How to Make $100 Online Today and Become an Entrepreneur.

I stumbled upon an article from Career Hack that I'll link in the resources section below, that showed a simple step on how to make $100 today.  The catch was, it would take a few days to actually set up, but by the end of the week you should become an made your first sale.  My favorite part was the end where they said, "Congratulations, you are now an Entrepreneur."

What is an Entrepreneur?

Wikipedia says:
"Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture."

Merriam-Webster says:
 noun \ˌäⁿn-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər, -ˈn(y)u̇r\
: a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money

So it turns out that even though I've been using the term for the past year and now consider myself an entrepreneur, I never actually knew the real definition of the word.  The definition really is spot on, you have to take a risk, live different, think different but the nice thing is, by following the steps below, you don't actually have to take much of a financial risk at all. 

What making $100 Online Gives you.

Think about what the last thing you spent $100 on was.  It probably wasn't that big of a deal and wasn't anything to write home about.  So why would making $100 be the biggest deal in the world?  Well, mainly because it opens doors to hundreds of other possibilities and an entirely new world.  That first sale, makes you a success, and success allows you to scale.  

My first sale came on July 25th, 2013 and made $54.60 in profit from it.  What that allowed me to do was know my business worked, and it allowed me to spend more time, energy and advertising dollars into it knowing that it worked.  10 months later, I've made tens of thousands of dollars from that same initial business.  And it all started with a single sale.

My first ever online sale! This is how I did it.

Why it matters:

Two reasons.  The first is you can be your own boss and not have to deal with anyone ever telling you what to do again.  To me, this is reason enough.

The second reason, is you can live anywhere you want in the world.  Making even just $100 a day, gives you $3,000 a month to spend and while that barely gets you by in California, in a place like Chiang Mai, Thailand or Saigon, you can live like a king.  Or you can live a really good life and have $10-20k in savings at the end of the year.  Or you can live really good, take vacations and see the world every other month and still have some savings. 

Either way, becoming a location independent entrepreneur has allowed me to live a life that others dream about during their 2 week a year vacations.

How to make $100 Today:

The article gave you 7 steps on how to make money online.  I liked it as a starting point, but have thought of a few ways to make it even better.  Here's the original article.  

This is how I would make it better:

I first find out what the customer actually wants and see if you can provide them with a complete solution for it instead of just something they could go to themselves and get.  Most customers never even heard of fiverrr or thought to use them so you would be able to get away with something such as getting someone to pay you $100 for a logo that you turn around and get made for $5.  But I would want to offer something more substantial.  

For the logo example, I would ask the customer what they are really looking for in a logo, and either hand sketch it out or at find similar logos that they would like.  Then I would hire two different fiverrr guys and send them the examples and have more logos to pick the best.  The customer pays you $100, your cost was $10 and it's a great profit and the customer gets example what they wanted.  The extra value you are offering is making sure they customer gets exactly what they want.

Why charge $100?

Instead of charging a hundred bucks for a job, why not charge $150 and have it be a complete full package solution?  Surf Fiverr and see if you can think of anything that would be a complete solution by combining 4-6 fiverr jobs together.  It'll still only cost you $25 but the profit will then be $125 and you can easily do that every day.  

An example I can think of off the top of my head is detailed product reviews.  Call or email a small business or author and tell that that you want to make them a great product video for only $150.  Tell them that they only need to pay you after you've delivered the video and they are satified with it.  

Combine the following gigs: Using my book "12 Weeks in Thailand" as an example:

1. New Logo.  $5
2. Stunning Video intro: $5
3. Something fun such as, custom song/jingle, muppets, cartoon, speed drawing, celebrity impersonations, anything under fun and bizarre.  $5
4. Video Testimonial: $5
5. Edit your video clips together.  $5

Total cost: $25

If done right it should look super cool and the author, or product owner will happily pay $150 for it. Best of all, even though the first time is a $25 risk.  In the future, you can use that as an example so customers will know what to expect before committing.  

Extra Value:

You can do things such as offer to upload it for them on youtube, or post it up on a review site as these things don't cost you any money, but provide value to your customer.

Total profit: $125.

Example Video:  Use someone like this as a base and think of other fiverr gigs you can use such as custom songs, logos, photos, etc to plug into it for a truly custom job.

Fiverrr Arbitrage especially when combining multiple gigs into one is a great low cost way to get started.  Even if you only make 10 sales per month when you're getting started, that's $1,000 in profit and enough to start living in a place like Thailand while you work on other businesses. 

For me I started with eCommerce using the drop shipping model, I love it, but it's not for everyone and it takes a few months to set up.  Start with something like this and make your first $100 online.Once you do, congratulations, you are now an Entrepreneur!

If you want to get started with a real, sustainable business right away, I would suggest you go the same route as I did and start an online store as it's easier to set it up and have customers come to you instead of having to contact them.  
You can get started on my Start Here page.

Get Started with Freelancing

Another way to become location independent and start making money online is to freelance while getting started.  Sure you'll still be trading time for money, and eventually you'll want to start your own business, but writing articles, doing voiceovers or translating is a great way to get started.
Check out Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr to start freelancing while you build up your online income.  
Honestly, it's a better idea to do the Fiverr Arbitrage even though it takes a bit of cold calling and sales, but it works.  
You can even make $10 an hour tutoring English with apps like NiceTalk.
Sometimes you need to hustle a bit to get ahead in life.  If you're not willing to put in the work and make even $5 online starting today, you're not ready to become an entrepreneur. It takes drive, hard work and hustle. Go out and earn it! 

