For the longest time I prided myself on getting great bargains, getting good deals and "stuff."  My friends all know me as the go to guy if they need advice on how to find the best deal or cheapest deal on something.  Ever since I was young I would build my own computers to get maximum performance for the lowest price,  fix up my car to make it look and drive like a more expensive sports car than it was, and find the best deals on the cheapest living.  All of my friends back in Los Angeles drive luxury cars, wear designer clothes, live in fancy houses and otherwise look like they are rich, even though all of it is actually leased and they're really living paycheck to paycheck.

Then I met a circle of friends who are legitimately wealthy and not just  playing the part, and here's what I learned from them. This post has been updated for 2020 as now I've been through the cycle of not being able to afford to fly Business Class, flying Biz Exclusively for years, and now downgrading to Premium Economy for the past year and what I've learned from each chapter of my travel life and experiences.

The definition of Wealth 

is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions, and there are three categories that 99% of people never possess at the same time.

If you think back on your life, there have been times you have had an abundance of Time, but were broke.  There have also been times in your life when you were making a lot of money, but you were lacking Time.

The two seem mutually exclusive.  But there's also a third that most people don't think about until it's too late.  A lot of people wait until they are retired to start really living life, at this point, if they worked hard, saved up and had luck on their side, they now have an abundance of both time and money.  However, now they are missing something else.  That something else is Health.

I once asked a millionaire why he choose a certain place to live, car to drive or laptop to use.  He simply replied,

"Oh, that one is the best."

By 'the best' he didn't actually mean most expensive, newest, fanciest, or had the most features. He simply meant, it was the most efficient use of his time, money and health. 

Flying Business Class: 

Let's be honest, the only reason why we don't always fly business class anytime we go somewhere is because it's too expensive.  Business class is 100x more comfortable than flying coach.  The difference between First Class however, isn't as big of a jump, making business class the more efficient upgrade.

The cost of Economy to Business Class is usually 4x the price, while the cost of First Class is usually 20X the price of an economy Flight.

The Delicate Balance of Time, Money and Health: 

Why you shouldn't fly First Class.

By flying first class, living in a $10 Million Dollar Mansion, driving a $200,000 car, generally means you are spending a great deal of your time and energy making money while sacrificing your Time and often your Health.

My ideal "Best Life" would be having an abundance of Time, Money and Health.  This is why I'm choosing to design a life where I get to fly business class wherever I go and not First Class or Coach. This is why I use a Macbook Air, am an member of a CrossFit gym, get a massage once a week, eat Grass-Fed Beef and Butter, and don't waste money on living in a big house, drive expensive cars or anything else that adds stress to my life or depreciates in value.

I'm going to leave you with a quote that my good friend once said when he was giving me advice.  This single phrase completely changed my priorities, goals, and life.  He simply said:

"If you know something is good for you, stop saying that you can't afford it.  Instead, ask yourself, How Can I Afford it."

I hope everyone reading this joins me on the quest to build a lifestyle where we are financially free enough to afford what we know is 'the best,' all while living a stress free life with the freedom of time, all while being as healthy as humanly possible.

Time, Money and Health.  We can have it all. We deserve to have it all.

Review of Flying Thai Business Class

Review of Flying Swiss Edelweiss Air Business Class

Downgrading to Premium.

For the past 3 years I've flown Business Class exclusively on all long haul flights over 8 hours. It's been an amazing experience. I was able to do so because I was making a lot of money as well as racking up a lot of airline miles running my dropshipping store. However, I sold that store and started needing to pay for my flights out of pocket instead of using points and as an expense.

That's when I decided to downgrade to Premium Economy instead. I still think that everyone should aim to fly business class and be able to afford to do so, but then decide for yourself if it's worth the extra money or not. If you need to land and be fresh for a meeting, conference or an event, then yes it's worth it. But if you can afford to spend a few days resting and recovering from the flight and jet lag, then Premium Economy is often the better option financially and for overall value.

This post should be instead titled, "Why you should always have the financial means and option to fly business class, but then decide for yourself if you want to save some money and fly premium economy instead."

Read the post below for more details as well as how you can fly "Business Class" for the price of economy or just a bit more.

How to Fly Business Class for Cheap

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Johnny,

    I've followed you since you joined Anton's course and have always enjoyed your point of view and this post has got to be one of my favorites. Thanks for your insight and drive to find that right balance to attain the stress free life.

    1. Hey Shawn, really glad you've been following me for so long. It's been two years and I've finally made it!

  2. Johnny,

    I have also visited your blog through Anton's course. I like what I'm reading. FYI, for the quote that your friend said "don't say I can't afford it but rather "how can I afford it". That's from Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

    1. Really loved that book. I need to re-read it again!

  3. Hey Johnny, I've also been following you on Anton's course forum, and just gone through all your blog posts here. I really like this one as I've also valued those same 3 things in life.

    I learned early in life that health is the single most important thing in the world. The combination of health, wealth, and time is what everyone dreams of. Good to see you striving for the same and doing well for yourself.

    See you on the forums

    Kevin N

    Btw i'm also from LA. Let us know when you're back in the states

    1. Hey Kevin, I'm glad we're on the same page and journey. I'm in LA for a few weeks now actually. Leave your email and we can meet up.

  4. cool man. yea hit me up at


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