Getting Featured on (My Best Advice for Entreprenuers)

Another crazy morning. I woke up and saw that had also wrote an article about mr quiting my 9-5 and moving to Thailand. My inbox has been flooded with old friends who haven't spoken to me in years, readers who are curious about the lifestyle and asking for business advice.

Here's everything that I would recommend for your own success. Keep reading if you want to know where to start, if I still recommend dropshipping and how you too can also get featured with your success.

Success Snowballs Success:

If you've read the Business Insider article you'll notice that it's pretty much the same article, just with different photos, a new title and a bit of rehashing. Here's the article on Entrepreneur if you want to read it.

I don't think that and are related in anyway, but in this case, they reposted my article because it was getting alot of "flares." Currently the BI has 63,082 flares which either means it has 63k views or a combination of views, shares, likes and retweets to give it that number.

With my businesses, the more successful I before with my first drop shipping store, the easier it became with my other online income sources as well. What we can learn from this is that it gets easier. As I mentioned in the article, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked hard for months and months whenever I'm in growth or build mode, and only because of that am I now able to just relax and go into maintenance mode to chill out and collect passive income.

50 Cent vs. Johnny FD

I never thought in a million years, I would be the 2nd most gangsta entrepreneur on the internet but then again, I never thought that 50 Cent would ever go bankrupt.  It's actually a good wake up call, as well as a way to look at our own finances. Below is a write up of how much money 50 Cent has (his assets), how much he owes (his debt) and what his monthly expenses are. (his expenses)

If you take away a bunch of zero's that would be my asset. And if you his debt completely zero, that would be my debt.  In a really strange way, because I have zero debt and my monthly expenses are so low, I'm actually richer than world famous rapper, businessman and investor in the ever successful Vitamin Water 50 Cent. 

Lessons Learned:

Make that money, but be smart with it. You'll never catch me with a $17,400 a month mortgage, in fact, you might not catch me with a mortgage at all. My goal is to either keep renting for the rest of my life, using my money to instead, invest in cash flowing investments, dividend paying stocks or in new businesses instead.

If I do end up buying a house, it'll be in cash. Here are 11 Reasons why you shouldn't own a home, and should rent instead. The American dream has lied to us and kept most of us broke, in debt and chained to a 9-5 job. 

Here's us breaking free. Join me.

Johnny FD

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