How to Have More Free Time on Weekends - Reclaiming Your Freedom

A few nights ago I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  I didn't want a huge night out but my friends convinced me otherwise.  We started with a nice dinner with just the boys, then met up with the girls at BarFry, a gourmet french fry and wine bar.  I would have been quite happy with that but since it was my birthday, my friends insisted on having a big night out.  We started with Vodka and Sodas, moved onto Tequila Shots and basically had a huge night.  A big thanks to the generosity of Scottish Matt, Anton and Kurt for buying all of the rounds.

Then it hit me. 

The next morning I slept in.  Woke up dehydrated, hung over and wanting something greasy.  I ordered some thai fried rice, take out chicken, and stopped by the shop for ice cream.  Sitting my couch I watched "The Amazing Spider Man" happy, content and lazy.  

I didn't even consider going to CrossFit, and the only work I wanted to do on my computer was check facebook.  The next day I was furious at myself.  I missed an entire day of productivity, I didn't stick to my paleo diet and ended up eating a bunch of crap, and I didn't work out.  But then again, it was my birthday and I deserved it right?  What's the harm of having a big night out once in a while to celebrate?  Then I remembered what every single weekend back home was like.  Because I worked so much Monday-Friday it was natural to want to let loose on Friday and Saturday night.  

My weekends became lazy, content, and consisted of me laying around the house eating crap, and watching movies.  I've been here, done this before.  When I was working my Monday-Friday job, I would trade 5 days of work for 2 days of freedom.  Which made it obvious to take advantage of the we had free.  But what if instead, you could switch the two around.

Instead of working for someone else, at a job you aren't passionate about.  Why not work for yourself?  Then instead of feeling like you have to big it up on weekends, you can just live a great life every day of the week. Sure you still have to work, especially in the beginning when you are setting up your company but once it's going you regain your freedom. 

How Moving to a Place Like Thailand Immediately Frees up your Time:
  • Live in a Hotel Room and Not Worry About Chores
  • Never have to clean your house with Maid Service
  • Eat out every meal and not have to Cook or Grocery Shop
  • Have your Laundry done for your for $4 a week
  • Have all of your Bills Automated or Payable by Cash from the ATM
  • Get around by Scooter or Taxi wherever you want
  • Never sit in traffic or have to commute to work again
My Goals for This Year:
  • Focus my time and energy building a business that can generate $4,000 a month in take home net income.  
  • Automate my business so I free up my time to do and responsibilities.  
  • Continue to do CrossFit and Eat Bulletproof/Paleo and build a lean, muscular body and more importantly be full of energy and good health.  
  • Travel and live wherever I want in the world, including Budapest and South America.  
  • Build another business and double my income.
  • Become successful myself in business and fitness so I can teach my friends and family what I've learned so they can do it as well.
Wherever you are in your journey, ask yourself if you are on the path to exactly what you dream of one year from now.  It's too easy to keep trading time for money, five days of work for two days of freedom and another year pass you by without any progress.  Join me on my journey, set your own goals, and let's live the great life and stop being lazy and setting for being content.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Add me to keep in touch

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