Dropshipping to Ebay: A Review of David Dang Vu's Course.

I've never been a fan of dropshipping on ebay or amazon as it always sounded like a stupid idea to buy items at full retail price or spend time looking to arbitrage price but then I kept hearing about students having success in David Dang Vu's new course that teaches just that. Note, this review has been updated for 2019 and Ebay's new policy changes about dropshipping. Read all the way to the bottom for the update.

At first I ignored it, but after I saw 190 positive reviews of his course and seeing that they were coming from real people, I decided to have him on the podcast and pick his brain with all of the hard questions. I've never met David in person before, but can tell by the way he was answering the questions both on and off the podcast that he knows what he is talking about, his method actually works, and his students success is real. But it's not perfect, and in this post, I'll share the pros and cons of dropshipping on ebay and why I personally wouldn't do it but why it may be the ideal first start for beginners.

I'll also show you a bit behind the scenes of David's course as I signed up to be a member out of curiosity.

So what exactly is dropshipping on Ebay?

1. You create an Ebay account and start listing products you find on Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, etc. for sale.

2. If someone buys something, you order it at full retail price and have it sent directly to the customer, usually as a "gift" so the invoice doesn't get attached.

That's pretty much it, which is why it is both super simple, but also sounds retarded as why would anyone buy from you instead of just ordering it from Amazon or Home Depot themselves and how do you make money if you aren't getting a discount yourself?

david dang vu ebay
Listen to Episode 82 of the Podcast for the full interview

How is David Dang Vu's Method is Different?

If you haven't heard the episode yet, you can download it for free on iTunes, your iPhone's podcast app or on Stitcher if you're on Android. Or you can just listen it to it on Youtube below.

Since I was pretty skeptical on David's method I didn't hold back and asked him some pretty hard questions and was impressed that he was open and honest with the responses. Getting to the bottom of it, his method is taking advantage of Ebay's search ranking (think SEO for Ebay) and selling mostly to international buyers who can't buy it off of Home Depot, Walmart or Amazon themselves as often they don't ship internationally.

A Peek Inside David's Course:

Just because I was curious about what exactly David is doing to rank his products so high in Ebay's search results and the fact that he uses his own Ebay store as a case study, I decided to sign up for his course as a paid student myself. 

I won't reveal his actual store publically as it's for member's only, but it's legit and I was honestly kind of surprised he shared it as looking as his "completed listings" he's still making sales every day and can be pretty easily copied by someone who wants to compete.  

Below is a screenshot of the module where he shows you behind the scenes of his actually Ebay account and shows us what he's selling, where here's sourcing it from, his margins, everything. I hope he doesn't mind me showing these items as an example, but it's literally just a few of hundreds of items he shows in his course and home depot is just one of the many examples of suppliers he mentions. 

Check out David's Dang Vu's Course here.

Is David's Course Worth Signing up for?

I would almost say yes to everyone as just seeing the case study and nothing else would be worth $50 as it'll expand your mind on what actually works and give you a ton of niche ideas.

The only people it's not good for is if you already have a drop shipping store that is making sales, I'd rather recommend you focus your time and energy building that up than starting something new.

If you listened to the interview above, even David mentions that setting up your own dropshipping store like Anton Teaches is a better long term solution.

However, David's course has one major benefit that is priceless. His model, although not as long term as getting approved by real suppliers and direct from the manufacture like Anton teaches, is much faster to get started with and allows you to make your first sale within a week instead of the typical 2 months it takes to setup your own store.

The Power of Getting Your First Sale. 

Even though I whole heartly believe that Anton's course teaches the correct way to setup an online business, get suppliers and build a long term business, David's course can get you your first sale within a week which gives you motivation to do continue putting in the work required to make any model a success.

With no other costs to get started, no website to build, no advertising costs, and the simplicity of creating an Ebay account and copy and pasting descriptions into a listing, David's course is a great way to get started for those without the will power of dedicating 2 months before seeing sales.
What impresses me the most are the 194 5-star reviews this course has gotten and the fact that David takes the time to personally help members get started. Aside from Anton, I've never met any other course creator that gives so much value and wants to see their students succeed as much as these two guys do, check out some of the reviews yourself. 

See all of the course reviews here.


Get your first sale. It'll change your entire mindset and make you an entrepreneur. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out on your own with free resources like the guy in the latest review tried to do. Anything worth doing is worth paying a couple hundred dollars to learn from an expert and get their guidance to do.

My Recommendation?

If you have never sold anything online before and want a quick win, sign up for David's course here, get your first sale, make some money and trade a bit of time for money. His methods require a lot of manual listing of products, the margins are lower, and you'll have to deal with a lot more small orders and lower profits, but his method actually works and he's very open with his store as you can see from his completed listings.
If you don't want to deal with Ebay, and don't mind spending 2 months setting up your own store, getting suppliers, and want to do it the right way then sign up for Anton's course instead which is the course I took to learn how to setup my own dropshipping stores.
Best of luck either way, there's no excuse not to make it happen.


In the past few weeks since I posted this, two readers/podcast listeners have signed up and have already made their first sales with David's course.
Interview with Mark Rubi: 

From inside the member's area of David's Course: 

Coupon Code: 

If you want to sign up for David's course, use this link to give me credit for referring you! 
Let me know how it goes and when you start making your first sales! I love hearing and seeing the success of my readers! 
2018 Update: It's been amazing how many people i've met who have not only made a few hundred dollars a month from following David's method as a side hustle, but also the dozens of people i've now met who are making thousands of dollars a month from the method.

