Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo.

I don't like talking about my diet, as it's a sensitive subject, similar to discussing religion.  However, I've learned a lot over the years and wanted to share my experiences with everyone and I will try to do it as unbiased as possible.

The standard American diet sucks.

All of these above diets is better than eating Chef Boyardee Canned Beef Ravioli, a Whopper at Burger King or KFC. It is bad for our health, the environment and promotes  inhumane treatment of animals.

This post has been updated for 2019 and it's crazy how big of a topic this still is with very little progress in terms of Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo, and other diets actually talking to each other and being rational. Now more than ever it's become a war with the other extreme, the Carnivore Diet becoming more and more popular. But here's the thing, both diets are way too extreme and for most people, somewhere in the middle is where you'd be the healthiest, and happiest.

So here it is, the logical, rational, truth behind it all.

Vegetarianism is Better.  

If you can eat chicken without feeling bad or disgusted you've never seen what goes on in modern day farms.  Very few people know this, but I was a strict vegetarian for six months after seeing a video of how chickens are raised on Foster Farms.

The traditional western diet is terrible for you and the environment, being Vegetarian is a hundred times better for both you and the world than eating McDonald's, Chick-Fil A or KFC.

Downsides to Vegetarians.

1. Fish - A lot of Vegetarians eat fish, and they don't eat sustainably caught fish.  I've seen the damage that is done first hand to our coral reefs, turtles, and dolphins by commercial fishing and most people, including vegetarians don't seem to care because sealife can't scream.

2. Vegetables - Most vegetarians don't eat vegetables.  They eat tons of soy, corn, tofu, wheat, quinoa, flax, barley, corn, tempeh and other brown foods that aren't actually healthy for you or good for the environment. A Beyond Burger is also bad for you and the environment.

3. Smoking - If you are Vegetarian or Vegan for health reasons, and you smoke or drink beer.  You are stupid and need to stop using health as a reason for being vegetarian, yet I see this all of the time, especially in supposedly holistically woke places like Bali and Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Vegetarians Cause The World to Eat More Meat.

Here's the harsh truth. Vegetarians and especially Vegans cause more people to never eat less meat because they use tactics like in your face "meat is murder" campaigns which although may convert .02% of people into becoming Vegetarian for at least a short time, make 99% of people completely stop listening as they don't want to feel ashamed or feel bad.

If Vegetarians actually wanted to make the biggest difference in the world they would campaign for people to eat more vegetables instead of to stop eating meat.

By adding more vegetables to our standard diet, we would naturally eat less meat and the world would be saved.

If Vegetarians really wanted to save the world and prevent animal cruelty and reduce the amount of meat the world ate, they could campaign for sustainably caught fish, hunting, wild game, and grass-fed free roaming meat.

By educating people about how grass-fed meat or truly free range eggs are healthier for both you and the world, people would only eat harder to get, more expensive options which usually makes people eat less of it, as well as when they do, it'll be from an animal that wasn't subjected to terrible factory farm conditions.

Unfortunately the harsh truth is more vegetarians and vegans care more about their own personal beliefs and "their cause" than actually saving the world, reducing factory farming, and health.

Update: I first wrote this in 2014 and now in 2019, the Carnivore diet has now become popular, a big reason, to fight against the extremes of the Vegan agenda.

Vegetables are not supposed to be all brown.

Vegan and Vegetarians.

I can't be mad at people who choose not to eat animal products, because I know they mean well and am trying to do their part to make the world better.  Eating real food, real vegetables, raw food, is good for you but being strictly vegan is natural, isn't human nature and isn't healthy.

I'm sorry but anyone who only eats fruit is delusional. Humans have always eaten meat and always will. How we raise it and how much of it we eat should be the real question.

Downsides to Vegans.

1. Most vegans don't eat that many vegetables either. Even raw vegans hardly even eat vegetables and just rely mostly on sweet fruits. Veganism is so strict a lot of vegans will eat whatever they can to sustain themselves as long as it is "vegan."  Vegan ultra sweet sugary desserts? A mountain of bananas or half a watermelon?  A gallon of sugar cane juice? Vegan chocolates, muffins and cakes? Okay as long as it is vegan!

