how to cook? Thanks!

    1. You can check out Tim Ferris' 4-Hour Chef as a starting point. But other than that, maybe find a patient friend or girlfriend to show the basics? I taught myself by watching my mom cook as a kid, so I wouldn't know how to learn as an adult.

  8. Do you still use Tom's of Maine products?

    1. I use natural products whenever possible, including Tom's of Maine and Dr Bronner's Soaps but for toothpaste I've stopped worrying about the little bit of fluoride I don't swallow anyways and use colgate sensitive pro relief as it has helped my sensitive teeth to hot/cold.

    2. Johnny, just came across your site as I just moved to Chiang Mai this week and it is an amazing resource, thank you! I'm at Punspace and am just getting started with Anton's method. Are you still here? If so I hope I run into you at Punspace!

      Quick question, I'm a die hard Dr. Bronners man, do you buy your bottles here?

    3. Hey Dylan, I haven't found Dr. Bronners anywhere in Thailand, I just bring a big bottle with me from Trader Joe's in the US whenever I come =)

  9. What's your take on margarine?

    1. Margarine is terrible for you. I talked about in it depth with Dave Asprey here:

  10. hi john,
    I love read this article, but i'm afraid a little bit because english is not primary languange and i can't talk with english clearly. Is talking need to do anton's course? The second question is what if you have some orders with different suppliers? Is buyer will charge twice for shipping cost?


    1. Hey Michael, a lot of people are in Anton's course that English isn't their first language. A lot of people start stores in their home country and are successful because it's in Dutch, German, Norwegian or their language. If you start a US store, you'll have to talk on the phone with suppliers but no one else.

      As for shipping, the manufacturer will ship directly to your customer so you'll never have to pay double shipping, regardless of how many suppliers you have.

  11. Hi Johnny,

    Do you have a list of shopify apps you use?

    1. Hey Tyler the only apps I use are Aftership, Hello Bar, Shopify Google Shopping, and Yotpo.

  12. Hi johnny,
    Love to read your articles. After reading the 4-hour work week i also have the mentality of starting my own drop-shipping / e-commerce store. But due to my limitation of knowledge in this field how would you advice me to continue my path? I am a Malaysian staying in Malaysia, would Anton's course be able to help me to build a business in the US since i got no idea on the this?


    1. Hey Ivan, that's awesome you want to start a dropshipping store. Anton teaches how to do it, and a lot of members have US stores that live in other countries, but they have to go through the process of getting an LLC and US bank account. It's not difficult, but you'll have to treat it like a real business if you want to make it work. Think of it is 5 steps easier than getting a green card, but still a lot of paperwork and asking questions in the forums.

    2. Thanks for the reply johnny. Hope to get in touch with you soon and tap on the knowledge of you and Anton.

  13. Hey Johnny, I am really appreciating you provided a lot of qualities resources. You save a lot of my times that I had been looking for. What a perfect information. You beast!

  14. Hey no worries, happy to share it with you.

  15. Hey Johnny, what do you think about host gator compared to site ground?

    1. Hey Antonio, I've heard Hostgator is crap but havne't used them myself. I've been 100% happy with Siteground and recommend them.

  16. Hey Johnny

    Which Yotpo package to you recommend? Does the free version include everything or should I get starter or pro level?

    Cheers mate,

    1. I'm still using the free package which has been fine for me, but i've thought about upgrading so I can reply to customer reviews. But start with the free version.

  17. Johnny, I've been following you for a while now. Your background story is very similar to mine. I think you have great content, and your success has really inspired me! I signed up for Anton's course through your link a couple of weeks ago. I'm making my way through all of the material, but would really like access to your quick start course you mentioned in your resources. The e-mail address I used to sign up was


    1. Hey Chad, really glad you are part of the program. I just sent an email to Anton to make sure you get access to the Jump Start course. It usually gets sent automatically a few days after you get forum access, but I'll see why it didn't go through.

      See you inside the private member forums and feel free to ask for help if you get stuck anywhere.

  18. Hi Johnny,

    I see you recommend having a phone number visible on your site for customers to reach you at. My question, how do you find the time to answer calls all day, especially given the time difference in Thailand to the rest of the world? Also, how do you have an in depth knowledge of the product you are selling since you technically never see it?

    Is a phone number necessary?


    1. Hi Tyler, if you're a member of Anton's course you'll know why he stresses the importance of having a customer service phone number clear and visible. It ruins conversions and lowers trust if you don't have one.

      When I started I just had a skype number go to voicemail and I'd call them back at 7am Thailand time which was 5pm US time and then again at 11pm which was the morning for them.

