July 2015 Income Report: Chiang Mai and Macau

This wasn't a good month for productivity. Blame it on being overworked the past few months and needing a bit of a break, or blame it on the visa run I did to Macau, or blame it on me celebrating my birthday one too many weekends this month, but aside from writing a couple of blog posts and doing other things I enjoy, I haven't worked on my stores at all.  

The good news is, the work I've put in has hopefully carried though and the passive income I've built may be enough to put me over the $10k mark I was so excited to achieve last month.  Let's take a look together for what the last 31 days in July was like in terms of income from all of my different streams. 

Income from Book Sales

This month I updated the cover for Life Changes Quick which lead to a few more sales. Also since 12 Weeks in Thailand gets really good organic reviews from customers it's been pretty stable since I first published it 3 years ago. 

I also made a bit from PDF sales and paperbacks this month. 

Total Profit from Book Sales: $280 +/-

Income from Udemy Courses

Pretty good for being completely passive. I haven't spent any energy promoting the courses since I made them a year ago aside from having a post in the forums of Anton's course announcing that I have a "Jump Start" course that teaches the way I choose niches as well as what I suggest people do to make their first $10k in sales.

I actually give it away for free to anyone who uses my link to sign up for Anton's course, but also have it at a discounted priced for forum members with this embedded coupon code.

Total profit from Udemy: $408.07

Income from Dropshipping

This has been a pretty bad month for my dropshipping stores, but honestly it's completely my fault as I haven't been paying attention to them and either didn't notice or care that my ad spend was too low. It may seem like a good thing that my total advertising expenses for this month was only $390.55 which is far lower than my usual $400-$700 ad budget, but that also means I got less visitors to my store and less total sales.

How much less? According to the dashboard in my shopify store I made 32% less than I did last month in sales.  But the nice thing is knowing that even without spending any time on my store and totally messing up, I still made $13k in sales which isn't bad.  I've since fixed my ads and hopefully next month we'll be back on track.

Total Sales: $13,446.24

Product Cost/Shipping/Misc: +/-
Phone Support: $150
Shopify Fee: $79

Total Profit from Store 1:
+ $211.77 in travel rewards credit

The store that I run with my girlfriend was even slower than mine this month. For the past 3 months she's been home in South Africa and we haven't gotten around to adding new products or growing the store in anyway and have just been coasting which has finally caught up to us and even though she's back in Chiang Mai now, she's going to Thai school full time to learn the language and hasn't had time to focus until now either.

The good news is we finally sat down and created a todo list as well as started adding our products to different marketplaces to see if we can have a better sales month in August.

If you look at our dashboard below, you'll see that we didn't make a single sale for the first 3 weeks of July and really messed up. But luckily, things are back on track and we were able to get a couple big sales to finish the month. Thank goodness as it would have been embarrassing if I had to report a zero sale month.

Total sales from store #2: $5,897.00

Product Cost/Shipping/Misc: +/-
Phone Support: $150
Shopify Fee: $59.25 (20% off Shopify coupon)

Total Profit from Store 2: $918.68
+ $$92.75 in travel rewards credit

Curious how to start your own dropshipping store? This is how I did it. 

Income from Phone Coaching

As a way to give access to people who have more specific questions about their dropshipping stores or internet marketing in general I offer phone coaching sessions here. 

This month I had a guy named Brad from the US who emailed me:

"It was cool speaking to you the other day and I truly feel that the coaching session was money well spent which you should feel good about."

I also got an email from a guy who I coached last month who went from having a store that was making a few sales here and there to implementing all of my advice and now being legitimately profitable which makes me happy to hear. 

The best email I got was from a reader named Will who asked for my paypal address as he wanted to thank me for writing the "Guide to Relocating to Chiang Mai" article. He said he was just about to sign up for a call but the article answered all of his questions so he wanted to give me a tip. I was shocked when he sent me $100 as I was expecting a lot less.

But it made me really thankful as well helped me realize why I spend so much time and effort updating my blog. It's because people really appreciate it and the info is extremely valuable to people looking to transition into this lifestyle.

*P.S. I thought about adding a "buy me a cup of coffee" button to my blog, but decided it was way too cheesy for my liking. So if you really want to thank me you can buy a couple copies of Life Changes Quick on Amazon which will help boost it in rankings. =)

Total income from coaching: $295

Income from Videos

Another source of passive income is from the random youtube videos I've made over the years. It's always fun to look at my earnings from my channel as I don't really think of youtube as a way for  me to make money, more as just a place for my to host videos for my blog. But hey, $64 in additional passive income is nice to have!

Total profit from videos: $64.46

Income from Affiliate Marketing

This month I've been spending a lot of time and energy learning from people who make a lot more money than me as I want to be able to share it with my course members in Earnest Affiliate. I also used to feel bad about making more from affiliate income promoting other people's courses and products than from my stores and other things that I've created.

