Announcing the Travel Like a BOSS Podcast - Interviews with entrepreneurs who Travel like a Boss, by being their own Boss.

What's up everyone!  I'm extremely excited to announce the new Travel Like a Boss Podcast!  If you enjoy hearing interviews with successful people who have replaced their 9-5 jobs back home and have started an online or otherwise location independent business, you'll love this podcast.

Every week we will have a new interview with someone who has successfully escaped their normal jobs back home.

Topics and guests have included:

Dr. Shannon Weeks and Dr. Alexis Shields from Oregon who have sold their practice back home to start an online Skype Consult based practice while living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Stephen Yeh who has moved to Chiang Mai and successfully started an eCommerce business which recently made its first sales.

Sabrina Taylor who was laid off as a flight attendant and become an accidental entrepreneur writing guest blog articles and managing social media for startups.

Ian Robinson from Love Affair Travel who started a podcast editing company while traveling around Australia.

Three easy ways to listen:

Visit and listen on our website for free.

Make sure you rate us 5 stars on the iTunes store!

Download the free iPhone Podcast app and search for
Travel Like a Boss Podcast

Thank you so much for your support and for listening, subscribing and sharing this podcast with your friends.  Our goal is to get fifteen 5 star reviews on the iTunes Store and get to the New and Noteworthy page on iTunes by getting tons of subscriber, downloads and listens during these first vital 8 weeks.  I hope you guys enjoy the show!

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Like us on facebook

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  1. Looking forward to listening to this mate, you're very inspirational! Lol how's Thailand going so far?

    1. Hey Kev, I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thailand has been fantastic so far. I've been ultra productive, eating healthy, working out, and enjoying the sun.


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