Check out my new "apartment" - Living in a hotel for $400 a month.

Some may think I'm crazy for living in a hotel room instead of just renting an apartment.  I say to those nay.  From a cost point of view, the $200 a month apartment I stayed in during my previous trip to Chiang Mai was a much better value and provided very similar living conditions.  However, the reason why I chose to live in a hotel this time around was simply because I could.

In Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, living out of a nice hotel would cost you a minimum of $3,000 a month, and up to $10,000.  It just simply wouldn't be an option.  However, staying in a nice place with great service, free airport pick up and drop off makes it convenient.  Plus I really wanted a swimming pool this time around.

Here is a video tour of my new apartment.  This is what you get for $400 a month.

Here are the pros and cons:

Good Stuff:
Loved having someone waiting for me at the airport with a sign with my name on it, especially at 11pm.
Great service, friendly staff.
Everything is provided from all of the furniture to the towels and toiletries.
Love having a nice swimming pool and gym.
Easy to tell taxi drivers and friends directions to my place.
Able to pay month to month, weekly or even day to day.

More expensive than a local apartment, almost double the cost.
Feels a bit weird to be greeted by 6 staff members every time I walk through the lobby.
Swimming pool is right next to the reception and not very private.
Wanted to have a kitchen and living room, which would have been available with the 1 Bedroom Grand Suite but it was booked up already.
One month windows are often not available as they have reservations.

Where to book your hotel:

I found this particular hotel while walking around my old apartment during my last trip.  Like many hotels and apartments in Chiang Mai and in Thailand, they are a boutique hotel meaning they have a limited amount of rooms and can't handle the hundreds of inquiries linking to them on my website would amount to.

My suggestion is if you are serious about finding a place in Chiang Mai or in Thailand in general, just book a hotel for a few nights online at or whatever your favorite travel site is and spend the first few days walking around the neighborhood you want and I guarantee you will find a place.

If you really want to book online, here are some examples of larger hotels and serviced apartments that can handle your inquries:

Kantary Hills:  By far the most expensive hotel in Chiang Mai, but also the best location, food, and if you want a live in a 5 Star hotel in the equivalent of living at the Trump Hotel in Soho New York for a month for the cost of a few nights in Manhattan, this is it. From $2,500US and up per month.

Green Hill Place:  A very nice place, also with a pool.  Check out the Style 1 Suite Deluxe which is my favorite floor plan.  Around $740US per month.

Huay Kaew Residence: Looking to bootstrap your business while living for cheap?  A close walk to both the old city, Punspace coworking offices, and all of the bars and restaurants of Nimmanheim, you can stay here for as little as $120US per month!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Keep in touch

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  1. Great post! Thanks for providing useful information. I wish you had more recent stuff on Phuket since I'll be there at Phuket Top Team for a couple of months.

  2. How long are you in Chiang Mai for this time Johnny? I just found out I'm getting laid off at the end of January - thinking of using some of the money I'll get to come visit Asia and try this drop shipping business you seem to be having so much success with. Really don't want to get another corporate job!

    1. Hey Kev, i'm out here for a couple of months but might be in another part of SE Asia by then. I would definitely take your new freedom and hopefully whatever money get from the lay off and try to start your own business. I would recommend you start now in your free time, as it takes a few months to start making sales and become profitable. That way by the time you get laid off, you'll already have another income source.

  3. keep up the good fight Johnny! Nice place, after all you are a boss now right? so enjoy the greetz ;)


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