Weight Loss Butter Diet - Eat Fat, Lose Fat, Get less fat!

It's my second day back in Thailand and I wanted to make myself some coffee in my hotel room, but I was missing a vital component to any good cup of joe.  Butter.  Luckily, the Thai version of Costco, Makro Cash and Carry opens at 6am.  They also had a great deal on Grass-Fed butter from New Zealand.

That's where the good news ends, and that's how I accidentally bought a 11lb stick of butter.  Watch the video below for details:

The Weight Loss Butter Diet:

Eat Fat, Lose Fat and Get Less Fat!  That's the slogan. Somehow it works.  I know it sounds crazy but somehow, by the time I finish eating 11lbs of butter, I will lose 11lbs of body fat.  That's 5kg for you metric folk.  

I normally don't like to talk about health and diet, it's kind like of talking about religion but this video was so random I just had to share it.  But the truth is, ever since I started eating 1/2 stick of butter a day and eating as much fat from coconuts, avocado and fatty steaks as I can, I've somehow lost a ton of body fat, gained lean muscle, tons of energy, and got into the best shape of my life.

Before Butter
After Butter

If you look in the before butter picture, I was over lethargic and overweight.  I was also training for a professional Muay Thai fight, so it wasn't the lack of exercise.  I ran over 25km a week and worked out for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.

What changed?  My diet.  And that included eating tons of fat.

You can't buy a copy of my diet though, because it's free and I didn't invent it.  I just wanted to share it with everyone reading this, as my blog isn't just about building businesses, traveling, it's about living the good life, great.  Part of that includes striving towards being in the best shape of your life, always having energy, and being healthy.  I'm actually getting ready to do a full medical checkup, including bloodwork.  But I already know I'm healthier than I've ever been, in fact, my last doctor visit after starting this diet has made my blood pressure right on target.  

If you are interested in the Weight Loss Butter Diet - sorry it doesn't exist, I thought just that would be a funny name for a blog post.  The actual diet I'm on is called the Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey which is an upgraded version of the Paleo Diet.  Check it out and good luck to everyone in your journey, no matter what it may be.

Worried about my heart health, cholesterol? 
Thanks, but don't worry, my heart is healthier than ever.  Dave can explain it better than I can, so just read about it there.  

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Lol! People look at me funny all the time when I tell them I eat butter and I lost my pregnancy belly that wouldn't go away. Of course I eat other healthy things too like coconut oil, mct oil, grass fed beef and grass fed butter,fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter. But I didn't lose the ab fat until I ate more fat. :) thx for posting

  2. hi Johnny, my name is Gabriele, I saw all your videos and I envy you a lot, Congrats, I wanted to ask you a favor, can you suggest a good hotel with swimming pool and gym in chiang mai to stay a month, thanks

    1. Hi Gabriele, I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. Try the Opium, Smith Residence, Green Hill, or Airport Greenery

    2. Many thanks to you for the answer, keep it up !!

  3. Fantastic Share!
    I did not find diet chart like yours anywhere. Before telling about your diet chart I want to share some tips which help me a lot in losing my weight. These great tips are shared here in this article.
    Your shared diet plan is outstanding. It works for me and I had lose 5kg weight through your diet plan. I am very happy. I want to recommend everyone that once follow your diet plans and other tips. Everybody will surely gets wonderful results after applying Johnny tips. Thanks Johnny


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