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Hey guys, I wanted to share my experience using Shopify and Anton's Drop Ship Lifestyle training course to learn how to create a drop shipping ecommerce store.  I first met Anton while traveling about a year ago and casually asked him what he did for work. It was the first time I had ever heard about eCommerce or Dropshipping.  I was a writer at the time and was making a few hundred dollars a month from my book sales.

When I found out what dropshipping was, I was floored.  I had no idea you could set up an online store and not have to carry an inventory or ship out items yourself.  As soon as he left I signed up for his training course and started thinking about what products I wanted to sell.  It turns out that was the easy part.  In the course not only did I learn how to choose a good niche that will sell well online, but he also walked me through me how to set up a shopify store, get approved by suppliers and most importantly how to market my store to start getting sales.

This week's sales as of today.

Shopify Review

Instead of learning how to make a website or even pay a web designer to make one, I simply used Shopify's templates to build a store.  Best of all, they are a complete eCommerce solution, that includes a shopping cart, fulfillment software and checkout.  

So basically by using Shopify, you can have a website, a way to upload products to sell, and a way for customers to checkout and pay for it.  A few days later Shopify deposits the money into your bank account and you tell your supplier to send you customer the order.  

If you want to learn how to set up a dropshipping store, choose what niche products to sell and learn how to get approved by suppliers, sign up for Anton's Method here.  He's the guy who taught me how to set up the store and is the sole reason why I am successful today.

The best part of it is that since it's all online, I'm able to manage it by working from my laptop wherever I am.  Right now I'm traveling around Thailand and escaping the cold winter back home.  It wasn't an overnight success as it took me two months of hard work to initially set up the store, but the program and shopify worked for me, and I really believe it's the best thing I ever could have done.

P.S. If you want to download all of the coupons and discounts for building your dropshipping store, including a 20% off coupon for Shopify, sign up for the email list to get my exclusive discount PDF emailed to your inbox!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Hi Johnny,

    this method sounds interesting and I am thinking about a purchase, but how much do I need to spend on ads to bring traffic ? And where the traffic comes from ?

    SEO alone is not reliable, as SEO sometimes works, sometimes Google simply does not like you or you are on page x, not page 1 and nobody finds you.

    So which source of traffic do you use ?

    1. Hey Steve, in Anton's course he teaches us how to use a combination of both paid as well as organic traffic which includes paid ads from google, amazon, as well as SEO. I technically spend $0 in ads to bring in traffic as I started with a $75 credit and started making sales and profit before it ran out.

      If you are interested in getting into dropshipping and eCommerce I would just sign up for Anton's course as he'll answer all of your questions in the course and more.

  2. Love the reviews. So concise.

    My wife and I have a online shoe business. We currently use Product Cart and are looking to switch to a more functionally rich and user friendly platform. I think we’ve narrowed it down to BC or Shopify. I have read your comparisons and understand the differences and similarities of each. What wasn’t really touched upon was integration with accounting software and 3PL (fulfillment) software platforms. We have found some information right
    here but we didnt understand.

    Do you have any insight or experiences with those two aspects? Our goal is to have as little daily involvement with sales and fulfillment as possible. We want to focus our energy on Customer service, marketing and product development. To be quite honest, Our dream is to be able to work/travel anytime we want and still be able to run our business as long as we have internet access. Thoughts? Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hey Lucky, I haven't used any fulfillment or software integration but Shopify is quickly becoming the go to for app developers as they have bigger market share so I'd go with them regardless over bigcommerce as any app BC will have, Shopify will have plus more.

      Here's a 20% off discount to Shopify if you end up signing up, details in this PDF:


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