I was super excited to meet two of David's students who are now making $15,000+ dollars a month in profit from their stores! It's incredible. Listen to the episode beflow for more info! 

2019 Update: 
It's been four years since I first reviewed David's Ebay Arbitrage method and I've mentioned from day one that the biggest downside to it is that you're completely in Ebay's hands and that when you build something completely on their platform, whether it be Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, or whatever you risk them changing their terms and screwing you over. 

The bad news is that as of 2019 Ebay has changed their terms of service and no longer allows dropshipping from retail stores. This is why I've always recommended to people to use David's ebay method as an entry point to learn some skills, prove it to yourself that you can follow directions and put in the work, make some money, then invest in something like Anton's method and build a real business that you control. 

The good news is that there are always workarounds, Ebay still has just as many people wanting to buy things (demand), but less suppliers now, which means, there is a huge hole in the market right now and a huge chance to make money. The only catch is now you'll have to become an authorized dropshipper and not just order stuff off of home depot or walmart's websites as gift orders.  Essentially, you'll have to follow Anton's method above of becoming a real business and getting a dropshipping agreement with companies even if you're still using ebay as a platform to list products and get customers. 

Lessons learned. First, jump on things as soon as you hear about it. I wrote about David's course 4 years ago, if you had followed it as soon as I mentioned it, things would have been easy and you may have already made $100,000 from it like many people have. But Second, remember there's always a workaround. Best of luck if you go this route in 2019, there is more opportunity to make a lot of money now, but it won't be as easy as it was a few years ago.


If you want to know how to make money finding the best content out there and reviewing courses that you genuinely believe in and spreading the word about courses that actually work by interviewing course creators or writing reviews check out my Income Boss course that walks you through step by step how to build a blog, online following, and get tons of free traffic that converts into real money while doing a great thing for the world!

Warm Regards,

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  1. Definitely worth it ! I have received amazing support from inside this course, I highly recommend it.

    1. Really awesome to hear you're enjoying the course. Let me know when you start making sales!

  2. Hey Johnny,
    This reminds me of the article you did last year about you getting into "dropshipping from Ebay to Amazon and FBA" arbitrage using the course you said you signed upto at the time called Arbitrage Magician. You said you were going to review the course once you completed it but not sure if you did. How was the course and did you start applying their arbitrage model?

    1. lol sorry about that name i have there LOL.,..did I really think that would be a cool name a few years ago!!???

    2. Hey Ladies Man =) I've been through a bunch of different courses that I never ended up taking action on or reviewing because of one reason or another.

      With Arbitrage Magic I got as far as the niche research and although I know their system works, I just didn't want to get into Amazon FBA mainly because I didn't want to deal with ordering physical inventory from China and deal with the hassles of that.

      P.S. you can change your name. =)

    3. hahah...thanks man...i tried to scroll down and change the name but it didn't allow me to! Oh well, guess I'm just stuck with being a Ladies Man for the rest of my life then eh :-S !!

      Oh OK cool, I didn't realise it was geared towards Amazon FBA, because on your review you talk about using the concepts of taking products (from ebay or amazon that have not been done properly), making the pictures look nicer, building a better description etc, and then selling it for a bigger profit. So i thought that was just like ebay dropshipping but in a bit more detail (like editing pictures to show offers and stuff). Also you mention in the page that you got into that first because it would give you a nice intro before getting into FBA? so does it not teach you stuff other than FBA too like the ebay-amazon arbitrage model? thanks for answering anyway man..

      Anyhoos, sorry if I missed something here, and thanks for your reply as always bro. Might just try the program and cancel within 30 days if I feel like im not getting the value or if i can get it elsewhere for cheaper.

      Thanks again,

    4. It was kind of a cool concept but basically he would teach:

      1. Find a low cost item on eBay or somewhere else.

      2. Rebrand it to make it more valuable.

      3. Sell it cheap to build a mailing list.

      4. Source the same or similar products from China

      5. Sell the product on your own (shopify) store

      6. Upsell bigger products that you source and Amazon FBA related to the list.

      Would definitely work but is a long term play. If I wasn't already successful with dropshipping I'd look into it, but it doesn't make sense for me to waste time trying to learn that and test it.

    5. Aaagh cool that makes sense thanks a lot for clarifying that Johnny. I was looking into their current plans and im not sure if there still doing that, but i think im gonna check it out. I messaged them and they said they give a 30 no questions asked money-back guarantee so i guess its not harm in me checking it out.

      thanks for again for all your help bro :-) looking forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai again next year. Peace and love :-) :-) :-)

  3. Your first sale within a week? You forgot to mention PayPal's 21-day hold.

    1. Everyone bitches about Paypal's 21 day hold for a lot of new accounts. The only way to get over it is to start selling something, anything, and get some account history.

  4. Hey everybody. I just wanted to drop a line to support the course. I'm two weeks in and have about $300 profit. I made my first sale after a week and right now I'm around 15 sales total. I know my numbers will go up because I'm working hard every day building my store. I think the course is selling for about $30 right now, which is an absolute steal.

    1. Hey Austin, thanks for sharing your success and congratulations!

  5. Mate nice article, really relating with a lot of what I'm going through now! But thanks to you my motivation couldn't be higher! Cheers!

    1. Happy to be able to share William. Keep going forth and crush it!

  6. Hello Johnny,
    I am starting off at the moment and I was wondering whether ebay arbitrage still works the same or if it changed.

    Thanks for any information

    1. Yes it works! I met two people at the Nomad Summit Vegas who are CRUSHING it with David's method. I interviewed them on this episode:


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