Packing for Thailand 2013 - A Full List and Video of What I Packed for Thailand

One of my favorite videos way back before I left for my first trip to Thailand was Tim Ferris' packing video where he showed us what goes into his luggage on his trips.  Since then I have filmed a new video each year before my journeys.  Every year my needs change and learn what things I wish I would have brought with me to Thailand and what I could have left behind and saved a ton of weight.

Things I wish I would have left at home:

Paper back books - They just take up way too much room, weight and you end up not having a good selection of reading material.  Reading on a laptop or iPad is straining on your eyes.  The basic $69 Kindle is my favorite thing to read on.

iPad/Tablet - Great in theory, but kind of useless while actually traveling.  I watch movies on the plane's headrest, use my iPhone to listen to music or Podcasts, and have a 13" Macbook air for all of my other needs.

Scuba Gear - If you're going to doing some scuba diving during your trip, it seems like a good idea to take your own dive gear with you, but in reality, it takes up way too much space and is heavy.  So unless you are going on a speciality dive vacation or working as a Divemaster, I wouldn't want to travel around with an extra 20kg of stuff you might only use a few times.  Bring your mask, dive computer, and snorkel, but leave the heavy stuff at home.

Muay Thai Gear - Some what light weight, having two sets of gloves, shin guards, and all that still take up too much room in your luggage.  You are better off renting or buying some gear here than bringing your own.

So what did I bring with me during this latest trip?  Take a look at the video below to find out:

Have any other ideas or what to or not to bring with you to Thailand?  Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD - Add me

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  1. Hey man, before I settled in Koh Tao I was travelling for three months. Agree with most of the stuff you've got here, but wanted to comment on the tablet. By far my most treasured possession while traveling was my Amazon Kindle. I couldn't fit a MacBook in my backpack (nor did I want to risk losing it), but the Kindle was perfect. Cheaper than an iPad, but had all the books I needed, internet, email, and I could also Skype home on it. Spent a ton if time downloading the Lonely Planet backpacking guides and reading them on the Kindle on long bus rides or train trips. Would definitely recommend it for people who can't pack a MacBook!

    1. Macbooks are pretty huge, but MacBook Air's are the same size as a Kindle Fire/iPad but allow you to really work and create instead of just consume content and do basic email/web browsing. The 11" Macbook air is seriously almost identical in weight and size but does cost a lot more, but it also does a lot more.

  2. Pretty cool.... My buddy has a business in Chiang Mai I told him to hook up with you.

  3. Hey Jonny, I'm looking to spend about 3 months in phuket to train at TMT and was wondering if there are any inexpensive apartments/ hotels nearby you would recommend? Also, thanks for the info and inspiration!

    1. Hey Nathan, check out my Muay Thai Blog, I trained at TMT for a few months and wrote about it at - Also I talk about it alot in the book


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