2. Energy.  Every Vegetarian I know, and more so with Vegans are dulled.  Yes there are exceptions, I've heard of the handful of genetically gifted vegan athletes, but that's genetics and if they were on a different diet they would most likely be just as fit and energetic. Most vegetarians and vegans I've met are low on energy, strength, stamina and are moody, emotional and can't have a rational discussion without getting upset or outraged.

3. Inflammation. Most Vegan and Vegetarian diets are high in inflammation, contain a lot of gluten, soy and other foods that keep you soft, swollen and inflamed. Sometimes you can see it clearly like in the photo below, but often the inflammation is internal.

4. Balance. We live in an amazing time in 2019 when we have enough time, money, and resources to for the first time ever be able to have the choice of being vegan or vegetarian and not having it be out of lack of money or food.

It's now technically possible to eat a relatively balanced vegan diet with a combination of things like sea vegetables, supplements and tropical fruits, but most people don't actually do that, they eat vegan or vegetarian junk food which is no healthier than the standard american terrible diet.

Paleo isn't perfect.

Energy, strength and fitness wise the paleo diet is better.  You'll look good, feel good, have a ton of energy and be strong and lean.

Downsides to Paleo:

For most people starting out with Paleo, it's easier to just eat a big steak with a tiny side of vegetables, and a lot of Paleo people eat mostly eat, and a lot of it as they don't know what else to eat when starting out. I understand why vegetarians choose not to eat meat, and I respect them for caring. Eating factory farmed animals is not only disgusting if you think about the way the animals were raised, but it's also unhealthy because of hormones, antibiotics and disease.

Upsides to Paleo: 

The good news is the Paleo and Bulletproof movement calls for eating Grass-Fed meat, and in turn has risen the demand for sustainably raised animals and has done more for the environment and well being of animals than both the vegetarian and vegan movement combined.

Paleo has helped educate more people and have made more people eat sustainably raised food and has made a bigger impact on the well being of animals than any vegetarian or PETA as a whole ever has. At the end of the day, the vast majority of men and women who eat Paleo and do Crossfit just look and feel healthier. They have better muscle tone, strength, and don't look fraile.

Here's more info on bulletproof vs. paleo diet after 3 years.

Paleo + Crossfit

The Carnivore Diet

This diet is also too extreme to stay on for long periods of time. But since it is the ultimate elimination diet, just like becoming Fruitarian, Vegan, or any other extreme elimination diet, you'll experience massive health benefits in the first few months of leaving the SAD (Standard American Diet).

But it turns out that going extreme Carnivore will actually help cure some things like autoimmune issues, inflammation, cognition, libido, issues. However, if you go this route, try it for 3 months, eat only sustainably raised grass-fed beef, backyard chicken eggs, and line caught fish. Then slowly introduce other things, including vegetables back into your diet to see what your body can handle. Here's a great explainer video on why the extreme Carnivore diet actually works.

The Perfect Balance.

If you put aside religion, diet, and beliefs and decide that you just want to look at the facts logistically there is a perfect balanced solution.  Peta pisses people off and pushing them away from listening.  90% of people won't give up eating meat no matter what you say or show them.  Meat tastes good, you can train yourself to believe it doesn't, or worse, give yourself and others an eating disorder by trying to associate meat with murder.

But even when I was a vegetarian I knew bacon tastes good. Meat tastes good. That's why there are so many vegan fake meats out there, beyond burger and others. However there is a way the world and our individual bodies can be in perfect balance.

If everyone did these three things, your body, your health and your planet would be better off:

1.  Base your diet on Real Vegetables.  

Have 70% of your plate be broccoli, kale, salad, spinach, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, squash, carrots, and other real vegetables.

2. Don't eat any fake foods.

Don't eat at fast food restaurants, eat packaged food, anything with a commercial, or anything from Monsanto such as wheat, whole wheat, processed corn, soy or sugar.  Don't eat any industrial foods, including Beyond Meat and other fake meat Vegan products.

