Made my first sale!!!! Realized how easy it is to COMPLETELY replace your income.

I have never been this excited in my life!  It's currently 2:34am and I'm at my office working, why?  Not because I have to.  Not even because I need to.  It's because I am so excited that I couldn't sleep.  If you've never been this excited to go to work, then maybe you should look into starting a new career.

The main reason I woke up at 2am to go into the office is because it's the middle of the work day in America and I wanted to talk in real time with my suppliers and get my orders fulfilled today.  After the first few initial orders everything will be fully automated.

Here's how it works:

A customer comes to my online store -->
He or She buys a product  -->
Pays online  -->
An email gets automatically sent to my supplier with his order details and shipping address -->
My supplier sends me a shipping confirmation with tracking number  -->
This email is automatically forwarded to my customer and his credit card is charged.   -->
The order arrives at my customers door  -->
Another email goes out asking him to review my site and the product  -->
Everyone is happy.

How much money did I make from this sale:

The products in my store range from $200 to $2,500 which is a good range for everyone.  This particular product is was $459 with free shipping.  My cost price for the item was $355 + $35 shipping.  Add on the 1% fee that my e-commerce platform takes and 2.9% + 30¢ that my payment processor takes and my net profit is around $50.  

How that $50 completely replaces my 8-5 income:

I didn't really believe it until I sat down and did the math, but stay with me for a second and you'll realize how insane this is.  When I was working a normal 8-5 job at a big corporation in America I was making $48,000 a year.  This was right out of college and was considered a very good starting salary.

What did that $48,000 a year get me?  Around $3,000 a month take home after taxes, which allowed me to have some decent basics including a studio apartment, the ability to eat out with friends a few nights a week, but nothing really that great.  As for savings, I would be lucky to even save $500 a month, and that was pushing it.  

So how in the world does making $50 in profit after a sale completely replace me working 40 hours a week?    Well first, assuming I make one average sale per day, I would be making $50 a day times 30....since it's an automated online business, you get paid 7 days a week, even when you're not working.  So by making just one sale a day at a $50 profit, that's $1,500 in my pocket.  (I'll get into why I won't be paying taxes on this income in a later post)

Then factor in living costs and lifestyle costs.  For $1,000 in total expenses a month I'm currently living a much better life than I did back in the U.S. You can read about it in my older posts.  

So right away, at one sale per day, I have already completely replaced my monthly income of working 40 hours per week.  With $1,500US a month, it pays for 1 month of rent in a serviced apartment, cable, wifi, house cleaning, utilities,  my co-working office space, unlimited CrossFit memebership, eating out 18 meals per week, and even saving $500 in the bank to use for travel and as a backup.  

But here's the thing, I didn't just make one sale today.  I made two.  At this rate, instantly I've doubled my monthly income.  Since I'm 100% content with my current apartment and lifestyle, I can just save $2,000 a month into my bank account or reinvest it into my business.  

But here's the real kicker, what's stopping me from making three sales per day?  Or even just one of the higher priced units?  Absolutely nothing and this is why it's so exciting for me to have started my own business and to finally start making sales.  

I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes, but i'm really really excited!  Perfect timing as well as I leave Chiang Mai in a few days to go home for the summer.  I really wanted to get the store up and running 100% and have it completely live and making money before I went home and while I still had access to Anton in person.  It worked out PERFECTLY.  Stay tuned and I will continue to update my blog as the month continues.

Edit: One of my good friends, who's about to get married, just asked if he should sign up for the e-Commerce training course. I told him that if he really wanted to get started, to keep his day job and work on it during his free time as  it took me 1.5 months to turn a profit from it.  I also said to him wait a few weeks and let me really test how much income it generates before I can wholeheartedly say, 100% that it works.   Go ahead and start.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. This is a great blog post....have great time when your home....Joe

    1. Hey Joe, thanks and i'm glad you enjoyed it. I just re-read it again exactly one year later and relived the excitement all over again even though I"m making 10x that amount now.

