Another $20K+ Month! Yippeee!

It's my second official month since I started making sales on my online store and I'm really happy to announce that I had another $20,000 month in revenue.  I really needed to step up my income to allow me to live the upgraded lifestyle that I wanted and be able to say "yes" to all the things I wanted to do.  This month alone I was able to do a few things that a normal 9-5 job wouldn't allow me to do:

1. Attend weddings on different costs (California and New York) 
2. Stay a few extra days in New York to sight see.
3. Visit my friends and family up in San Francisco
4. Travel back down to Los Angeles to hang out with friends and help them start their businesses.
5. Visit my cousin Jacob and get massages in the middle of a workday.
6. Go camping in the Sequoias without any cell phone reception and miss all of Monday and Tuesday.

I was able to have enough income while having tons of free time to do all of the above, all while not having my business fall apart.  The best thing is, I spent the majority of my time with my buddy Adam build a second store, which just got two sales over the weekend and could potentially double my monthly revenue and profit.  

My total revenue for the month of September was over $22,000 which was very similar to both the end of August and all of July combined.  The days without sales was when I was tweaking my Google Product Ads and accidentally didn't have them running and sending traffic to my store.

The big jump in sales was a lucky day, but I'm starting to realize that we can expect one or two of those a month, and hopefully every month.  I'm also hoping that my 2nd store, the one I made with Adam will continue to make sales and we can get it optimized and making money this month.  He keeps bugging me about starting a 3rd store with him before I head back to Chiang Mai, Thailand next week, but he'll quickly learn why I rather focus on a few and optimizing them as best as possible before moving on and making more.

I'm hoping that this blog, and the progress I have been making from starting out and making my first hundred dollars online just a few months ago, to now making over $5k in profits inspires others to do the same.  If you hate your job, or just want more free time to be able to say yes to things like traveling and having fun, then jump on it and start here.  Building an online business really has changed my life and I genuinely want to share it with all of my friends and family.

To answer some of the questions a lot of people have been asking me:

1. How much computer experience do I need?

Your computer knowledge need to be intermediate.  You don't need to know how to build a website, edit photos or read code, but any knowledge you have helps.  If you can figure out how to use Shopify which is like a facebook for products, you can build a store.

2. How much time do I need to spend?

For me, I spent 4 hours, 5 days a week for 6 weeks to get my store going.  Adam spend 8 hours a day and got it up in 7 days.  He actually took a week off of work to get his going, he was so excited, but I personally would recommend keeping your day job until it becomes profitable first and working on it at night, weekends, or taking a few days off to do it instead.

3. How much time does it take it maintain?

I basically left to go camping without any cell phone reception, internet or anything for two days and during the drive back was able to fulfill all of my orders, answer all of the email questions and even return a call without any problems.  I normally spend less than 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week maintaining my store.  So once it's up and running, it's pretty easy to take care of.

4. How many phone calls do you get?

On average I get 2 phone calls a day, and honestly, enjoy answering them.  I get to find out what my customers want, need and have questions about.  You can also just have it go to voicemail and respond via email later that day, or call them back.  

5. Is it easy?  Can anyone do it?

Honestly, no.  It is building a real business, it's just faster, easier and much cheaper than building a retail store. You still need to put work into it, especially during the first 2 months.  But if you were to ask my friends that see me hanging out all day and checking email once in a while, they would say it looks easy.  

Additional Questions?  Feel free to ask.

Read how I got started: Check it out here.
The system I used: Anton's Method.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD


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  1. awesome keep up the good work man! also keep us posted in your thread from the forums

    -kevin (terse)


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