Dropship on eBay:

One of the easiest ways to get started with making money online is to simply list items and use better descriptions and easy to find titles on Ebay. Best of all, with David Vu's model you don't even need to pre purchase any inventory or get approved for wholesale pricing to get started.

All you have to do is mark up full retail prices by 50% and use that as your margin. It's crazy to think this works but I've now met tons of people who regularly make $700+ a month doing this in their spare time. For more info and to hear the interview I did with the course creator, check out my review of David Dang Vu's Ebay Dropshipping Course or signup here.

Publish Kindle Books:

There are people who make hundreds of dollars per month publishing kindle books that they didn't even write themselves! 

Listen to the interview I did with Adrian on how he got started and how he makes over $4,000 a month publishing kindle books and managing his outsourced writers.  

Need more Ideas and Motivation?

Listen to 100+ interviews from Entrepreneurs who have built profitable online businesses.  A lot started out by freelancing, or bootstrapping.  Subscribe on iTunes, on the Podcast app on your iPhone or on the Stitcher app on your Android!


Warm Regards,


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  1. Hey Johnny,
    I like your idea on this article. I was wondering what is a good website where you can provide services to your clients. any recommendations?

    1. There are websites like oDesk that people hire on, but there will be a ton of competition. Instead, look for people or businesses with shitty websites, start with local ones. Contact the owner direclty. It could be any business, or even an author, public speaker, life coach, etc.

  2. Do you have any advice for those already living abroad and maybe having problems looking for local work due to language/cultural barriers? I'm currently living in Japan and my contract legally says I cannot have any other jobs while in the country. I'd like to get a second income though, and something like this (online work) seems good to me.
    When you say contact the owner directly, do you find email to work well enough when starting out? Do you have any advice for my situation?
    Thanks! (And great article!)

    1. Hi Karyn, it sounds like online work would be perfect in your situation to get a second income. I would contact your client directly but have a local area code phone number then can call you at. Use either Google Voice or Skype to get a local number. In your care of Alberta get an area code for there and have it forward to you in Japan. It instills with your client.

      Using life coaches as an example or a small business, I would look for a list of therapists in your area:

      Then look at each of their websites, think of something you can do with fiverr arbitrage to either make their website better or help promote their site (and ultimately get them more clients), tell them that you are happy to do the work up front and they only need to pay if they are happy and get more customers from it. And hopefully, you will not only get your first client but some repeat business.

      I highly believe that this will work for you if you put in some time and effort and aren't afraid to send out those cold emails and talk to some customers on the phone. You can be honest and say you are based in Japan but are from Edmonton. Let me know how it goes, I'd love to use your story as a case study once you start making some money from it!

  3. thanks Johnny it's a great post ! Earning over the internet is a dream of every person who surfing the internet daily.

    1. it's time for people to stop dreaming and turn it into a reality =)

  4. I am inspired by this post and your advice on giving a FULL PACKAGE SOLUTION & EXTRA VALUE catch my attention

    Thanks once again for providing real value to your readers and guide us to earn USD 100 right away

    1. Hey Taj, I'm glad you liked this article buddy and feel like you are getting real value by following my blog. My goal is for everyone following my stuff to make at least enough money online to be able to travel, that way we can all have the freedom to go out and do other things as well. Let me know how it goes.

      I am 100% sure this above idea works as I've done it myself. It takes some "selling" but hard work pays off, especially in the beginning. Everyone reading this has at least one friend or a friend of a friend that has a crappy website that could be improved! Go out, find those sites and help them make more money, so you in turn can charge more money.

  5. Personally, I think Fiverr is a money pit for anything creative and have seen a number of people get themselves over their head trying to outsource creative work to Fiverr and upset a number of people. I myself have attempted to have a logo made by 3 or 4 people there (all the top sellers) and all of their work was absolutely generic, hardly followed my instructions, and everyone spoke English at a baby daycare level. I can't imagine the headache of piecing together work from 5 separate Fiverr sellers and have it look worthy of $150. Especially on a consistent basis. The other problem is most of these Fiverr gigs are "$5" but once you read what the $5 is getting you, it's a joke. You typically have to pay an extra $10-$30 (add ons) to get what you want. Example: The logo designers will design a logo. But to get the files you have to pay another $10. Even worse, they only offer 1-3 free fixes then you have to pay another $5-$20 for another 5 fixes/up to unlimited. You'll need that unlimited fix upcharge ($20) because their english is so bad and they don't want to spend more than 5 minutes on your $5 when they want to get to the next project (So in total that's $30 for the one project). Outside of logo design I quickly figured out how these top sellers make their money is by reselling templates, especially anything video related. This is how they complete tons of projects with minimal effort and no project takes them more than 10 minutes. So let's say all the projects ended up costing me an average of $20 each because of these silly up charges, this could end up costing me $100 and still look like a total mess, and I might not make the sale. Sorry Johnny, I can't help but rant about Fiverr haha. It's good for some things but if you need creative work done, I would look elsewhere.


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