3. Only eat sustainable protein sources.

Fish: If you are going to eat fish, catch it yourself with a pole and safely throw back any fish that is too small or non-edible.  Don't support commercial fishing operations or farms that feed their fish corn and soy. You can also pay more and buy from sustainably caught sources.

Eggs: Raise your own backyard chickens or buy your eggs from a local farmer that you know is treating their chickens humanely and letting them forage for food naturally.

Chicken: Don't eat chicken from factory farms.  Get true free range chickens that have been allowed to forage and aren't fed a "vegetarian monsanto diet"

Beef: Only eat cows that are grass-fed and not corn that has been grown by monsanto and shipped halfway across the country on trucks.  Grass-Fed beef and butter is one of the healthiest things in the world for your body.

Other: Eat alternative meets such as wild hunted animals such as deer, or overpopulated wild animals such as kangaroos in some areas or wild boar in others. Or we can all start eating cricket flour protein.

Direct your energy towards real problems:

The real problem isn't GMO labeling, the real problem is our industrialized food industry.

The real problem isn't people eating meat, the real problem is people eating factory farmed meat or commercial long line or net trolled fish.

The realistic solution for everyone in the world to become vegetarian or vegan, it's simply for everyone in the world to eat more vegetables and to put your money where your mouth is.

What is healthier for you and the world?

Margarine or Butter? (from grass-fed cows).  Margarine while Vegan friendly is TERRIBLE for both your health and for the planet.  Butter from real cows that are raised on a pasture and eat grass is both incredibly food for your health, heart, body and is sustainable for our Earth.

My personal Diet:

It took me 32 years to figure out what my ideal diet is.  Basically I don't eat any corn, soy, legumes, wheat or sugar.  I eat sweet potatoes and vegetables as my only source of carbs, and I eat more vegetables than any vegetarian or vegan I know.  For fat I eat a ton of avocados, coconut fat, and grass-fed butter.  I try to eat locally sourced food whenever possible.  I don't eat at fast food restaurants and avoid anything packaged.  I happily pay more money to eat grass-fed, wild, or pasture raised eggs and meat.

Ever since I have eaten this way I have been leaner, more muscular, healthier, happier and have had tons more energy.  I will continue eating this way for the rest of my life.

It's sometimes hard to do while I travel, which is why you'll often see me eating bread, drinking beers, and falling off the diet. But at least now I know what actually works, and you do too. It's now up to you whether or not you actually do it.

Raw Veggies, Avocado, Grass-Fed Butter and Bacon, more Veggies.

Plus a fresh coconut for dessert.

I hope this finds everyone well.  I sincerely wish the best for everyone's personal health, happiness and for the future of our beautiful planet.

I'd love for everyone to come together and really spread a positive, message, eat more vegetables, and really just use some common sense instead of falling for emotional tricks and yo-yo extreme diets after watching documentaries like What the Health, Game Changers, or whatever the latest movie is.

Below is the video I filmed, really to remind myself of what it took whenever I'd fall off the wagon. But it's not complicated. It takes a lot of time, it's not easy, but it works. Watch the entire video below before making any judgements. 


Why Grass-fed Butter is good for you:

Why Whole Wheat is bad for you:

My blood tests analyzed by a Doctor after eating Paleo/Bulletproof for 1 year.

The Science Behind the Top 10 Claims from What the Health

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hey Johnny, interesting article, I agree with a lot of it! Can I point out a couple things? Vegetarians don't eat fish. You'd call them pescetarians. There are junk-eating veg and vegans out there, but if I were to speak for myself, I try to eat whole unprocessed plant-based food with limited soy where possible. (Cankles?!) As well, if you're talking about the planet, any product from a cow is bad, plus consuming breast milk as an adult is a questionable practice for hormonal health IMO. No facts to back that up, just suspicion. Love what you're doing with your diet and health, seems to be working well for you. Best wishes.

    1. Hey Layne, it's nice to see how open minded you are as a vegetarian to read this article. I included four links in the resources on why butter from grass fed cows is actually really good for you. Not bad. You're right though about standard cow's milk being bad for you. Thanks for the kind wishes and open mind. Hope all is well.