      After the first couple months, I had enough money from the business to hire someone in the U.S. to answer the calls for me who I've trained with an FAQ that I created every time someone asked me a question. I only get into niches I know something about, or have used or bought myself so I know the basics. Anything else I research or ask the manufacturer. .

  19. Hi Johnny,

    I just wanted to thank you for all of the useful information that you have put out there to help people get started toward a life of financial freedom. I'm an loyal listener to your podcast (TLAB), and I swear it helps me get through the rush hour traffic commute to my job in the city. It's like I tune out and start picturing myself being in Chiang Mai, working at PunSpace, and living an awesome life over there. For that reason I decided to enrol myself in Anton's course using your link, because you were the one to motivate me and show me that this is possible.

    As a recently graduated university student, I have a summer job as a tour guide in my city while tediously saving up my money. One of my goals for the near future is to be featured on your podcast about my story. I can already picture the podcast episode name "From Tour guide to Drop Shipping Entrepreneur". Keep up the great work Johnny! I look forward to each and every new podcast episode!


    1. Hey Nick, thanks so much for sharing your story! That's so cool to hear what it's like being back in the "real world" commuting to and from work while listening to the podcast. I'm really glad that the podcast has been an inspiration and thanks for using my link when signing up for the dropshipping course! Best of luck with your journey, your business, and see you inside the member forums! Make your dream happen and let me know when you're profitable and living out here, i'd love to have you as a guest in the future!

  20. Thanks Johnny for fixing the Google Ads link! :) ~Flo

  21. Hi Johnny,

    Quick question: do you have a recommendation for a good Skype replacement? I make lots of international calls, and I find that when I Skype to a landline or mobile number the connection often fails after one or two minutes. Direct Skype to Skype calls seem to work ok.

    Do you know of any good Voip software that is capable of calling landlines? Skype used to be really good but it's going downhill fast, and I'd like to move to a good replacement.

    PS: I'm based in Europe and all my calls go to European countries, so Grasshopper probably wouldn't work :(



    1. Hey Mark, i've tried a few including google voice and skype, even though they suck, still works the best for me while traveling. Try using it over 3G instead of Wifi, that seems to help.

      Enjoy Europe and best of luck!

  22. Hey Johnny, great blog! I've been looking at the drop ship model for a while and deciding whether to go for antons course (via your link of course). It's great that you have shared your earnings. Would you be able to share how much time you currently spend on your drop shipping businesses. Or even better what your current profit per hour of time invested currently looks like?

    1. Hey Mark, it'll be great to have you inisde the course. Thanks for using my link if you do sign up! I currently spend less than 4 hours a week on my stores so my profit per hour would technically be something crazy like $280+ an hour but you can't really calculate it like that as I put in 40 hours a week when I was building it and didn't get paid for that time. Either way it's great semi-passive income. Today I had five emails, two of which were new sales and the rest asking when something would ship. So it's not that much work once it's set up.

  23. Hi Johnny, well done on your success. I am new to all this internet talk and am going through some difficult times. Hoping to launch myself in to the ecommerce world of entrepreneurialism! Not in a position to pay for anton's course atm! Any ideas on how i can enter the market? Be grateful for any pointers. Good luck to you on moving forward with your venture.

    1. Hey Binda, i'd listen to the Travel LIke a Boss Podcast and see which method fits you best. But the two that really stand out as the easiest to get into without a big investment are:

      Kindle Books:


      eBay Dropshipping:

      Let me know how it goes!

  24. Hi Jonny, great guide for somebody like me who is just starting on eCommerce. I live in Nigeria with tons of obstacles that make the journey look out of reach. You just made it simple with focus. Thanks for showing the way.

    1. Hi Hope, really glad to be able to share. I actually met a couple who run an ecommerce business in Nigeria and really wanted to get them on the podcast as the struggles there to start are crazy compared to the rest of the world. Anyone in Europe/Australia/Canada/USA that complains about eCommerce being difficult to navigate has never taken an order through an old cell phone and had to collect cash on delivery in a village.

  25. Hello Johnny, we are member of David Vu's course of “How I made $100,000 my 1st year selling on Ebay No inventory”. I see some international members struggle to access the Home Depot, Lowe's and another sources because of the members are not in U.S.A. from the Udemy discussion community. Could you give them a chance to refer the link of WiTopia? It would be no problem for them to access. I am using WiTopia since I am in Thailand. I am happy with it. I am just trying to help you to help them, too. Thanks, Eric

    1. Hey Eric, great idea! Glad WiTopia is working well for you! I'll post it in the discussions next time it comes up.

  26. Hi Johnny!

    Thanks for all these sources, they are very useful! I just tried to use the link and promo code for 25% discount on myUsaCorporation... but when I follow your link, fill in all the information and enter the coupon code JOHNNYFD0924 and click 'redeem', nothing happens. is this coupon code still actual?