    2. How do you do it man? I saw Anton's course..its 500$ which isn't a lot to you but that's 2 sees of pay for pay. Before any of my bills. I want to start but how? I work 9 hour days and barely have time for myself to begin with.I plan to live in CM Thailand from April to July next year over cheap probably 200$ a month for the apartment. Any help would be appreciated. I've read online that this doesn't really work but I would like it to work, but not take 1.5 months to start seeing profit . .

    3. Hey Wunder, first off thanks so much for digging up this old post of mine. I just re-read it and it made me re-live that day and that feeling again which was incredible knowing how far things have come.

      I know everyone has their own unique circumstances and I know $500-$1,000 and 1.5 months of work is a lot to someone getting started as I was in the same boat.

      But if you want it bad enough you'll find a way to make it happen. If you wanted to be an accountant bad enough you would figure out someway to go to night school or go to school full time for 2-4 years, and pay $50,000+ to get your degree.

      This is the same thing, you have to treat it as 2 months and $1,000 to educate and invest in yourself. If you want it bad enough, you'll figure out a way.

  2. Hi Johnny, I'm really getting excited about taking the dsl course and starting my own store online...

    My situation is a little different from most of the guys you talk about and I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing.

    So I'm from England and I've been living and working in South Korea for the past 5 years, married, 1 son and feeling stuck with my job. Actually my salary is high but I work a lot to make that money and I'm getting very tired of the 7-7 rat race .. 9-5 sounds nice to me lol

    My questions are:
    1:do you think I can start my online business from Korea?
    2:Is it even possible for me to do as you did and open a bank account in America and get the legal paperwork needed to work there?
    3: do I need to do it from America or would it be possible to follow the dsl system to start a drop shipping business from Asia in Asia?
    4: I'm worried if I start that I won't be able to do some of the legal paperwork or getting the things I need to do business.. The money for the course isn't a big deal to me and I have enough time and motivation to set up the store but I'm really worried I will run into some issues I won't be able to overcome and get stuck . Becaus I'm not a American citizen I don't know if I can do it the way you did, also if I try to do it from Asia to Asia will it be possible or is that a bad idea?

    I believe if I could sell Korean products to countries near by it could be a huge success but I'm just starting out and I don't have a clue where to start...

    Any advice would be highly appreciated ...
    I will sign up for the course and all the extras through your page buddy I just need to know if I'm able to start the business from Korea..

    Thanks for reading, enjoy the sunshine and freedom...

    1. Hey Jay, i'm glad you're excited to start. In your position I would either start in the UK or the US as the Asian Market is completely untested. Here are some details how:

      But even before then, I would advise to start with David Vu's ebay course as the U.K. has a lot of issues to start with from what i've heard. (

      Best of luck and let me know how it goes!

  3. Thanks Johnny, do you thinks it's worth taking the Dsl course and setting up a store in America? If I take the course and spend my time setting everything up I'm worried I'll get stuck somewhere and won't know what to do, if I took the course would Anton or other DSL members be willing to give me some help alone the way?

    Thanks again for replying, I'm thinking of taking the course from this weekend and just getting started on a store in the us...

    1. Hey Jay, yup 100% I would recommend joining Anton's course as it's the best way to prevent you from getting stuck in the first place, as well as give you access to the community and instructors if you do. Join through my link ( and you'll also get access to my Jump Start course as well as me helping you in the forums.

    2. Thanks again Johnny, I will definitely join through your link.. You are the reason I've been watching all of Antons videos and have had trouble sleeping because I'm excited to get started haha..

      Many thanks and I'll talk to you in the forums once I join...

  4. Hi Johnny,

    I will be moving to Thailand in one month and I really wanted to run something by you about getting this business started. I reached out before but never heard back so please let me know if I've caught your attention so that I may elaborate. And thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hey what's up James. Congrats on making the move. I normally answer all dropshipping related questions inside my thread in Anton's members forums (


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