5 Steps to Start a Profitable Blog or Website!

Everyone should have a website. Everyone should have some type of a blog. If not for everyone else's benefit, then do it for yourself and have a place to journal, write whatever's on your mind, and be able to look back on in the future. What started as a personal blog just for friends and family, this blog as well as my others have turned into their own sources of semi-passive income bringing in on average, $1,500-$4,000 a month in income.

If you don't already have a blog or website already, I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily set one up today, choose a niche, a domain name, get hosting, choose a theme, write your first post, and make it profitable. Ready to start? Good, keep reading!

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

You'll want to either use your personal name, a pen name, or a creative title. If you can't think of something witty like or if it's already taken, just use your name as you'll always be able to brand it anyway you'd like regardless. Just pick a niche and see if the domain is available.


This blog is where I can write about anything on my mind.
My other blog is where I only talk about training Muay Thai and MMA.

Good niches to blog about now include:

  • Paleo Diet
  • Juicing (Health)
  • Fitness Transformation
  • Starting an Online Business 
  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle
  • Backpacker Budget Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Fashion Trends
  • Electronic Reviews
  • Everyday Carry 
  • Hipster Stuff
  • +100's more.

You won't know what domain names are already taken until you go to buy one, so don't get too excited until you check to see what's available.

Action 1: Go to SiteGround and check if your domain name is already taken.

If you can't think of a short good .com domain name you can use sites like Lean Domain Search to see what's available, However, make sure you buy the domain name through your host so you don't have to deal with pointing your domain name to your website with complicated terms like CNAME Aliases and A Records.

Step 2: Buy a Hosting Package

For the majority of people, you'll want to use Wordpress, as it's the standard, relatively cheap, and everyone in the world will be able to help you with it. You can save money if you're only planning on having one website, or you can buy a package that lets you host multiple sites. If you're not sure what you need, don't worry you can always upgrade later.

The reason why I  personally use and recommend SiteGround over the super popular Blue Host is because they are the same price but have better customer service and include automatic Wordpress updates for free which keeps your site secure and up to date!

Action 2: Go to SiteGround and choose a hosting plan, just choose the cheapest plan for $4 a month.

*By using my link you'll get 60% off any plan!

Step 3: Choose a Theme

The best thing about Wordpress is the amount of beautiful themes that make your website look like a professional designed it but without much work.

Just choose and activate one of the free themes included with your SiteGround hosting or buy a new theme from ThemeForest

Action 3: After you've signed up for your free domain and hosting, choose either a free or paid theme for your new website!

Step 4: Write Your First Post

Your first few blog posts should be a little bit about yourself, your topic and why you started the blog. My best advice is to write the post addressed to your own personal family and friends, and keep it casual. Once you get your blog up and running and a bit more popular, then you can get into deeper into topics, embedding videos and so on.

But for your best 5 posts, keep it lighthearted and write whatever is on your mind! Share it on your personal facebook, twitter or wherever else you hang out online and get the ball rolling.

Examples of Good Posts:

  • 5 Things People Don't Know About you
  • 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge
  • Why you bought a Juicer
  • Travel posts
  • Favorite Book reviews
  • What's in your Everyday Carry
  • Review of your laptop
  • etc etc

Action 4: Create your About Me page, and write your first blog post!

Step 5: Monetize Your Blog

Now that you have a beautiful blog and your first post, start thinking about how you are going to get more traffic and turn your fun project into another source of passive income.

There are a few ways to make money from your blog or website, the easiest is turning on Google Adsense which is an easy way to automatically place google ads on your website.

Pros of Adsense: Easy to set up and get paid.
Cons of Adsense: Relatively low payments for a lot of traffic.

Earnings from the past 40 days on my fight blog and youtube channel

Even though I use Adsense on my Muay Thai blog, I don't have ads enabled on JohnnyFD as I don't want random ads distracting my readers and honestly, they are a bit annoying. So instead, for this blog, I simply have a recommended resources page and make money whenever someone uses my link when they buy a book, or sign up for a service.

Instead of making a few dollars a month from my blog traffic like I do with my Muay Thai blog, I make a few thousand dollars a month from my affiliated blog. If you're curious how I did it, sign up for my course Income Boss where I show you step by step how to create a profitable blog, find affiliate products to promote, get approved by the networks, and get free traffic.

Action 5: Sign up for Adsense or Income Boss and monetize your blog.

*See the full case studies and find out what products I promote, how I promote them and which ones make me the most amount of money inside my course's confidential case studies.

My earnings from so far this month.

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2018 Blogging Update:

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2020 Update:

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Get the Video Course for just $7! 

Warm Regards, hope to see everyone's success!

Johnny FD

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, But i'd much rather just make the website myself =)

  2. Hey Johnny, if I use Site Ground will it add on "/" or something like that to the end of the domain name I want??

    1. Nope, it'll be your own unique domain name. For an example, is hosted with siteground.

  3. hi jonny i am not that poupular an my site might not be a good one what shoul i do to gain poupularty

  4. Education Eduma WordPress theme nulled has as of latest released! Much speedier, all the more relentless, more versatile, more components, impressively more lightweight. See changelog.

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