How to Give Automated Super Customer Service after the Sale - Review

A few weeks ago my buddy Kurt walked up to me and said, bro, you gotta check out AfterShip.  It automatically emails customers when their packages are delivered.  At first, I didn't see the point.  Shopify already sends my customer an email with their tracking number, and I had no idea why the customer would want more emails with updates.

But I was wrong, people love updates and I'm glad I gave it a try.  Since then, I've been getting replies to the automated emails from happy customers.  Like this one.

The program updates customers whenever there is new activity in their shipment such as:

"Yay! Your package is on the truck out to be delivered!"

"Oh no!  It looks like your package is going to be delayed until Friday!  Please contact FedEx at 800-299-2992"

"Woohoo, your package was delivered and left on your front door."

I had mine all standard but have rewritten everything to be more personal now.  Also whenever a customer of mine takes the time to reply to my aftership emails, I take the time to write them back personally as well, which really adds to the human factor of eCommerce.

If you after an eCommerce business, check out 

The cost?  Pennies.  I'm spending around $3 a month on it and it gives me like superpowers when it comes to shipping tracking and automation.  

Here's to finding more ways to make our small online businesses better than big box stores!  Taking Amazon down, one niche at a time!  Okay maybe not down down, but at least getting our share.

Time to think outside of the box like did with their shoes.  

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

If you want to start your own online store, check out Shopify here.  

Wanna learn how to setup a dropshipping store?  Check out Anton's Method.

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