Deep-water Soloing in Thailand: Taking the Leap of Faith, Literally.

I've never heard of deep-water soloing before, and if you showed me photos of what it involved, I would have said that's crazy.  But after arriving in Tonsai, Krabi the mecca that climbers travel to from around the world just to deep water solo, we figured we had to try it.   I didn't know what to expect, but very quickly realized that we were the least experienced climbers on the boat once we got there.

Deep-water soloing (DWS), also known as psicobloc is a form of solo rock climbing, practiced on sea cliffs at high tide.  "Psicobloc", which, when translated literally into English, means "Psycho Bouldering."  Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Find a cliff overhanging deep water, an ocean works.  

Step 2: Go from a boat to a kayak and use a rope ladder to start the climb. 

Step 3: Spend all of your energy climbing the rope ladder, chalk up your hands and take a break before the actual climb.

Step 4: Climb climb climb, then freak out realizing how small some of these holds are and that you aren't actually attached to anything.

Step 5: Find a place to rest and take a break while letting the girls show us how it's done.

Step 6: Look to see how far you've come, and appreciate the journey and know how much further you can go.  

Step 7: Look around, enjoy the view and take a literal leap of faith as there is only one way down.

There are many talented people who haven't fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith. - James Cameron

I hope this post finds everyone well.  A year ago I never would have imagined to do anything like this and wouldn't have been physically, financially, or mentally able to if I tried.  Having dedicated myself to getting in good shape, losing over 10kg (22lbs) and building a location-independent business has given me the tools and the confidence to be able to do something I used to consider crazy. 

Deep water soloing is not only fun and adventurous but its also a very unique experience that you'll remember for the rest of your lives.  If you plan on coming to Thailand and think you might be interested, check out Base Camp in Tonsai Beach, Krabi to organize a trip.  The entire day including transportation, a guide, the kayak shuttle, chalk, climbing shoes, water, and lunch was only 700 baht which is $23US.   

If you do decide to try it out just make sure you spend some time climbing both indoor and outdoor as well as do some cliff jumping as this sport combines it all.  Enjoy it and be safe.  

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