Tonsai to Railay Beach: Things to Do, Relax and Sunbathe.

Instead of doing back to back day trips, we decided to take it easy and give our burnt out forearms a day to rest.  The walk from Tonsai to Railay Beach through the Jungle takes 20 minutes and is a very nice hike that I recommend.  If you would rather save some money and spend it on activities instead of on expensive hotel rooms and overpriced food, it's a great idea to stay on Tonsai and walk over to Railay on the days you want a nice beach.

Railay West Beach:
Buy yourself a bamboo beach mat for 150 baht ($5US) and spend the day lounging on a beautiful white sand beach. Make sure you use plenty of sunblock as it's easy to burn.

Diamond Cave:

On Railay there is a small cave that you can visit for 40 baht ($1.35US) it's nothing impressive but it's worth checking out if you've never been inside a cave before.

Food on Railay:

The food on Railay is overpriced and not very good.  But over on the Tonsai side, you can have Coconut Curry Chicken for 90 baht ($3US) or a similar dish for 200 baht on the Railay side.  Everywhere we've eaten on Tonsai has been good, but there are only 10 restaurants to choose from.

Slacklining on Tonsai:

The other fun day activity on Tonsai is the slacklines that are at very bar and coffee shop which can be used for free.  It's a fun way to learn balance and get a bit of a workout in if you have an afternoon free.

Fire Shows:

Like a lot of islands in Thailand bars have performers do fire shows, which are always fun to watch. But only on Tonsai have I ever seen someone do fire while slacklining!  Talk about balance!  

Last but not least we have all the monkeys that overrun Tonsai beach and claim it for their own.  Very cool to look at, but super cheeky. Anyways there is a lot to do on a day off in Tonsai and Railay but really just enough for one full day of relaxing.  After tomorrow's Deep Water Solo expedition we are heading to Koh Lanta to change it up.

Hope you guys are enjoying the journey, keep following along.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Diamond cave is now 400 baht. Prices are crazy here compared to other parts of Thaïland.

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