I think I was subconsciously holding myself back but I've finally broken free and had my most profitable month ever, almost doubling my best month before that.

The income comes from products that I both personally use as well as promote, such as Trust Guard as well as around 20 other products that I talk about on my blogs and in forums.  Here's a screenshot from the dashboard of one of my affiliate networks that I promote on.

If you're curious to see what exact products I promote, my traffic sources, and how much I make from each one, I show them in the case studies of my private members course Earnest Affiliate.

Total income from affiliate marketing: $8,514.80

Income from my Training Course

I officially released my new course two months ago and have been busy adding new modules to it as well as making sure that the members who have signed up are doing well with their own blogs and websites. My goal is to get everyone in my course to replicate the success I've had with their own blogs in their own niches.

If you haven't signed up for my course yet I invite you to do so here.

Sign up to be a member of Earnest Affiliate today.

Total income from my course: $1,066.45

Join today and save $300 with the introductory price!

Expenses for July

I spent most of my month here in Chiang Mai and aside from a short visa run to Macau I didn't spend any more than usual which has allowed me to invest some more money into Lending Club which is a peer to peer lending service as well as invest more money into the total stock market through index funds (VTI).

My favorite thing about living in Chiang Mai is being able to eat out everyday and live a really high quality lifestyle while keeping my expenses super low. Here's what I spent this month.

Rent: $375
Utilities: $21
Internet: $20
Cell Phone Bill: $13
Gas/Transport: $15
Coworking Membership: $110
Gym Membership: $30
Food and Dining: $400
Alcohol: $0
Massages: $25
Other crap: $100

Flight to Macau: $228.85
Hotel in Macau: $119.85
Visa: $0

Total Expenses from July 2015: $1,457.80 +/-

Total income for July 2015

If I was still living in California this month would have still have been a great month, but my rent or mortgage also would have been half of what I earned. 

Instead, I get to hang out in Thailand with the love of my life, my best friend from college and meet a ton of digital nomads who travel through all while saving up enough money to be able to invest for my future.  

Total profit for July $13,133.55
Minus expenses: -$1,457.80

Total amount bootstrapped into savings: $11,675.75

I hope everyone enjoyed this month's income report. It took me pretty much the entire day to research and write as I accidently deleted it 90% through. But instead of giving up or skipping this month, I know that shit just happens sometimes and we need to stay consistent. I won't ever let that happen again and have learned from my mistake, but just like how I started this month's report thinking it would be a terrible month, it actually ended up being one of my best.

I sincerely hope everyone attracts the love, friendships, and wealth that we all strive for and deserve. Feel free to share this month's income breakdown with anyone who you might think will benefit from it.

Warm Regards,

Johnny FD

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  1. Great month Johnny! And thanks for writing it twice for us :)

    1. Hey thanks Matt, and no worries, I've committed to it and know how much it helps people who are getting started!

  2. good work! just wondering what tax setup you have (or can recommend) set up? I assume you are not a tax resident in Thailand if you are doing visa runs, so do you declare all your earnings back home, or...?? did you set up a hk/Singapore company ? feel free to answer without giving your personal situation away!

    1. Hey thanks for the comment! I pay taxes in the U.S. but take advantage of the foreign earned income exclusion. =)

  3. Your income is a great inspiration and it shows that you are doing lot of hard work. Thanks for sharing detailed info, good luck.

    1. Hey thanks so much Ven! Glad to share and help inspire!

  4. Wow, your expenses are unreal. My power bill is pretty close to your total expenses! Looks like you have a lot going on, found you from the cashflowdiaries income report list. Always nice to connect with other bloggers!

    1. Hey Nathan, that's awesome you found me from that list! Crazy how much you're spending on your utility bills! I think it's time for you to invest in a Tesla power wall. =)

  5. Johnny,

    Great online income!! I am very impressed on your drop shipping income.

    Skytech - Blogger From Malaysia

    1. Hey thanks Skytech! Dropshipping has been really good to me for these past two years now!

  6. great post johnny.....found your blog from business insiders blog

    1. Hey Abraham, awesome! Glad you found me from that feature! Keep in touch and let me know how everything goes with your own journey.

  7. hello, would to know more about ebook business and dropsipping, I am really interested, please tell me more

    1. Hey EK, check the Start Here post I wrote about how I got started:

  8. Hey Johnny, Congrats on the income increase and Im happy to hear you broke into the affiliate marketing. Clearly its paying off! You actually went up a couple rankings on the The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports!

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Hey Johnny, Congrats on the income increase and Im happy to hear you broke into the affiliate marketing. Clearly its paying off! You actually went up a couple rankings on the The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports!

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey Johnny,

    Good Job on the income Report. I also drop-ship and I think it's a great business model. I'm also very impressed with your blogging skills and I think it's a great way to reach out and connect with other entrepreneurs as well as people who are new to this business. Stay well. Cheers.

    1. Hey happy to share! Make sure you check out the latest ones, I update every month on the 1st!


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