    1. Hey Alex, I just went through the checkout process and its working. Here's what I got:

      Processing and Filing
      Wyoming State Filing Fees$ 100.00
      Order Processing$ 49.00
      Registered Agent Service: Set up + 1 Year (12 months)$ 99.00
      FREE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide
      Shipping and Handling
      Electronic Delivery ONLY
      $ -25.00Promotional Code JOHNNYFD0924: Discount

    2. Johnny,

      thanks for your quick reply! But I tried several times, cleared cache, tried from another IP, but nothing happens... anyway, I will contact their support and try to find out what's the reason of this, as $87 of discount is a very good discount. thanks for sharing it with us!


  27. Hey Johnny,

    Do you know how long it takes for Drop Ship Lifestyle to grant you access to the forums? Been trying to check it out and I keep getting an error message that says I do not have the permission to view the content.

    Other than that I am loving the course so far haha :)


    1. Hey Benjamin, you get access after 4 or 5 days I believe. If it's been longer than that, just email them as it'll be an error. See you inside the forums!

    2. Thanks for the quick reply man! It has only been 3 days and I am being impatient haha. I'll give it some time. Thanks again see you there soon!

  28. Hey Johnny, Anthony here. Just a quick note that i have been following you and your adventures for the last 4 months or so. I have grabbed your books and a couple of weeks ago grabbed Antons drop shipping course. I am working through it and about to launch my first store. I will also grab your course today. Again thanks for all your podcasts, blogs etc, you have done so well, keep it up and i hope to catch up one day. 👍

    1. Hey awesome Anthony! Hope you enjoy the books! If you ever get stuck with your store, feel free to ask me anything in my progress thread inside Anton's course!

  29. Really respect all the information you share with us man. Its a real inspiration to me to sought out the life I really want for myself. I highly respect your altruistic nature and the fact that you give your time and money away to help others, such as family and good causes. Big up Johnny, hope to meet you one day.


    1. Hey Rich, happy to be able to share! Go out and grab the life you really want, everything is possible and we live in a day and age where we have the most tools available to achieve our own success.

  30. Hi Johnny,
    My name is Nick Welch, 30 year old medically retired from 2 combat tours to Afghanistan US Marine. I just finally moved to Jomtien after waiting awhile for my disability to kick in. So basically I'm 30 years old with a 65 year old persons retirement fund. It's really good for the lifestyle we love to live and helps since I can't work a normal job anymore anyways.

    Anyways I came across some your videos in YouTube and have been reading through your site. I came across a few parts and watched you say in video also that you enjoy basically investing in new start ups. I don't have anything to really wow you except a crazy idea that I'm 1000% certain if you're willing to hear me out on, you will want to jump on immediately.

    It's actually PERFECT for not only the nomad community and lifestyle but it actually brings a lil of that life into anyone's life. Also with you being into E commerce and drop shipping, I think this is the perfect idea for the future.

    I don't have a number yet but I check my email all throughout the day. Please email me when you have time if you can and at least give me a chance to explain this. I PROMISE it won't be a waste of time....

    Sorry to write everything here but I shut down my social media accounts almost a year ago.

    1. Hey Johnny thanks for the reply, if you could email me maybe? I think that would be a better place possibly to inform you. It's a website that once I tell you about it surely your eyes will light up. I went to a lawyer while ago about this and he informed me not to speak publically about it as it will be the first of its kind.

  31. Hi,

    First of all thanks for sharing the great info.

    Can you please tell what theme you are using in blogger. Also if you can write a blog on that. What to use how to use.

    Thanks in advance.

  32. Hi Johnny. I highly recommend you check out what Dr. Adiel Tel Oren has to say about health and nutrition. Check out this link: The podcast The Truth About Protein is a paradigm shifter. Consider it the health version of learning about Dropship Lifestyle. Email me at contrarian76@gmail.xcom if you want.

  33. Thank you so much Johnny! I find it awesome the amount of things you share and the openness with which you share your performance! Kudos to you, carry on enjoying the life!

    1. Hey Marc, happy to be in a position where I can share and help out others!

  34. Hey Johnny, thanks man. GREAT podcasts both travel & invest like a boss by the way, so much value!
    Quick question, the post is bit old, just wonder u still using the same VPN company & recommended web-host.. siteground or bluehost ?

    TQ & keep inspiring champ!


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