  2. Its crazy how when you seat down and make a decision to be a better form of yourself everything in your life starts to follow suit. I reduced my intake of meat to once a week about 6 months ago and the results have been incredible. Not only do I feel better ,everything in my life has become better. I wish more people would pay attention...

    1. Hey Robert, I'm glad the switch has added a lot of benefit to your life! If you want to try to make another small change that might make it even better, try switching out your once a week meat meal to meat from a grass-fed animal and see if that makes an even bigger impact.

  3. Hey Johnny,
    This is Jon, the Asian American residing here in Thailand. Thanks for the info on the diet. I think its very doable especially here in Thailand. I went around the problem with my debit card and now in the process of waiting for the funds to clear from paypal to order Antons course. Thanks again for all your help with my decision on dropshipping and now changing my diet for the better.

    1. Hey buddy, glad you are jumping on the diet and the course. I had a lot of excuses on why I couldn't eat that diet in the start, but as soon as I dedicated to it, it became a reality. Good luck with the diet and the dropshipping course, let me know your progress on how it goes. When you do sign up, I'd appreciate if if you used my link for Anton's course and shopify as I get credit for referring you. You can find it at: Thanks buddy

    2. Yes, I will use your link to sign up. Its the LEAST I can do for you for your help. Thanks again bro

  4. Ha! Cankles and being dull are new ones for me as downsides to going plant-based. I do know many people that are both really dull and really fat, but they're mostly very nutritionally uneducated and lazy omnivores. There are one or two veggies in the same boat for sure, don't get me wrong.

    I think 99% of people just don't know what the heck they're doing when it comes to nutrition. And either it bores them to think about it, or they overanalyze it to the point of ridiculousness and end up taking 50 supplement pills a day and not even eating whole foods. So in that respect, I do believe what you say about balance. However I define it as eating more whole plant foods, more greens, beans, and whole grains, with no need for animal products.

    When it comes to nutrition, economic efficiency, production efficiency, environmental impact, and cruelty, going whole foods veg wins hands down. Many people try to convince themselves that supporting local, organic, grass fed, 'humanely slaughtered', (insert the latest buzzword invented to justify eating animals) cow meat trumps going full veg, but just because one wants to believe it doesn't make it so. W/ the constant stream of new, very realistic veg based animal protein alternatives, the only real excuse a person will have for eating real animals and stuff that comes out of them is the only one that ever really counted to them in the first place, taste. And I think that's unfortunately only based on our jacked up cultural norms and history, where somehow man is superior if he uses animals for food. Kind of like the studies where people rate that something doesn't taste as good if they know it's veg, but if they don't know and they think it's animal based, they rate it higher.

    1. Hey Midwest, glad you are cankle free and open minded to this blog post. You are right about both lazy omnivores and lazy veggies being on the same boat and that balance is the key.

      I added a few more links to the resources to clarify a few things, including why whole wheat, quinoa, beans and other plant based proteins are bad for you:

  5. Hi Jonny. I'm a vegan who has been following you and Sean Lee for a long time. I'd like to stay vegan but agree that Paleos are making a big difference to animal welfare. I eat like a Paleo but instead of meat I eat beans, coconuts, and vitamin B12. Peace.

    1. Hey Richard, that's awesome of you to be super open minded being Vegan and recognizing that the Paleo movement is making strides in animal welfare! Sounds like you're eating a lot of great stuff in your diet as well.

  6. Not a strong argument.

    If you had described an OPTIMAL vegan diet, this may have had some good points but in general, this is quite vague. Groundbreaking articles are known for highlighting the pros and cons of each topic, followed by an unbiased conclusion. Intelligent readers expect transparency.

    Many people choose to be vegan BECAUSE of the superior health benefits to other diets when considering consumption of the proper foods. You also mention that the vegans you know have low energy; this is true with any "diet," especially if the body isn't being supplied with proper nutrients as well as countless other factors that can hinder energy levels unrelated to diet.

    With any diet, there can be strong imbalances. But when considering a truly optimal vegan diet, there are not too many drawbacks. I would have liked to have seen a better argument here including those points.

  7. Something tells me that this post has all the useful info on how to write good medical school personal statement. It already helped a bunch of students


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